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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day
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Rarity - Common
Type - Field Card
Effect - Increases the ATK and DEF of all Fiend and Spellcaster type monsters by 200 points. Also decreases the ATK and DEF of all Fairy monsters by 200 points.
Card Number - 59197169
Average Rating - 2.175/5

Date Reviewed - April 18th, 2002

TrunkstheSwordsman Yami - LOB

Hmm im not a big fan of magic fields. Due to the fact that it effects both players. I rather use equipment magic personally. Anyway this boosts spellcasters and fiends by 200 for atk and def and decreases fairies by 200 for atk and def. So if you wanna kill off fairies and boost up your fiends and spellcasters this is the card for it. You can take out blue eyes with the help of this card and dragon capture jar. Have either summoned skull or dark magician out in play. Then when blue eyes appears use capture jar and blue eyes will be stuck in defense mode. He only has a def of 2500 vs your 2700 atk.

Rating 2.2

Yami, eh? Giving yourself +200 ATK/DEF would SEEM like a good thing wouldn’t it? =/ Too bad it also helps your opponent. >=/

“But Chewieh! They might not be playing Spellcasters/ Fiends!” Quiet you! EVERY deck has those two in it and 95% of the decks center around them! You are only giving them the same bonus you are to yourself, PLUS wasting your precious deck space! The only monsters that wouldn’t get the bonus that you would consider playing are Blue-Eyes, White Dragon and Battle Ox. BEWD, you shouldn’t be concerned about (Fissure, Raigeki, etc etc) and you should be playing Battle Ox, so you’d be weakening your own deck. By strengthening his. =/

Rating: 1.5/5 – Too helpful to your opponent. If your opponent plays it, use it and be happy. =/


As much as the spirit world of the Yami exudes a cool sounding aura, it has very little play value, because most players use at least a few spell caster monsters in their decks including La Jinn and Summoned Skull, by far the most popular.  In casual play, you are free to experiment and test new designs, so drawing and playing Yami wouldn't effect the speed of your deck much and might not necessarily benefit the opponent, but in tournaments, you will need to have cards that you can use effectively that won't benefit your opponent or basically negate when attacks get transpired between spell caster and fiend sub-types.  If you're looking for ways to power up spell casters and fiends, Sword of Dark Destruction speaks true.

Casual- 2.5/5
Tourney- 1.5/5

Dr ZaPPeR DrZaPPeR, here, uh yea about that COTD...


Causual Play: 3
Tournament play: 2.2

- fiends/spellcasters get a field power bonus
-ummm yea

-way to many fiend decks
-uh like no combos with it
-monsters dont usually stay on the field past two turns.

Reasons for pros:
Um yea who doesnt like an extra 200 attack and defense added to there monster. I mean its good, unfourtunetly thats all its good for. I mean there is no other real use for this card.

Reasons for cons:
First of all this card has so many decks that it can be used for in this current enviroment. So I mean you will most likely help your oppenent. Also there are like no combos with it, I mean its only use is to power up monsters, and monsters usally dont stay on the field more then two turns. If they do then you are either lucky, or your oppenent doesnt play much removal cards.
So I mean thats why yami, isnt really that great. The main reason why it isnt good in tournies right now, is like I said everyone plays either a dark/fiend deck.

Combos: there are none, The only thing I can really say is that if you play this card in your deck I would have a lot of removal, but try to keep your deck near 40 cards. I mean IMO the deck size that works for me is 40-43 I dont think I would go any higher then that. Anyways enough on decks. I think the main point here, is this card isnt as great as you would think.


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