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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Paralyzing Potion

Card Number - MRD-137
Average Rating - 2.35 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - August 15, 2002


Thursday - Paralyzing Potion

Paralyzing Potion is a Equipment Magic Card that reads: A non -Machine-type Monster equipped with this card cannot attack.

Though not as bad as Steel Scorpion, the card itself is not anything great. I'd rather just go ahead and kill the monster rather than leave it paralyzed. Mainly because after the monster is paralyzed, it still isn't completely useless. Defending your Life Points is one job it can still do.

And don't forget, if the monster has an effect of somesort, it can still be used.

Also the fact that it takes up Magic/Trap space drops some of the score. The card overall isn't too bad. It can possibly be playable in a Control based deck. Three Fissure/Tribute to the Doomed/Paralyzing Potion and of course all the restricted monster removal, could be very annoying to deal with.

Rating: 1.9/5


Thur- Paralyzing Potion
Paralyzing Potion. This card has some merits. Non-Machine monsters (meaning not Barrel Dragon or Cannon Soldier) can’t attack. That’s all there is to it. Now unless they active a Magic Jammer on ya, their only hope is a Heavy Storm, as no serious players actually run De-Spell anymore. This card could really save your butt against a Summoned Skull or other heavy hitter. Be keep in mind, it does target, so Lord of D. DOES prevent its effects on dragons.
There’s only one problem with this card- deck space. I find it hard to keep my card count below 43 as hard as it is and adding Potion would only make it harder. So there’s one obviously solution: Stall Decks. They CAN go well over the 40 card restriction and get away with it… kinda. >_>; The only problem with stall decks is the fact that they suck right now. ;x Wait a couple more sets… Just a couple more…
Rating: 2/5 ­ It could do some good stuffs.


No review.


No review.
Trunks the Swordsman Paralyzing Potion - Common - MR

Ouch..... Attach this to a blue eyes, summoned skull and :P to that card. But and yes theres always a but, Its not really a good card to play since heavy storm, de spell, tributes can happen. But hey if you lock your opponent down with this card its good for stalling just to get something good out of your draws.. Id rather do Swords of Revealing light though..Yeah.. Much better choice. If you cant get swords then i guess this is a cheap version of swords for you.

Rating 2.5
Codith No review.
Pot of Greed
Thurs - paralyzing potion
Effect - Any non machine can not attack as long as this equipped to them
mmmm again its one of those "pick the right moment" cards. This card is no use if the next turn they will bury it for a tribute summon. Since nearly no-one packs De-Spell cards anymore (not until magic ruler anyway *smiles*) this card often sits on the field until a heavy storm pops it head. Dont forget, its not like a Hexagram Curse, the player can still change its position and they can still use card effects. In my opinion, save this for Tributed Monsters, High level monsters!
There is nothing better than them summoning a nice fat BEWD to see it unable to even scratch its bunions. Note, the monster still cand defend an attack, their atk value remains the same so dont try any attacks if your monsters cant take it.
This is possibly one of the best 911 emergency cards. That Dark Magician has killed your whole monster line.. Use this to stop it from hurting your lifepoints whilst you build up a defence!
Advantages: They cant attack! very nice and very psychologicaly damaging. 1 can make your monster stuck in the mud, more than 1 allows them to fill up their monster slots with useless monsters whilst you go about your business.
Disadvantages: They can still tribute the card, either through a summon or monster/card effect. Only works on non machine monsters, so cant stop a barrel dragon!
Useful Combo Cards: Ultimate Offering (yes i said it, the demon card), allow them to summon their own monsters for -500, let them fill up their field and they just stop the one(s) you dont like the look of... Mushroom man (oh yes) give them a mushroom man and watch as they cant do anything but give it back at the cost of 500 lifepoints... Just Desserts, as their monster line fills up so does the pottential to damage them with Just Desserts.
Example Play: Your on pass-the-parcel draw. 1 card to draw, play and draw again leaving you with no cards in hand to build a combo with. He has been waiting for your Swords of Revealing Light to fall so he can turn his Magician of Faith and Hane into a scary Blue Eyes. The swords are about to fall and he sees no traps so summons his Blue Eyes White Dragon. You drop your Swords, he begins to smile then you lay the potion on him. He has just LOST 2 monsters to summon an expensive statue! Be a good boy, dont make him cry to much!

Rating: 3/5



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