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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day
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The Flute of Summon Dragon

Effect - When this card is played and Lord of D. is face-up on the field, you may play up to two Dragon-Type cards from your hand as a Special Tribute.
Rarity - Super Rare
Type - Magic Card
Card Number - 43973174
Average Rating - 3.15/5

Date Reviewed - April 9th, 2002

Dr ZaPPeR Overall: 3.25
Tourney Play 2.8
Casual Play3.7

-You can summon 2 dragons for no tribute
-Trap hole can't effect the dragons you choose to summon.

-You need a minimum of 3 cards to play this card.
-It only has one combo, otherwise it is a waste of space.

Reasons for pros:
Well, instead of paying 4 tribute for those 2 BewD you now get them for free. We all know people like things that are free. Free is well god. Well enough on free, the point is you get a lot for little. I mean with 2 bewDs and a lord of D you do 7200 damage! Which is very insane. Also when you first put these cards into play, since they are a special summon, trap hole doesn't effect you which is really good, because trap hole is a must in any deck..

Reasons for cons:
Well, you need 3 cards to make this thing playable. Really only two, but including this one it is three. If you dont have atleast one Bewd one flute and one Lord, this card is well a piece of uselessness in your deck. Also this card only really has one combo. The lord of D with dragons. Thats all, there isn't really a lot to say about this card. Other then it gets your dragons out quicker, and for cheaper.

Well thats all for todays show folks, tune in next time to see what little billy has in store next time.=/

With this card you may be able to pull of one of the best, if not the best, combo that is in the bewd set.  I am sure in future sets there will be more uses for this card but there will probably also be many more ways to counter it.  The best dragon is of course bewd, and is a must with any deck that had this card in it. 

In any deck that contains this card I would recommend you have 2 in your deck, 3 if you have a rather dragon based deck.  Though there probably isn't very many dragon deck out there yet.

Best combo is with lord of D and 2 BEWD.  The cards explain them selves but you have to worry about lord of D getting taken out by trap hole.  Which would cause your intire plan to go up in smoke. The only cards I can think that help are monster reborn, and remove trap.   


Nice card when you have a Lord of Dragon out... that's about it. Er, not
really much to say about this...

Combos: Only Lord of D... I can't really think of much to say on this card.
You all know what it does... BEWD... that's about it =\
CGChewie 2.5/5 – Yea its good. But it relies too heavily on too many cards to be of efficient use.

Flute of Summoning Dragon. The next biggest staple in a Dragon deck. To begin with, you get two freebie Dragons from your hand, straight down to the field. Due to being from a magic card, they are also Specially Summoned, thus immune to Trap Hole. The best obvious time to use it is with two BEWD in your hand. ^_^

Given two free summons is powerful. So of course there’s a downside. And it’s a biggie, IMO. You need a blasted Lord of D. on your bench! >_< Yes, that little bugger comes back to haunt ya with his sub par stats. Well, there are ways around him. You could play him once you get the Flute on the field or in your hand with two Dragons. They’d keep him from play for the most part. But wait! Is that a Trap Hole? Yup, there goes your little ploy. Sigh… -_-

No doubt about it, it is a power card. But you need to save it for juuuust the right time or else… =/

gK Crusader Rating - 3/5

Flute of Summon Dragon is way better then Lord of D, for various reasons. This card can't bite you in the butt, and, you can use your opponents Lord of D to play this! You could have two Blue-Eyes out on the second turn of the game!

You could also play Flute to just to put some monsters out to protect your life points until you draw a card that you need, or go for the kill right away :D

The bad thing is...you need a Lord of D. out. If there isn't one out, this card is useless.


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