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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day
[No picture available]

Mysterious Puppeteer

Effect - When this card is face up (excluding Special Summon) on the field, its owner gets 500 more Life Points for every monster on the field.
Rarity - Common
Type - Monster/Effect
Card Number - 54098121
Average Rating - 3.4/5

Date Reviewed - April 10th, 2002

Dr ZaPPeR Hey ladies and gentlemen. Here is another spiffy cotD from DrZaPPeR84

Mysterious Puppeteer:
Overall 3
Tourney play 2.5
Casual play 3.5

-it can heal
-moderate defense
-Its an effect mon
-has one or 2 nice combos with it

-attack is crappy
-power can only be used once

Reasons for Pros:
Well, the power is really spiffy. At most you can heal 5000 Life points, Although I doubt that will happen. If it does, then hey! you used puppeteer to its fullest use...  Its defense isn't horrible, 1500 isnt that bad, but its not as good as all the big defenders of today. I love effect monsters, so thats always a plus. And finally it has some nice combos with it. Like Ultimate offerings with this, you get all the monsters you want and then you well use this to get back the LP that you discarded. Or this with raigeki. Low on LP? And your oppenent is about to win the game? Well, with this that doesnt happen quite so easily. Just use his power, and then raigeki.

Reasons for cons:
The attack is near crap status, if you use his attack you are just asking to well, die. Also the power can be only used once, so he is like one time, and I am all used up good bye. This card though is fun to play, and if you want to play a fun tribute deck with this card, then this card a long with the staples of decks are well nice.

Thats all, Until Next time...

Random Burner Rating: 3/5  
Quite an interesting effect, but the stats just make it not that great.
Pros:  Gain 500 LP for every monster on the field, not just yours.  Therefore if you need some LP, your opponent can help out.
Not a Flip Effect
Stats =/
Earth Main Type

      Since it benefits for each monster on the field, the best way to use this is when you have a full field.  I like the combination of this with Ultimate Offering.  Use Ultimate Offering to bring out a lot of monsters at 500 LP, then slap this down and gain 500 for each monster, and what your opponent has.  Gain LP and get out a lot of monsters at the same time, not bad...
      It's kind of nice that this isn't a flip effect.  You can play it from your hand in attack mode and use the effect.  You don't have to put it in defense and wait to activate the effect.  Kinda nifty, right? ;-)
      Even for a Level 4, 1000/1500, not great stats.  Then again, not many effects come with great stats.  If you're pulling the Ultimate Offering combo, play this down, use the effect, then sacrifice it.  That's the best way to get around this.
      Who plays Earth monsters?  No really good ones, so you can't really play an earth deck.  That just means no powering it up.  Oh well, so be it, just activate the effect and sacrifice it, as I've said.  It's a good card, but only use it if you have extra space, which isn't common if you try to keep it as close to 40 cards as possible.  I wouldn't use it unless you're somehow using up LP really fast, but that isn't anything to worry about in American, so I won't go into that.....
Tamer_Brad 4/5

Wow... really cool common card. Especially if you and your opponent have lots of monsters out. Kablamo! Lots of health back. Using your opponent's monsters against 'em! 

Combos: Monsters. Lots of monsters. Oh, and healing cards ^_^ Get lots and lots of health in one turn and dominate! W00t!


3.5/5 – Hey, no one can argue with lp right? This card is great in that respect. Otherwise…. =/

Mysterious Puppeteer… Wow… For every monster on the field you get 500 lp and for any others that enter you get 500 more. o_O It seems like Dian Keto has some competition for the curemaster status.

The Puppeteer works well in a stall deck, since the more lps you have, the harder it is to win. The nice thing about the Puppeteer, however, is the fact that it is NOT a flip! Thus, several combos come to mind… Monster Reborn to increase Puppeteer capacity, Last Will after you tribute a monster, Ultimate Offering to get more monsters out. In general, there should be around two monsters out at a time. That means 1500 lp for you, due to the Puppeteer itself. If players are more defensive, there could be four to six monsters out giving you 2500 to 3500 lp! A powerful card under the right circumstances.

How to stop the lp gain? Well, if you destroy it while it’s face down that might work… Not sure if Trap Hole would nullify the effects, but I’m guessing no. I suppose you can try Card Destruction, but you don’t really hit with it, you just hope to nail something good with it. You’ll just have to DEAL with the lps. Which should not be TOO hard since Puppeteer must be face up, meaning in attack mode from the hand, for its effects to work. Which means your opponent will take lp damage, if you have a 1000+atk monster WHICH YOU SHOULD! >=/

gK Crusader

Rating - 3.5/5

Puppeteer is a cool card...with 1500 defense, it can withstand a lot of attacks. And, you get +500 life points for every monster in play, which is a huge bonus! You could play this as your fifth monster, and your opponent has 3, and theres +4000 life points!

But, since Puppeteer only has 1000 attack points, if you put it in attack mode, odds are its dead. This card doesn't fit into every deck, but decks with Wall of Illusion, Man-Eater Bug and Hane-Hane, this card fits in to.


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