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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Immortal of Thunder

Card Number - MRD-099
Average Rating - 1.9 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - August 23, 2002


Friday - The Immortal of Thunder

The Immortal of Thunder is a level 4 effect monster that reads: FLIP: You gain 3000 Life Points. After this card is flipped, you lose 5000 Life Points when it is sent from the Field to the Graveyard.

To put plainly. This card sucks. There's no way your going to keep it alive long enough to make it useful. Duel Monsters just has too much removal.

PLEASE, do not play with this card. ;p

Rating: 1/5

Let's just all be patient and wait for Magic Ruler...


No review.


Today's Friday, and I'm selecting this week, so you know what that means.....we're doing a Friday fun pick special!  This week's special is The Immortal of Thunder.
Card Text:
Effect: FLIP: You gain 3000 Life Points. After this card is flipped, you lose 5000 Life Points when it is sent from the Field to the Graveyard.
Now THIS is a unique card.  We've reviewed some oddities this week, but this one takes the cake.  If it is flipped over, you gain 3000 LP, but if it goes to the graveyard, you lose 5000 LP.  So, basically, if an opposing monster attacks this monster, flips it up, and destroys it, you lose 2000 LP.  What is the point of playing this card, then?
Well, there isn't really one.
OK, so you can pull some combos with this critter.  The most famous one is The Immortal of Thunder + Hane-Hane.  Flip summon The Immortal of Thunder (watch out for Trap Hole!), then flip summon Hane-Hane.  You just gained 3000 LP, and you don't get that nasty after-effect!  However, that Hane-Hane is dead meat next turn.  Another tactic is to attack a Wall of Illusion with The Immortal of Thunder, although very few players use Wall of Illusion anymore (I do, on occasion).  You may have a semi-empty field left over, though, so you'll lose those LP you regained most of the time.  And if you don't have any other monsters to play?  You'll have to put him down again.
Fine, I'll admit it.  This guy sucks.  Even though he has relatively high stats for an effect monster, they don't really help, as he'll still be destroyed by the common La Jinn/7 Colored Fish, and a 2000 LP hit can hurt.  No, it can't do stuff.  The combos aren't really enough to make it worth playing.  Can anything else save it?
Well, its effect won't activate if it's destroyed by a card effect while face down, and you won't lose 5000 LP if it's destroyed after you summon it in face-up attack position.  Hoshinigen can actually turn it into a decent attacking monster, but it's still not worth it.  Neo the Magic Swordsman would be a better attacker, anyways.
Should YOU play it?
Unless you are playing an extremely fun deck, stay far, far away.
It can do stuff, but not very well, so The Immortal of Thunder gets a 1.1.  *watches as everyone else gives it a 1.0 or the square root of -600 or something*


No review.
Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.
Pot of Greed
Friday (fun pick special): The Immortal of Thunder
atk/def: 1500/1300
EFFECT: When flipped, gives its controller 3000lp. When sent to the
Graveyard from the field, deducts 5000p from the controller.
Ooooh... This is possibly one of the most funnest combos, besides Mushroom
Man #2 that I have ever used.
The aim of the game is for you to get the card out and then to the graveyard
without it leaving from the field. Possibility is to use Hane-Hane.. Lay it
down, Lay a Hane, use the Effect of the Immortal to get 3000lp and then
return it to your hand. Use a Card Destruct, ToTD, Cheerful Coffin or Magic
Jammer to get it out safely.
The best tactic, and you will like this one, is if they use Change Of Heart
on it, not realise what it is and flip it.. or realise what it is, needing
the 3000lp and flip it. What do they care right? its yours next turn and
open for them to wipe it out costing YOU 5000lp
Wrong.. With a horn of heaven, Solemn Judgement or Trap Hole you can destroy it, they dont get the effect if a HoH or SJ is used and the card is
destroyed. Best case Scenario, they loose 5000lp, worse case they loose
Fun to play, never to be used for serious playing though
Advantages: Gives you 3000lp when flipped
Disadvantages: If destroyed when you control it, you loose 5000lp.. It is a
weak card and can be killed easily. The bonus of 3000lp is never worth the
Useful Combo Cards: Hane-Hane - lets you take it back to your hand free from harm.. Cheerful Coffin/ToTD/Card Destruction/Magic Jammer - all help to stick it safely in your grave without it needing to be placed on the field..
Traps, lots of them! - You need to protect it from attack, soul exchange or
Rageki.. otherwise you will loose
Example Play: Your Hane is sitting there, Mirror Force is waiting whilst
your opponent builds up his forces. You face-down your Immortal, hoping to
get its effects but the opponent doesn't attack - It uses Change of Heart to
take the Face-down card. Without thinking, he tributes it to bring in his
Summoned Skull.. You inform him of the penalty and he starts to blubber..
It gets better!
You dont want to waste your mirror force on just One Summoned Skull so you
let him destroy the Hane-Hane and now the field is empty once more.
You draw, getting a Monster Reborn, oooh nice. He plays a face down card
which your convinced is a Magician of Faith to revive his Change of Heart
from the Grave. You use your own Change of Heart, find its a Wall of
Illusion :(
Then you think.. Nice!, you dont flip it but leave it without doing anything
that turn. Next turn, he summons his Battle Ox, time for Mirror Force me
thinks.. Away with the Ox but his Wall of Illusion is still face down.
You use Monster Reborn, he thinks your going to bring back the Summoned
Skull - But no you bring back the Immortal! - Knowing the effect of the
Wall, you attack.. you loose some lifepoints but you now have your Immortal
back. Dare you set him again? :)
Score:4/5 ( why such a high score? because Yugioh is about fun not about
Killer Deck combos. If you can amaze your opponent, manage to somehow get
15,000LP whilst reducing him to almost none then why not! )
Friday-Immortal of Thunder
Today's COTD is the Immortal of Thunder.  Its stats
(1500/1300) aren't all that great.  The flip effect is
what makes it interesting.  You gain 3000LP when it is
flipped, but you lose 5000LP when it is sent from the
field to the graveyard. 
This card is mediocre at best.  The only reason you
should play it is if you have a way of getting it back
in your hand before it is destroyed.  The only
plausible solution is to use hane-hane's effect to
bring it back into your hand.  But IMO, it's a waste
of time.  You could be be using those 2 turns to set
up a strong attack instead.
With the release of future sets, there will be some
pretty cool 1 turn KO combos that involve the immortal
of thunder, but as of right now, it's a mediocre card
that really shouldn't be in your deck.
I give it a 1.5/5



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