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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day
[No picture available]


Rarity - Rare
Type - Magic Card
Effect - Destroys one opponents face-up monster with the lowest attack points.
Card Number - 66788016
Average Rating - 3.921/5

Date Reviewed - April 17th, 2002

TrunkstheSwordsman Fissure - LOB

Now this is one magic card that must be in every deck. I have 3 in mine and it works wonders. Lets say they toss out blue eyes and no other monsters on the field. Next turn use fissure and say bye to blue eyes. It will only kill the monster with the lowest attack so your better off saving it when theres only 1 monster in play. This card is really helpful so toss it in your deck.

Rating 3.4

Yugiohmaster8 Rating:3.5

This is a great card.  You may use this to take out a bewd :).  Most of the time your aponent will try to have a lower atk mon out to defend agains't this.  But you can always use main phase two :). 

Good combos 

Fissure, change of heart, and summond skull (or some other level 5-6 mond)

your feild: (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

aponents feild: (bewd) (mystical elf) (X) (x) (x) (x) (x)

Ok use change of heart to take the mystical elf.  Then play fissure to take out his bewd.  Play your summond skull to then do 2500 lp damage.   This is a great comback move :).  It works with other level monsters also if you already have a monster on the feild.  Or if you just want to destroy some really strong monster take there weak monster attack the other weak monster if they have one (if not use fissure and attack direct),  Then use fissure on his strong monster.



Fissure… =D One of my favorite cards. Insta-kills are what I like! Downside, it targets the lowest attack power of your monsters. =( Actually, that’s good, IMO. This way they can’t use it on your Summoned Skull, if you were smart enough to wait a turn to place that Rouge Doll down first.

Destroying a monster is great, no doubts about it. It only works on face-up tho. This could also to be your benefit. They may have a face-down Man Eater Bug (only reason why they didn’t attack your lps directly last turn) and a newly summoned Blue-Eyes, White Dragon. Then, Monster Reborn him and laugh insanely at your opponent. This card is also great against stallers, too. Take Wall of Illusion for example. 1000 ATK, you ain’t gonna get much lower than that! Or that blasted Lord of D., preventing you from Raigeki-ing their BEWDs. Fissure and bye-bye!

But take my defense against Fissure above, for example. A Rouge Doll protecting their Summoned Skull from being Fissure’ed.  What will you do? Simple, play Battle Ox (1700 ATK) and kill the Doll, THEN during Main Phase 2, Fissure! Heh heh heh, gotta love that main phase 2… >=D

But what if they are constantly playing their monsters face-down? No Fissure for you right? NOPE! Add in a couple Stop Defense! They are flipped over, freeing you to Fissure them. For best results, wait until you have no monsters on the field, should the face-down be a Man Eater Bug. Stop Defenses are also good when your opponent is trying to stall you away, so include a couple in your sideboard.

See? I’ve given away all the secrets to the seemingly simple Fissure. Go use and destroy!

Rating: 4.3/5 – If only you could target any monster face-up or down with complete control over which monster… *sigh*


Fissure, limited to face up monsters, will sadly be unable to destroy those face down man-eater bugs or face down Wall Of Dark Illusions, but don't let that discourage you!  Fissure can remove pesky face-up, high-defense monsters so you can do some direct damage, or perhaps destory an opponent's strong monster he or she had saved up for.  In any case, this card allows the user to break down his opponent's offense or defense and get to do some heavy damage.

This card combos with Swords of Revealing Light which flips all of your opponent's face down monsters face up and activates any of their flip effects at the same time as well.

Casual- 4/5
Tourney- 4.5/5

NickWhiz1 Overall Rating: 3/5 
Casual Play: 2.5/5 
Tournament Play: 3.5/5 

-Destroy an opponent's monster without cost 
-Lord of D. problems? No more. 
-Prevents a monster from being used for a Tribute next turn 

-Normally can't destroy a threatening monster 
-Can't destroy face-down monsters (Man-Eater Bug, for example) 
-If you end up choosing between a BEWD and Man-Eater Bug, you have to take Man-Eater Bug ._. 
-If all your opponent's monsters are face-down, this card is worthless 

Fissure + Raigeki/Change of Heart/Soul Exchange = Get rid of Lord of D., then have fun with the Dragons! 

Flip-effect monsters: You can't affect them while they are face-down, so it's one less threat to their survival. 

Casual Play: 
You may stick one or two of these cards into your deck if you wish to. Playing casually, you will probably play without restrictions, so this card pales in comparision to its big brother Raigeki. It's useful for those Lord of D. decks, though. 

Tournament Play: 
With Lord of D. decks sure to run amok and Raigeki being restricted, this card becomes much more useful. Those Dragons won't be safe anymore after their protector is gone. Put at least two into your deck. Not only does it screw over Lord of D. decks, but it can also prevent a possible Tribute Summon the next turn. That's always helpful. 
Random Burner
Rating:  4.75
Destroy a Monster
Can't choose

      Basically, anything that lets you destroy a monster without you having to discard a card is good.  Swords of Revealing Light works great with this, if they only have one monster.  Make it face up then destroy it.
      It's great being able to destroy a monster, but unfortuneately, you can't choose.  It has to be the weakest one, which isn't usually needed if the have a face up Man-Eater Bug.  So, all you have to do, is pick off the weak monsters until they only have strong ones, and destroy a strong one.  Gets around the effect, so play 3 in every deck until Metal Raiders comes out unless you want to feel the wrath of a random ^_^


Hey again, it is DrZaPPeR84, with another COTD... Todays cotd is...


Casual Play: 4.5
Tourney Play: 4.8

-gets rid of oppenents monster
-could be like a mini raigeki
-wins games, when your oppenent has low LP and a face up monster.

- could waste deck space.....=/(yea right this card is to good)

Reasons for pros:
Well, the obvious reason is it could save you in a tight situation. Like if your oppenent has one monster and it is about to win your oppenent the game, you pull this thing and destroy the monster. Now of course you are going to have to hope that they don't pull another monster, but that I guess is the luck aspect of this game... Also it could be like a mini raigeki, if they only have one monster face up, then this card could really help. And finally if your oppenent has only one monster, and it happens to be face up, then you could always fissure it and win the game...

Reasons for cons:
Well there really aren't any cons for this card, except if you really need space, although I think you can find the room, because this card imo is a must right now in every deck...

Swords of revealing light with this card is just mean, you flip there mon over, and then destroy it and attack their life points. Very nice, combo. Thats about all I see for now, although I am horrible at finding combos, so I am sure there are more with this card...

Toon(pun intended) in next time for the next cotd...


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