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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day
[No picture available]

Aqua Madoor

Attack - 1200
Defense - 2000
Rarity - Rare
Type - Monster, Spellcaster
Card Number 85639257
Average Rating - 2.6875/5

Date Reviewed - April 15th, 2002

Yugiohmaster8 rating:2.0

If you do not want a giant soldier of stone in your deck this is the guy to choose.  Also if you have cards like yami, or book of secret arts in your deck then you should choose this.  That is if you need some defense in your deck.  I personally have one of these in my deck and no other mon with 2000 def. 

So for the most part I think this card is not very good.  It only fits in decks that are spelcaster, more then giant soldier of stone does (saing as aqua madoor is 1200/2000 and giant soldier of stone is 1300/2000).  Though its has a level of 4 and giant soldier of stones level is three....... 



Rating: 2/5 – Useful as a short staller in Dark Magician decks, but that’s about it.

Aqua Madoor, eh? Being a Spellcaster helps it a bunch due to its synergy with Dark Magician decks. He is powered up by all the basic components of a Dark Magician deck (Book of Secret Arts, Yami, etc.) so you can beef up his defenses more if you’d like. Having only 1200 ATK power makes him unable to do any real attacking, only direct damage building and possibly smacking a face-up Man Eater Bug around. He benefits from Castle Walls nicely as well. If you run him in your deck make sure you’ve got a monster ready for tributing in your hand, because you won’t want to leave him on the field for very long; 2000 defense is not as much as you’d think. La Jinn with Sword of Dark Destruction, Dark Energy, or Reinforcements and take him out. Actually, anything with Reinforcements could take him out. If your opponent enjoys Equip magics, a lowly Man-Eating Treasure Chest with two equips is enough. Now you have an empty field with a level four monster with 2200-2400 attack power. =/

Just do yourself a favor and use him as a last resort, mmmkay?

Rating: 2/5 – Useful as a short staller in Dark Magician decks, but that’s about it.

SSBakura Overall - 3.25
Casual- 3.5
Tourney- 3

Aqua Madoor combines the water of Aqua main-type and the magic of Spell Caster sub-type to create a defensive wonder. The best part of the card, its DEF, shuns La Jinn and company's atk points and being level 4 only makes it the more impressive. Reverse Summoning this card has many benefits because of its high defense and provides a workable way around trap holes.  When in reverse defense mode, an opponent will not know whether to expect a viscious Man-Eater Bug, Wall of Illusion, or perhaps a shoddy level 3 card with less than 1000 atk thus allowing an element of surprise and perhaps a turn or two to build up your strategy.  In reverse defense mode, this card also benefits from not being fissured or trap holed as mentioned previously.

Despite its high defense, the Aqua Madoor houses a very mediocre atk rating of 1200.  Don't expect to attack with it and get left unharmed.  Attacking with a low ATK monster can be devestating especially if an opponent pulls a monster reborn, and always expect something like that to occur.  When in face up ATK, this monster begs to be fissured off the playing field. Commonly used equipment and field magic help build this bad guy up on the contrary.  Currently Yami and Book of Secret Arts can increase both the attack and defense ratings of this monster whenever necessary.  There is a downside to using Yami, considering most players have several spell caster and fiend cards in their decks, so avoid ever placing Yami into decks in the current game format.

Compared to the other defense oriented monsters Aqua Madoor ranks highly because of its impressive atk.  The 800 ATK of Mystical Elf and Spirit of the Harp don't help them from Trap Hole because they are played face down and aren't going to attack anyhow, making Aqua Madoor all the more useful; however, Giant Soldier of Stone has 100 more ATK points and the same DEF plus it has one star level below Aqua Madoor.  If you don't intend to benefit from Yami or Book of Secret Arts, definately use Giant Soldier of Stone instead.

In short, Aqua Madoor has impressive statistics for a level four and can be used to stall for a turn or two as well as damage the opponent with its high def when reverse summoned.  It also provides back up ATK as well in those times of hurt.  Never the less, the card has its downsides as most cards do and can just as easily seal its fate by the way of Raigeki, Fissure, and the likes.

Random Burner Rating:  3.5/5
Quite a good card, fits well in the current environment of Dark decks.
      High Defense
      Low Attack
      Basically, high defense is never a bad thing.  Just sit it out there and watch as your opponent can't do much to get past it.  Only use Trap Holes on monsters capable on destroying it, then just let it sit.  Makes a nice little wall, doesn't it?
      Today, there are so many Dark decks, mostly Fiends, but Spellcasters also get a boost from Yami.  Therefore, if you have a Fiend deck, it makes a better choice than Giant Soldier of Stone.  If not, go with the Giant, 100 attack's still better than not.
      Low attack, oh well.  Makes it quite weak to Stop Defense.  They play Stop Defense then eat it like a Thanksgiving turkey.  Otherwise, it's quite hard to get through.  I'd say if you have a reason for defense, and you play some way of boosting a Spellcaster, use this.  If not, go with Giant Soldier of Stone


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