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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Level - 8
Attack - 3000
Defense - 2500
Rarity - Ultra Rare
Type - Light [Dragon]
Card Number - 89631139
Average Rating - 4.15

Date Reviewed - 4.1.02

gK Crusader -

Rating - 4.5/5

Blue Eyes is definitly ONE of the best monsters in the game. IMO, Summoned Skull is the best. BEWD you have to sacrifice two monsters for, and unless you use Change of Heart, Soul Exchange, Flute of Summoned Dragon or Monster Reborn, its hard to pay.

If you manage to get Blue Eyes out, the only monster that can stop it is Man Eater Bug. 3000 attack is awesome. 2500 defense is great, too. If you play a Raigeki before BEWD, its usually 3000+ damage straight to life points. If you use Flute of Summoned Dragon with Lord of D., and you play two BEWD, I would say 6000 ain't too shabby!

Some combo's with Blue Eyes are Card Destruction, Monster Reborn and take the Blue Eyes you just discarded and play it and there's no tribute involved! That and Flute of Summoned Dragon + Lord of D. to play two Blue Eyes, one Blue Eyes + Red Eyes, etc.

Tamer Brad -

Rating: 4 out of 5
This is a pretty good card, but you should never EVER rely on it for victory. It's one of those "if you get the chance" cards. However, if you can get it out, you can blow your opponent away.
Combos: You can abuse the hell out of this thing with the right combos. If BEWD is in someone's cemetery, use Monster Reborn and kablamo! Wipe out everything on the opposing side. Also, you can use Lord of Dragon and Flute of Dragon Summon to bring two of these things out and haul ass.


Rating: 4.5

This is a really nice card.  With the highest atk power in the game once you get this monster out you have a good chance at a win.  Though this card has its draw backs, you must sacrifice two monster to play it (unless special summoned), and there are many cards primaraly used for getting it of the field.  Such as dark hole, raigeki, change of hearts, ect. 

This is a great card to use in combos

Lord of D, Flute of summoning Dragon, and one/two bewd

For a first turn bewd play lord of D, combined with the flute of summoning dragon (allows you to play two dragon type monsters if lord of D is in play as a special summon).  Lord of D's effect is "All dragon type monsters are not effectd my magic cards, trap cards, or other effects while this card is face up on the feild".  This will save your bewd(s) from cards like dragon capture jar, Raigkei, change of hearts.  It will also save your dragons in hand from card destruction.

Card Destruction, bewd, and monster reborn

Use card destruction, then monster reborn to get your self a first turn bewd.

CGChewie -

Overall - 5/5 Casual: 5/5 Less preparation for big hitters makes it more powerful in general. Chances are get this bad boy out and pwnz everything.
Tourny: 5/5 Even with insta-kill magics and more wariness of the BEWD, heís still the best out there, if played to counter his major weakness (Jar), heís still the best.

Blue-Eyes, White DragonÖ The most powerful card by itself in the current environment. The only things that might be able to touch are Dark Magicians and Summoned Skulls, and even then it requires heavy Magic.

While a decent stand-alone card, it becomes a mighty force when coupled with synergy cards. Namely- Lord of D., The Flute of Summoning Dragon, Dragon Treasure, and Mountains. Those cards will either pump him up or get him out easier. Another more generic card De-Trap. Itíll be your main defense against Dragon Capture Jar, as Lord of D. is not what Iíd call stable. Soul Exchange and Ultimate Offering will make it easier to get your BEWD out. Just be wary of Trap Holes, Fissures, Dark Holes, and Raigekis because once your opponent sees youíve got a BEWD out, they know they must take it out ASAP.

The main problem is, however, is the real lack of dragons that go well with the BEWD. o_O Most of the worthwhile dragons are not four stars and generally just take up room. For this reason I suggest giving BEWD a support role in another deck form. Iíd play him as a powerful seven star monster, not as a deck basis, as the current card selection isnít kind towards non-Spellcasters/Fiends. =/

So now your opponent slaps a BEWD down with a smirk and kills your Summoned Skull after Change of Heart-ing you Dark Magician into attacking your OTHER Summoned Skull. Things look pretty bleak. How are you going to stop an unstoppable monster force like the BEWD? Heh, in Yu Gi Oh, it isnít all that hard at all. Trap Hole works before he even gets it out. Soul Exchange/Change of Heart and tributing it is a painful blow. Dark Hole and Raigeki should be used carefully. If it works, Fissure would be completely viable. Swords of Revealing Light can buy you some much needed time.

For monsters your choices are narrowed down. Man-eating Bug and Hane-Hane remove it from play. Wall of Illusion can also be used. As for actually attacking and killing the beast, a large combo is required. The most widely known and commonly used is as follows: Get a Summoned Skull and/or Dark Magician (2500). Play Yami for the field (2700). Add an Equip Magic like Book of Secret Arts or Dark Energy (3000) or Sword of Dark Destruction (3100) or all of them (3400). Volia! A BEWD killer! You can also use the Trap Reinforcements, but those only last one turn.

What does all this point to? Even the strongest monster in the game falls prey to strategy and magicÖ But so what!? Itís the strongest there is! Use and be happy! =D

DrZaPPeR -

Overall -2.75 Casual Play: 3/5 Tournament Play 2.5/5
Pros: 3000 Atk 2500 Def..
Trading for deck needs.
Can be summoned without Tribute
Its a dragon....=/
When tribute needs to be paid sacrificing two monsters can really hurt.
A lot of anti dragon (Cards like raigeki, and man eater bug can really hurt.)
Reasons for cons: Now, I know you all, are like why did he only rate Blue Eyes White Dragon a 2.5/5?! Well, the reason I don't really like this card is, because of mainly Dragon Capture Jar. And since there is only one set out so far in American. There isn't much anti of anything. The only real anti Dragon Capture Jar is, remove trap. Otherwise your Blue Eyes White Dragon is well screwed. Also cards like Raigeki, and trap hole(unless used with monster reborn/The Flue of summon dragons), Fissure.  Monster reborn with any of those is deadly. Also as all of you good yugioh people know you have to sacrifice two monsters to play it. And one more to add to the list is our favorite staple of every deck Man Eating Bug...
Reasons for Pros: The attack of this thing is crazy! 3000 o_O! Man that combined with Raigeki is one sick mon! Combined with Monster Reborn, and well you will have two monsters attacking your oppenent. Also, for all you pokemon players this card is the charizard of pokemon. Ooohh big scary dragon, doesn't that remind you of the zard? Although compared to Charizard this thing is pretty, well better.  Another good point is you can trade it for other cards you need to make your ultimate deck etc etc etc... And finally with lord of D and The flute of summoned dragons, right now it is the only monster that can be summoned without tribute(unless you use monster reborn)  You, like any other type of monster have equipment cards for your BEWD. That can raise attack and defense which could come in handy. Combos: The Most obvious Combo is The Flute of Summoned Dragons with Lord of D. If you are playing against it Raigeki with Monster reborn is another Obvious combo... What can I say this thing MIGHT be loaded with combos in the future, but for right now it is just a big monster ready to help possibly win you a duel. Well thats my spiffy review of Blues Eyes White Dragon tune in tomorrow for my next zainy adventure in dueling ;O


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