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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Magician

Attack - 2500
Defense - 2100
Rarity - Ultra Rare
Type - Monster, Spellcaster
Card Number - 46986414
Average Rating - 2.83/5

Date Reviewed - April 16th, 2002

TrunkstheSwordsman Dark Magician - LOB

Hmm at first glance he looks pretty awesome. He has 2500 ATK and 2100 DEF and it takes 2 tributes to summon him. But after glancing at him hes not all hes cracked up to be. Summoned skull has the same ATK and he comes out for 1 tribute which is better than 2 obviously. So right now Dark Magician isnt all that great. Maybe when new sets come out he will be really usable.

Rating 1.5

Yugiohmaster8 rating:4

As we all know dark magician is capable of destroying a blue eyes white dragon and any other monster in the lobewd set.  This is done simply by playing yami (feild) and attach swords of dark destruction to dark magician.  If by a chance you do not want your aponent to pull of a berrior for its bewd play a lord of D.  This prevents all magic/ trap/ and monster effect cards from affecting hem.  Though for it self I do not like it as much as Summond Skull (2500/1200), I would rather pay one less tribute and have the lower defense. 



Dark Magician, the strongest Spellcaster in our environment! Let’s look a bit closer, no? Hmmm, 2500 attack power… Where have I seen this before? Ahh, yes, Summoned Skull, that was it. Two tribute summon for the same attack power you can get for just one? Bleh. If ya do run this bad boy, do yourself a favor and get the Legend of Blue-Eyes, White Dragon boosters. That one doesn’t look like a retard holding his head. =/

Anyway, back to the review. You can easily pump him up using Equip magic to surpass the mighty Blue-Eyes, White Dragon. Even two basic Equips, 2 Book of Secret Arts, will give him just enough to take out a BEWD. You can also add Sword of Dark Destruction to pump him up faster. Yami is his field and Spellcasters and Fiends, the Yami’s benefactors, are among the strongest in the game, with powerhouses like La Jinn the Mystic Genie and Neo the Magic Swordsman. If you are going to base your deck around a card, this is the card to do it on.

Rating: 2.5/5 – If you really want a two tribute summon at 2500 ATK, he’s your man. Otherwise, trade ‘em for some nice cards like La Jinn and Raigeki if ya can.


"Dark Magician!  Black Magic Attack!"

If you watch the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series airing on the kids WB, you would know that the Dark Magician is Yugi's signature card other than Exodia.  Despite its reputation, Dark Magician seriously lacks charisma on the field.  There are 5 different level 7+ monsters in the current gaming format.  The Red Eyes Black Dragon and Gaia the Fierce Knight cards are both weaker in stature to Dark Magician, yet Tri-Horned Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon both have higher atk ratings.  In the current metagame, even with an attachment, Dark Magician falls short of the power of a Blue Eyes.  Dark Magician does have its benefits including the use of Soul Exchange to bring it into play and destroy one of your opponent's monsters as tribute and a high level monster almost always makes good for monster reborn, but then again, all level 7+ monsters have these combos.

Also, let us not forget that Dark Magician requires 2 tribute monsters sacrificed to bring in onto the play unless special summoned. Summoned Skull, a card with the exact same ATK rating has a star level of 6 meaning it only requires a single tribute!

Why bother playing Dark Magician when you could just as easily use Blue Eyes in its place? With Blue Eyes, you don't need to worry about using attachment magic. It is true that people use Dragon Capture Jar, but don't let that discourage you, because most people either play dragons or keep it safe in their side decks.  Chances are, your opponent would rather Monster Reborn your dragon.

Despite Dark Magician's mediocre stats, I'd suggest saving them for later sets, because certain magic cards will only work while Dark Magician is in play.

Casual- 3.5/5
Tourney- 3.5/5

gK Crusader Rating - 1.5

Dark Magician seems good...until you look at ALL the cards in the set. The 2500 attack power is good...the 2100 defense is good...but, the 2 tributes aren't. Summoned Skull has the same attack power for one tribute, so that takes out Dark Magician in mostly every deck.

Dr ZaPPeR Hey all, once again it is DrZaPPeR with another coo cotd....
The card we are going to review today is....

Dark(Black) Magician:

Causual play 4
Tourney play 3.5

-high attack, although summoned skull is still better
-high defense
-Should have some really nice combos in the future

-lvl 7
-two tributes
-like any monster traphole, MEB,Raigeki, dark hole, any sort of removal screws this card.

Reasons for pros:
Well, although summoned skull, is still better then this card, dark magician still has the 3rd highest attack in the game so far. bewd has the highest, and gia the dragon champion has a 2600 attack. So I guess, thats definitly a pro. It also has high defense. 2100 defense is very nice, although I don't know why you'd put it in defense mode if you got it out. The final pro to this card is the fact, that in the future I think it will have some very nice combos out for it. I mean BMG(Black magician girl) is a good combo with it. Also there are some magic cards that are pretty good with it, and help it become better. So I mean in the future I think this card will become better.

Reasons for cons:
Well, this is pretty standard, for any monster. The standard monster cons. It is weak to all the removal cards in the game. Also it is a lvl 7 meaning that there are 2 tributes in order to summon it. Otherwise IF using a special summon.

Combos: well besides using cards like change of heart and soul exchange to get it out faster there arent any combos with this card until later sets...

This has been another day of cotd goo bye and dont let the door hit you on the way out ;)


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