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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Electric Lizard

Card Number - MRD-048
Average Rating - 1.76 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - August 16, 2002


No review.


Fri- Electric Lizard
Electric Lizard.. Meh, another bad card, not worthy of deck space. If a non-Zombie monster attacks this Lizard, they canít attack on their next turn.
Well, thatís a more pathetic Paralyzing Potion. This could be a little better if the monster couldnít attack at all like Potion, but nope. Just one turn. Its stats just make it even more unusable. Not even stalls should play this card, itís just not that effective.
Rating: 1.3/5 ≠ You could play it, unlike some Guardian of a GateÖ >_>


No review.


No review.
Trunks the Swordsman Electric Lizard - Common - MR

Blah. Another card for stalling. But as i said before you can always tribute your monster to kill off the effect. On the other hand it does make them wanna tribute then you activate trap hole or something. But its not a really good combo. Your opponent will tribute so just be patient. Anyway this card just makes the monster that attacks the lizard can not attack on his next turn. A one turn stall isn't a big deal cos they will probably summon another monster and attack with that. Kinda stallish but still bad. Not good in tournament decks

Rating 2.0
Codith No review.
Pot of Greed
Fri - Electric Lizard
Effect: Any monster attacking this card can not attack on its next turn
Bakura versus Yugi and yugi getting fried is all I can think about when I look at the Eletric Lizard. This, like steel scorpion is a stall card, designed to buy you some more time whilst you wait for the Calvary (read: Rageki) to come a runnin'
Its effect is constant and not flip, so it can be used in conjuction with Last will and can help you buy a lot of time if your waiting on that ONE card to turn the tide of battle.
This card is useless if they have reserves of monsters to draw upon but if they are down to a few skimpy recruits and attack then you can breath a sign of relief for a turn knowing that the reaper wont see your soul just yet.
Since most people attack face downs with Summoned Skulls before their Lagin/Battle Ox/7 Fish monsters then this often leads to you crippling their powerful monsters. You would still need to deal with the other ones as well but sometimes the removal of ONE monsters attack can turn the battle in your favour. Let me stress this is one of those monsters that is good to slip into a deck but should never be relied upon
Advantages: Stall! It helps you stall, get reinforcements or line up your winning combo. Withdrawing that monsters attack from their next round can sometimes mean the difference between life and death
Disadvantages: It only stops one card for one turn. If they have other cards then they arent effected and CAN attack. The effect wears off soon and unless a miracle occurs it will be ready to fight back the next turn
Useful Combo Cards: Last Will, when you feel yourself needing that extra barricade, this can buy you that extra turn... Waboku, when they attack and see your card standing upright, they are still fried but you get to live another turn
Example Play: They have a nice juicy Summoned Skull on the field and have a feeling that the monster you set is a 2000 defence card. They attack with their Skull and get fried. You still loose 1800 damage from the Lagin attacking :( You have been sitting, waiting for something good and you draw the card of your dreams, Dark Hole. Play that Attack monster in your hand and now you have a free field to reign upon

Rating: 2/5



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