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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - MRD-017
Average Rating - 1.9 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - August 9, 2002


Friday - Kuriboh

Kuriboh has an interesting effect that lets you discard it from your hand in order to make the damage inflicted to your life points by an opponent's monster 0.

The main differences between Kuriboh and Waboku is that Kuriboh can't be countered but only targets one monster unlike Waboku. There are also a few more differences, another of which is that Kuriboh can only be activated during your opponent's Battle Phase while Waboku can be used any time .

Overall, in my opinion, Waboku is a much better card, but Kuriboh does have its uses if you want a little more defense.

With the release of later expansions, you will be able to "Multiply" Kuriboh. As of now, we don't need to worry much about that though.

Rating: 2/5


Fri- Kuriboh
Kuriboh. ;/ Peh. You can discard it from your hand to prevent LP damage from one monster. >XP It has terrible stats down low, and at least 2 other cards over-shadow it. No.
Rating: 1.4/5 ≠ Itís better than Gate Guardian. ;/


Well, I'll take another try at trying to get to a sanctioned tourney tomorrow, but before I do, I'll do a CotD for one of Yugi's trump cards, Kuriboh.
Card Text:
Effect: Discard this card from your hand to the Graveyard to make the damage inflicted to your Life Points by 1 opponent's monster 0. This effect must be activated during your opponent's Battle Phase.
For a second, let's ignore those stats.  Those stats won't get you ANYWHERE.  I could use a Skull Servant if I wanted those stats.  We're going to look at the effect.
This little critter can stop the attack of a BEWD or similar monster in its tracks.  Well, not really.  If they're attacking a monster, the monster will still be destroyed (if it would normally be), but you won't lose any LP.  Of course, if that BEWD attacks you directly, you just saved yourself 3000 LP.  Robbin' Goblin doesn't like this card.  White Magical Hat doesn't like this card.  Masked Sorcerer doesn't like this card.  Any beatdown-worthy card hates this card.  Too bad it only blocks one monster for one turn, or it would be broken.  Currently, there is no way to block this effect, even in the Japanese OCG.  It makes a nice surprise when your opponent tries to finish you off.  It can give you that extra one turn you need to draw a Raigeki/Dark Hole that will give you a chance to win.  Of course, Waboku can do the same thing, and that affects all your opponent's monsters, and your monsters still survive.  This guy is useful in stalling decks (Exodia decks like this critter), but not really worth a spot.
None, really, at least until we get Multiply.  Multiply makes this card playable.
Waste of space: If you're using beatdown, you'd rather draw a La Jinn or Dark Elf than a Kuriboh.
Should YOU use it?
If you use some kind of stall deck (which, in my opinion, is a bad idea unless it's Exodia or Shield & Sword), throw 1 or 2 of these critters in.  Otherwise, keep it in your binder.  Or, trade it for a Tribute to the Doomed or a more useful Super Rare.
Kuriboh gets a 2.1.  It can do stuff, but it's normally a waste of space.


A cute, simple little card today, Kuriboh! This guy became famous as a mascot for Yu-Gi-Oh!, and showed on the anime that he has some good defensive skills, despite horrible stats. Oh, and he's cute.

Basically, Kuriboh is a one time defensive maneuver. What's special about it? Kuriboh is the ONLY thing in America right now that can never, ever be countered. That in itself is special. However, its stats do suck, and it's simply a one-time stall, so it's not exactly a great monster. Multiply will be nice with it, though.

Rating - 2.1 It's cute, has future potential, and can't be countered, but isn't good for much else

Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.



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