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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Black Skull Dragon

Card Number - MRD-018
Average Rating - 2.923 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - August 22, 2002


No review.


No review.


Well, it's Thursday, and we're going to look at a powerful Fusion card, B. (Black) Skull Dragon:
Card Text:
Fusion: "Summoned Skull" + "Red-eyes Black Dragon"
If we would have done this review around three weeks ago, this card would be deemed as worthless due to the fact it requires Red-eyes Black Dragon, one of the numerous overpriced monsters in this game (2400 attack power for 2 sac.), and if the Fusion combo gets shot down, the REBD can't do anything.
Then the tourney packs hit the scene, and introduced three new cards to the English game, Goddess with the Third Eye, Beastking of the Swamps, and Versago the Destroyer.  The effect for these cards: You can substitute this card for any 1 Fusion-Material Monster. You cannot substitute for any other Fusion-Material Monster in the current Fusion.
What does this mean?
It means you don't need Red-eyes Black Dragon anymore to do the B. Skull Dragon fusion.  All you need to do is splash one or two of the above and one or two Polymerization into your standard beatdown deck with Summoned Skull.  Of course, the Fusion Substitute monsters have not very good stats (1200/1000, 1000/1100, and 1100/900 respectively), but they can be used as a one-turn stall, if need be.
Honestly, I still don't think it's worth it.  Unless you build a deck entirely around this Fusion, this should remain as nothing more than tech, with 1 Fusion Substitute monster and 1 Polymerization, so if you do manage to pull it off, it's good, but if you can't, you have less space dedicated to it in your deck.  Although, 3200 attack power is kind of hard to pass up =/
There are some cards that shut this down, however.  Magic Jammer and Solemn Judgment will nuke the Polymerization and Horn of Heaven and Solemn Judgment will negate and destroy the BSD before it even gets on the field (that means you can't revive it from the Graveyard, because it technically never enters play).  Of course, this isn't much of a problem, as since it's a Special Summon, you can still play a normal monster that turn, and they either lost one card from their hand, half their LP, or one of their monsters, along with a valuable negation card.  And you only used up 2 cards.  This can actually lead to some favorable situations.  And, if need be, you can use
Magician of Faith and Monster Reborn to bring back the Polymerization and Fusion Substitute monster, respectively.
Should YOU play it?
This must be tech week, because this card is surprisingly a good tech in a beatdown deck.  Play 1, along with 1 Polymerization and 1 Fusion Substitute monster (if you can get your hands on one).  Otherwise, you can go with 1 REBD.  I just find the Fusion Substitute monsters better because if you're stuck in a situation where you have that one monster in your hand and an empty field, you can put one of those down instead of just leaving that REBD useless in your hand.
BSD gets a 3.1 in my book.  It can do stuff, and it makes surprisingly good tech.  Just be aware that your opponent may see it coming.  Not very many people use Fusion cards, and those that do use either BSD or Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.  THTD isn't well-suited for a beatdown deck.  Play 1.  No more.


Sorry for the sporadic card of the days, school just started. That said, today's card of the day is the second strongest monster currently out, Black Skull Dragon. This one is definitely a fatty, and definitely cool. Is it worthy of play? Yes...and no.

BSD is one of those cards that is integral to specific decks. It's not great by itself as a splash-in, so don't try it. However, in a fusion deck, he's pretty good. The thing about fusion cards is individually, they're almost useless (well, except Summoned Skull). It takes all three to be worth it, and that can be hard to do.

In a fusion deck, BSD is key. Use plenty of Magicians of Faith and such, and clear the field before summoning the Black Skull Dragon. Once summoned, it is VERY hard to beat, and can definitely destroy your opponent if you play it somewhat effectively.

Rating - 2.75 Good in a fusion deck, bad everywhere else. Ah well. It's cool, right?

Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.
Pot of Greed
Thursday: Black Skull Dragon
Atk/Def: 3200/2500
Summoned Skull & Red Eyes Black Dragon
Powerful, scary and... well make that scary+1
If you can get this onto the field, without it being countered and the
opponent has nothing on the field to stop you. The game is yours!
The effort to get this guy onto the field is hard. You need to be able to
play your Polymersation card without it being countered. Then you need to be
able to draw a Summoned Skull "&" Red Eyes Black Dragon in your active
possesion (on field, in hand or any combination of the 2). Meanwhile your
thinking .... mmmm, a BEWD is only 3000, why dont I just use that
You would be right. This isn't like any old Poly combo. If you don't pull
the Poly card or it is countered then you are stuck with 2 monsters that you
have to TRIBUTE to get onto the field. This is a very bad thing, often
leaves your field open to attack and nothing you can do about it!
Bonus to Poly is that you have to stop the magic of it, the Summoning is
special so is almost unstoppable unlike a tribute summon which suffers with
Trap Hole as an enemy.
Often, people I have dueled have summoned it, me letting them without
countering it or stopping it. Then i flip up SORL, enough time for any
fissures/totd/rageki/dh's I have ready and then even monster reborn it for
added humilation
Advantages: A powerful card to rival the Gate Guardian and overshadow the
BEWD. Not much can stop this card if it is brought into play
Disadvantages: If blocked leaves you with powerful monsters in your hand
that you can't play and a field empty where your monsters aren't but SHOULD
be. Get extra 200 attack over a BEWD isnt worth it. Get a few SJ's, Soul
Exchanges and a BEWD or 2.
Useful Combo Cards: Polymerisation (yes, its not useful it is required!)Lord
Of Dragons - If this guy is on the field then your BESD is safe from any
direct magical or trap assualts.. Monster Reborn - If this monster dies, you
must rush to get him back, Have a Monster Reborn ready if you can before you summon him in.. Solemn Judgments or 7 Tools to stop them destroying your
Monster/Poly combo.. Witch of the Black Forest - Helps you get that Summoned Skull you need into your hand!
Example Play: You have been stalling with minor cards all game.. The
opponent of yours is getting tired, he launches an all out attack but you
bring in Swords of Revealing Light as backup. You have been biding your time
until finaly you draw Witch of the Black Forest. You play it, and 'LOL' they
trap hole it, you wanted it dead anyways so it matters little. You draw the
Summoned Skull you were waiting for but your not ready just yet.
You wait until you have heavy storm, you wipe out your SORL and then in turn
use Dark Hole to wipe out their monsters too. You then play the Poly card to
summon the Black Skull Dragon. You use your Monster to attack causing a
disastrous 3200 direct damage attack.
They are smiling, they Summon in a Summon Skull using your BSD as a soul
exchange :( all doesnt look well. You don't mind, since you have Monster
Reborn ready, you play it.. Wipe out their SS and the rest is as they say..
Score:3.142/5 (If its used right it can be deadly but without any of the
high-flying japanese cards that help Polymerisation out, BSD should be kept
in the closet)
Thurs-Black Skull Dragon
Today's COTD is BSD.  The first thing you notice is
its flashy 3200 attack.  It's the strongest card out
in English except for gate guardian.  But on a closer
look, it isn't all that playable.  The largest
downside of this card is that is a fusion.  Due to the
fact that Upperdeck stopped printing LOB boosters,
polymerization is really hard to get, and if you're to
play BSD, you need 3 polys in your deck.  With the
release of the yugi structure deck, polymerization
will be easier to get, but that got pushed back until
early next year.  So unless you're really lucky or
really rich, it's going to be hard to get those polys.
The upside to this card, other than its attack, is
that it is composed of fairly playable monsters,
something that cannot be said of most fusion monsters
in the English game.  It is composed of summoned skull
and red eyes black dragon.  SS, as you should know is
a staple in almost every deck.  The same cant be said
of red eyes, but at least it is somewhat usable with
Lord of D. 
Overall, I give this card a 2.7/5. 
It suffers a bit from being a fusion card, but if you
have 3 SS, 3 REBD, and 3 polys, there's no harm in
putting this in your deck.
With the release of Fusion Gate and Devil Franken
later, this card becomes more playable.  But until it
and the yugi structure deck comes out, you'll be hard
pressed to summon it.  But hey, it's still the best
fusion in english so far.



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