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Pojo's Card of the Day

Summoned Skull

Level - 6
Attack - 2500
Defense - 1200
Rarity - Common
Type - Dark [Fiend]
Card Number - 70781052
Average Rating - 4.625

gK Crusader -

Rating - 5/5

Summoned Skull, imo, is the best monster card in the game. 2500 Attack for one sacrifice, thats just amazing.

You can get Summoned Skull out FIRST TURN if your opponent goes first! Change of Heart or Soul Exchange. 2500 damage, first turn is awesome! This card is WAY better then Dark Magician. You only have to discard 1 monster, and you have the same attack! And barely any monster will be able to keep up with Skull's attack, so its safe to leave it in Attack mode.

The only bad thing about Skull is that, if you play it flipped over, it barely has any defense. That, and cards like Fissure, Change of Heart, Raigeki etc can bite you right in the butt.


Rating: 4

This is the best one sacrafice card there is in the lobewd set by far.  All you need is a sword of dark destruction and yami to ko a bewd.  This is a easy first class card to get out.  One sacrafice and you have the same attack as a dark magician!!  Though I havn't seen any good combos for this card.  Best I can do is tell you to power it up with sword of Dark Destruction, and yami.  If you know of any good combos, e-mail me at

CGChewie -

Casual: 5/5 – He’ll probably be the fiercest thing you’ll meet on the board, easiest creature to play, and the hardest to remove.
Tourny: 5/5 – Yup, perfect score. He just fits too well into any deck, plus given the fact that 90% of decks today are Spellcasters/Fiends… o_O

Meet Summoned Skull. Boasting 2500 ATK, he is a 6 star Goliath. Coupled with the Dark aliment and Fiend status he makes a very dangerous addition to the Yugi deck.

Like I said, a Dark Fiend is half of the probably most used deck out there- Spellcasters and Fiends. This little bugger ties the Dark Magician for ATK power- a monster requiring TWO monsters for a tribute. He completely pwnz Gaia The Fierce Knight, another two monster summon with only 2300 ATK. Summoned Skull is simply pwnage in the current state.

If you add some magics to his power, you can even pump him beyond Blue Eyes White Dragon range! Add Dark Energy (+300 ATK/DEF), Yami (+200 ATK/DEF), and Sword of Dark Destruction (+400 ATK, -200 DEF) and you’ll have a 3400 powerhouse! You can add Reinforcements as well, should you wish to. Due to the fact that Yami and Sword of Dark Destruction can effect the Dark Magician, he has good synergy with him.

The biggest threat surrounding the Summoned Skull is availability. If there’s a monster on the field, you may be eating a 2500 attack! Of course we have the general ways of countering him- Trap Hole, Fissure, Dark Hole, and Raigeki. Those will probably be your best shots, because there are few monsters that have 2600 ATK and above. The easiest way is to simply remove him via magic.

DrZaPPeR -

Hey its Zapper again, lets look at another card from yugioh shall we? Here it is for your looking pleasure... Summoned Skull: Causual Play: 4.5/5 Tourney Play 4.5/5
Pros: Not a dragon ;)
2500 Attack
Only one tribute(great deal eh?)
So many cards to boost up its attack.
1200 Defense(why would you put it in defense mode anyways?)
Like any other monster trap holes, raigeki, Man eating bug, and your oppenent using it via monster reborn is always a con.
Reasons for Pros: Well, well, well this card is pretty nice. In future sets this will probably get shoveled out of the mix, but for right now its a great card. What makes it so great? Its the fact that the card for one tribute has the same attack power as a dark magician! Also like I said its not a dragon... I mean I think everyone that doesn't play a dragons deck plays dragon capture jar. Therefore dragon capture jar is useless against the summoned skull. And finally this card being a fiend/spellcaster has many options when it comes to powering its attack points up. Like yami and dark swords of destruction etc etc... Otherwise it is just another big beefy hitter even without using magic to power its attacks...
Reasons For Cons: Wow not very many cons here. Uh well the defense is pretty low.  Although I don't know why you would ever want to put summoned skull in defense mode. If you did you might as well just quit the game... Although there are exceptions to this. I just haven't found out what those exceptions are yet ;p Like all monsters this one is weak to raigeki, trap hole(unless monster reborn is used) Also man eating bug like to any monster is a problem... Those are really the only cons I see to this card spiffy eh? Combos: The only combo I really see with this card is to use card destruction, and then use monster reborn to get back the summoned skull, although I don't know why you'd wanna get back summoned skull when you can get back a dark magician or just something better. Well this CoTd was a bit shorter this time. I guess this card was well just cool. hm?  uh yea until the next card of the day.   Have a nice day :)


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