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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

BDNA Surgery

Card Number - PSV-026

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.18.02


DNA Surgery

Select 1 Type of monster. As long as this card remains on the field, all face-up Monster Cards will be treated as the Type you selected.
Besides the obvious combo with Insect Barrier, which makes all of your opponent's Monsters unable to attack, you can also combo it with two more cards. The first one is Buster Blader. If your opponent has a lot of face Monsters, Buster Blader can be VERY big. The other card you can combo it with is Limiter Removal. It effectively doubles all of your Monsters ATKs for one turn. If you don't want them destroyed, simply destroy DNA Surgery afterwards with Mystical Space Typhoon. Or you can simply sacrifice everything to Cannon Soldier (or even better, Catapult Turtle!). That's a LOT of damage... ~_^

Basically this card has AWESOME combo potential. It works best with Insect Barrier and Limiter Removal. In the future, you can make Warrior decks so Insect Barrier can be used against them. Just keep them handy...

Rating: 4/5
wartortle32 Wednesday - DNA Surgery

Today we look at DNA surgery. This card changes all monsters on the field to a type that you declare.

This card has so many possibilities. The combos that you can pull off with this card is endless. Not only is it one of those "fun" cards, it can be really
competitive in almost any deck. Just a couple of quick examples of how good this card is:

1. Combo it with Insect barrier to create a permanent wall.
2. combo it with Limiter Removal to do heavy damage to your opponent's LP in one turn
3. combo it with Buster Blader so he gains a huge power boost.
4. combo it with Lord of D. so all your monsters are protected from targeted effects.

the list goes on...

I give this card a 4/5. It's extremely versatile. I recommend that you at least look at it and try and figure out how to fit it in your deck.


DNA Surgery

This card is really, really bad and should never, ever see any play. The best way I can see this card working by making your opponent's Monsters insects and even then it only does it to so many of them. Keeping in mind the way the game is, and how there's usually one Monster on each side of the field, if that. I would rather use something that could destroy one of my opponents Monsters instead or something that would allow me to gain or keep board control.

The only reason I would ever consider using this card is if I was building a new fun deck. Granted it would be a deck that could only win 20% of the time against really bad decks, because if they play something like Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm or any of that fun stuff the deck would just fall apart.

In conclusion, this card is bad all around, don't ever use it unless you want a deck to use before the start of a tournament and make everyone think you're a scrub to give your opponents a false sense of security. >;~)

Rating 0.5  (Pojo note IQ, the lowest possible rating is 1.0. ..... Quit going below sea level   ;-)
Wednesday - DNA Surgery
Oohhh......this card is combolicious.
Throw it with Insect Barrier, and your opponent can't attack.
Throw it with Buster Blader, and you can create Dragon-powered madness.
Throw it with Limiter Removal, and finish your opponent in one turn.
Throw it with Lord of D., and no monsters can be targeted by effects.  *gets fiendish deck idea*
Other than that, uhhhhh, stay away.
Score: 2.8 (great, now I have a Lord of D./DNA Surgery combo deck in mind -_-)
Trunks the
DNA Surgery - PSV

Hmmm a pretty nice trap card. Change the type on the field to whatever you want. Insect barrier comes to mind. So does the cool looking buster blader. But thats all this card is good for really. Wait till your opponent brings out 2 face up monsters, DNA them all to dragons, Unleash Buster Blader and let the fun begin. Thats all this card is good for though. Maybe some other good uses i havent seen are out there but for now all i see is the buster blader and barrier combos. This card wont work great with all the space typhoons and trap removal out there so good luck using it.

Rating 2.0



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