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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Muka Muka

Card Number - MRD-107
Average Rating - 2.15 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - August 21, 2002


Wednesday - Muka Muka

Muka Muka is a level 2 effect monster that reads: Increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 300 points for every card in your hand.

At best (During your opponent's turn) Muka Muka is a tribute-less monster with 2400 ATK/DEF. Sure this seems good, but the fact that you need to hold 6 cards in your hand makes it unplayable in my eyes. Without 5-6 cards in your hand, Muka Muka isn't really worth it.

At times it can be a great suprise card, but that doesn't always happen often. Pot of Greed works nicely with this card. Since you can only play one Pot of Greed, it's not something to count on.

Nothing tournament worthy, but a fun card nonetheless. Imagine the possibilities IF Duel Monsters had a bigger hand size limit along with more card drawing...

Rating: 1.8/5


No review.


Today we are looking at a very unusual card, Muka Muka.
Card Text:
Effect: Increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 300 points for every card in your hand.
I guess this week is "unique card week" (well, with the exception of tomorrow).  We've looked at two unique Counter Traps, today we're looking at a very unique monster.
This card (obviously) works best if you have a large hand.  Since we don't have the "Limitless Hand" card yet, we can only have a limit of 6 cards in our hand at the end of our turn.  We will almost NEVER have 6 cards in our hand after the opening turn, as we will be playing most of the cards we draw.  With 6 cards in your hand, Muka Muka powers up to 2400, which is currently unbeatable for a Level 4 or below monster in English (curse you Injection Angel Lily from Mythological Age!).  On the average, you will have 3-4 cards in your hand, making Muka Muka's attack average 1500-1800, which is low-powered to average compared to other attackers.
Personally, this card is not worth it.  Large hands are VERY rare in this game after a few turns, due to Robbin' Goblin, paying for costs of Magic Jammer and Tribute to the Doomed, and just good old card playing.  This card is best early game while your hand is large.  It may be able to get 1 or 2 quick kills off before it falls.  If you get it late game though, it's nothing more than discard fodder.
Should YOU play it?
Unless you are playing a mono-Earth deck or a very unique combo deck that I can't see right now, this card isn't really worth it.
It does stuff, and can have over 2000 attack power for a Level 2, so Muka Muka gets a 2.8.  Like I said, it does stuff.  I'd still put a Dark Elf or Jirai Gumo over this guy.  Hope I haven't offended you Muka Muka lovers out there =\


No review.
Trunks the Swordsman No review.
Codith No review.
Pot of Greed
Wednesday: Muka Muka
atk/def: 600/300
EFFECT: Gains +300 atk and def for every card in your hand.
Booo.... No, I dislike this card a lot. It promises a NICE bonus but it
neglects to inform you that you have to keep 4 cards in your hand to even
come close to matching a 1800atk monster. Sure, 1st turn.. 6 cards, set the
Muka Muka and that leaves 5 - 2100atk!
If you intend to leave that card unprotected by traps, other monsters or any
magic cards you want to use. Then you will be laughing. However, no card, no
matter how powerful can stand alone without help. Sooner or later you will
need to use those cards in your hand and when you do, this card becomes an
ornamental centerpiece.
However, when charged up it is possibly the only other earth creature aside
from Jirai and Battle Ox with good attack powers
One thing it IS useful for is that 1st turn destruction of a La-Jinn or Dark
Elf. Fissure could do the same job, so could ToTD!
No.. keep this card in your FUN dueling pile, don't ever use it for serious
Advantages: With enough cards in hand you can even do damage to a Summoned
Skull! Powerful with lots of cards in your hand
Disadvantages: A Summoned Skull is about all it could beat. Aside from the
1st couple of turns you will never have more than 4 cards in your hand at
once unless running Exodia or a heavy stall deck. Trade this in for one of
the nice 1800 attack cards because the pottential extra few 100atk isnt
worth the pottential loss of 100's of atk.
Useful Combo Cards: Pot Of Greed - Keeps your hand stocked with new cards..
Masked Sorcerer - If you attack 1st with this guy, you have basicaly given
your Muka an extra +300 atk to do damage with.. Milus Radiant - Adding
ANOTHER 500atk/def to this puppy can mean serious damage..
Invigoration/SoDS/Other Buff Cards.. Since this card relies heavily on being
"buffed" up, any additional help would be useful!
Example Play: It's the 1st turn.. You have played a Pot Of Greed giving your
hand 7 cards. You play your Muka-Muka giving it 2400 Atk. Only a Summoned
Skull can hurt it and they have to tribute summon that! Your next card is a
masked sorcerer. You play Heavy Storm, wiping out their Protective traps. A
fissure destroys their face up monster but you have played 3 cards leaving
you with 5 cards in hand now :( 2100 Atk now. You attack with Masked
Sorcerer, get a free card draw and give your Muka another +300atk allowing
it to do more damage!
Score 2/5 (It only gets the 2 because of its pottential as a very good card,
the required combinations needed to keep your hand stocked as the above
example shows is hard to achieve)
Wed-Muka Muka
Well this is my first COTD.  Some of you may recognize
me from the Tips from the fans section.  I'll be doing
COTD in addition to that from now on.
Today's COTD is Muka Muka.  It's got a pretty good
effect.  It increases its ATK and DEF by 300 for each
card in your hand. 
This card is best played at the start of the game when
you'll most likely have 4-5 cards in your hand.
However, if you want to keep it's attack high, you'll
have to maintain that 4-5 cards every turn.  That
means you wont be able to set your traps or summon too
many monsters, without risk of lowering Muka Muka's
attack by too much.   
Usually, I find myself holding no more than 2 or 3
cards in my hand at any time, so I haven't had much
use for this card.  However, if you constantly find
yourself holding 4-5 cards in your hand throughout the
duel, duel after duel, then this card may be the
perfect fit for your deck.
The major downside of this card is that it is really
weak against reverse trap.  If you attack and the
opponent uses reverse trap, more times than not,
you're going to be attacking the opponent with Muka
Muka at 0 attack.  That's going to take a chunk out of
your LP.
Overall, I'd give this card a 2/5. 
It all depends on your play style.  It's a great first
turn monster, where you can get it at 2100 attack, but
later on in the game, it becomes a pretty useless
monster because your hand will probably be depleted.



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