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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gate Guardian

Card Number - MRD-000
Average Rating - 1.2 (based on 5 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - August 2, 2002


Friday - Gate Guardian

Today we conclude NickWhiz1's CotD picks with Gate Guardian.

Well, what more can I say. The card is best used as trade bait.

Seriously, no one is going to pay a total of nine tribute to summon Gate Guardian. Six from the 6 monsters you have to tribute to summon Sanga of the Thunder, Suijin, and Kazejin. Then you have to tribute those 3 in order to summon Gate Guardian for a grand total of 9 monsters lost.

Simply a sorry card. I would like to see someone build a half decent deck around it.

Rating: 1/5


Fri- Gate Guardian
Why? Oh why am I being forced to this? Gate Guardian, is THE LAST thing youíll want to play, EVER. Just so you know, you will NEVER get Gate out. Never. It just isnít possible. Think. You must have 2 tributes for each elemental, making that 6 monsters. Then you must keep them all ALIVE and make sure they are on the field at the same time as Gate Guardian is in YOUR HAND. THEN, you can destroy all your elementals, bring the total up to 9 monsters, just for 3750 Attack. Your chances of drawing Exodia in your starting hand is better than actually being able to get the Gate out. Man, please, just DONíT play Gate. If you do, youíll make me forfeit just out of frustration that someone is actually dumb enough to try it. Seriously, I will. I might even hang myself, if I saw someone competitively play Gate. For the love of all things decent, DONíT.
ďRating:Ē 1/5 ≠ If pojo would let me, Iíd give it zero. No wait, itíd be negative eighty. Maybe even the square root of negative six hundred, this thing is so terrible. It shouldnít even exist. Yes, that is my rating.
Rating: (Square Root)-600/5 ≠ No, it canít even do stuff.


My week is over today ;.;  Today we're looking at the most powerful monster in the English version so far, Gate Guardian.
Card Text:
Effect: This card can only be Special Summoned by offering "Sanga of the Thunder", "Kazejin", and "Suijin" on your side of the Field as a Tribute.
Upon first look of this card, your jaw drops.  3750 attack power is second to NONE in the English version of this game.  3400 defense would let it abuse Shield & Sword, as no monsters have a higher defense than that currently.  This card would surely become a deck staple, right?
Then we read the effect.
It says we must have Sanga of the Thunder, Kazejin, and Suijin on the field to Special Summon it.  Let me clarify this.  In order to bring it into play, you can't use the regular 2 Tributes for a Level 7+ monster (otherwise this guy would be broken and restricted).  You must summon it through the effect.  You can't revive it with Monster Reborn should it go to your graveyard, UNLESS you've used the effect to Special Summon it.  If you use the effect to Special Summon it, and it makes its way to the Graveyard, feel free to use Monster Reborn to bring it back and devastate your opponent.
The only problem is getting it onto the field in the first place.  All 3 monsters required on the field are Level 7.  So that means, unless we use a clever combo of dumping them all into the cemetery + Monster Reborn + 2 Magician of Faiths, we have to do a lot of tributes.  If we summon all 3 parts normally, that's a total of 6 Tributes, then 3 more to Tribute Gate Guardian.  That's 9 Tributes.  NINE.  Give me a break.  I'd rather play Great Moth or Skull Servant than this card.
There ARE some creative ways to get this guy into play, however.  We can use the clever combo outlined above, or we can use Harpie Lady + Elegant Egotist to fill your field with digitally painted flying woman creature thingies.  Ultimate Offering fulfills the same purpose of filling your field, for a small LP cost.  It's not worth it, though.
Outlined above.
Availability: It's a Secret Rare, good luck getting it.
Playability: Almost impossible to get out.
Should YOU play it?
Unless you want one of the ultimate challenges in deck building, stay far, far away.
Well, I have to cut Gate Guardian some slack for having 3750/3400 stats, so he gets a 1.5.  This number would be increased by 3.5 if it didn't have that stupid effect.
Note to Pojo: I think we should start doing tournament scores next week, because official league play began August 1st.


Again, sorry about my lack of card of the days, but things have come up and such. Anyway, today's card is a secret rare, and one of the most sought after cards. Is it really any good? The answer to that should be an obvious one. I mean, look at that attack power! Well, it completely and totally sucks.

Face it. If you play this card, you will never get on the field, bar a miracle. It's that simple. Exodia is much easier to assemble than this card, and is a direct win. This card is pure trash. Despite all it's overwhelming power, it is is horrible. You will never ever ever get it out on the field. Why? It takes three parts to make. All three parts require two tribute summons. Assuming your opponent does nothing, it will take 12 turns on average to get Gate Guardian out. It just won't happen.

That said, use the earlier forms if you must. They are actually very good if you can summon them. That's basically all that's to be said about Gate Guardian. Don't use it. Ever.

Rating - 1 I'd give it a .01 or so if it could go down that far, simply because you'll never use it, but it sells for a lot of money. Don't ever use this card in a deck you expect to win. Er, want to win.

Trunks the Swordsman Gate Guardian - Metal Raiders - Secret Rare

AHH!!!!!!!! and AHHHHHHHHHH! Crappy card!!! Well this is in my own opinion though. Anyway, gate guardian is one of the hardest monsters to summon. You have to have all the pieces which cost 2 monsters each to play. Then you need gate guardian in your hand. That totals about 14 turns. Plus you gotta remember theres fissure, dark hole, raigeki and etc. Overall this card is WAY too much to get out. Your better off playing lord of d decks. Gate Guardian seems nice at first but its more trouble than its worth. Its better off being traded.

Rating 1.5
Codith No review.



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