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Card Destruction


[Picture not available.]

Type - Magic Card
- Both players discard there hands and then draw as many cards as they discarded.
Rarity - Super Rare
Card Number - 72892473
Average Rating - 3.625

gK Crusader -

Rating - 4/5

Card Destruction is a really good card. You can use it to discard your hand if you have cards that are useless and draw 3-4 more that have 2-3 that you need!

If you play a Monster Reborn face-down, then use this to discard a card like Blue Eyes White Dragon, you can use Monster Reborn to get the Blue Eyes back free! In a stall deck, you could also use this card to draw his last cards.

Although you don't do any damage to your opponent, you can draw cards that do damage to your opponent!

Yugiohmaster8 -


Curently being the only way to beat an exodia deck untill another card comes along I recommend using this in most side decks.  This is also a card that will help you run your aponents out of cards to draw.   Its a really good way to use the best of a handthen get some new cards. 

card destruction and monster reborn (with a high powered mon) 

Play monster reborn face down, then play card destruction.  Flip your monster reborn over and get your high powered mon back from the gy, or your aponents if he/she had a better one.



CGChewie -

Overall - 4/5
Casual 3.5/5 – Slower and weaker decks make card drawing not as needed.
Tourny 4.5/5 – Faster decks makes this almost required. After Pot of Greed is restricted, this’ll be your major drawing source for a while.

Card Destruction. It can seriously make or break your game, depending on its use and how.

Discarding your hand to draw the same amount is decent. It gives the game some much needed draw power. It also takes out your opponent’s hand, which could be a good or bad thing. You see, you can keep Card Destruction until it benefits you the most- they have no choice and will never see it coming. This card will be the major card drawing after the Restriction list from Upperdeck comes out, as Pot of Greed will be restricted.

Combos will Card Destruction? Play a Monster Reborn face-down, then use it to send your Blue-Eyes, White Dragon to the graveyard and revive him, free of tributes and the fear of Trap Holes! Or the same could be done if you don’t play heavy monsters. Just use it on the opponent’s monster, if they discard any.

If you really did not want to give your opponent a card drawing edge, you could place it face down on the field and wait until he has no cards. Then, since he did not discard any, you alone receive the effects! This card is also good for that last “push” for the win by drawing that last key card.

But it could also be disastrous. Say, you Soul Exchange their monster, and get your Summoned Skull Trap Hole’d. Then, they play their newly drawn card- Monster Reborn. See how easily the tables are turned? Just be sure you’re ready for anything when you play this card.

DrZaPPeR -

Hey all here is drzapper, again with another CoTd...
Card Destruction:
Causual Play: 3.5 Tournament Play 3.5
-Its one of the few drawing cards in the game.
-It has some pretty nice combos in this game.
-It can disrupt your oppenent if they have good cards in their hand.
-Your oppenent gets to draw.
-Could help your oppenent.
-If you desperatly need draw, you could end up sacrificing some good cards.

Reasons for Pros: One of the reasons this card is so good, because tcg's run on draw power. Draw power=more options. So since Yugioh has so little draw power, this already is a decent card. Now, I know in future sets there will probably be more draw power, but this and pot of greed are the only two cards that can draw for you the whole game(so far) Also this card has some very broken combos. Like Monster reborn with this. Play down monster reborn face down, and then use card destruction. discard that BEWD or dark magician and then after you draw your cards you can use monster reborn to revive the BEWD. and start the beat down. Or you can revive just about anything, and trap hole can't stop the rampage ^_^ Also the final pro, to this card is that if you used a wall of illusion on a mon. and it happenend to be a BEWD then all you need to do is card destruction, and then if you had or gotten a monster reborn there comes that combo again :)

Reasons for cons: Well, again I rely on a pokemon anology, because well I am used to the pokemon cards. So yea this card is like a sabrina's gaze it helps you and your oppenent. This could give your oppenent cards like raigeki and Monster reborn. Cards that well just win games. Also if you draw this card and like need to draw cards this card could make you discard cards that you really need. And then that wouldnt be good either. Combos: Some combos for this, is Monster reborn with this. play down monster reborn on your field, and then use card destruction. Discard a huge monster, and bring it back from the grave via monster reborn. Also get the cards you need from your deck with card destruction. So its really a great deal. Thats the only main combo I really see from this. Monster reborn with this card... Tune In next time for my rate of the next cotd

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