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January 14, 2010


I Frog you One Way


        Hey all.  I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded any new deck designs in a while.  But I’ve been busy with school and Christmas and stuff…and actually…why am I even explaining myself to you?  I don’t need an explanation.  I’m posting these designs for FREE and out of the goodness of my heart.  You should be down on your knees worshipping the very ground I walk upon…

            Okay maybe I took it a little too far there.  Sorry about that.  Anyways, my new design should leave your enemies very surprised.  Without further ado…


I Frog You One Way!

Total x40

Monsters x21

Swap Frog x3

Substitoad x3

Dupe Frog x2

Unifrog x2

Poison Draw Frog x3

Flip- Flop Frog 

Fishborg Blaster x2

Krebons x2


Spells x13

Lightning Vortex

Heavy Storm

Mystical Space Typhoon

Brain Control

Mind Control

Creature Swap

One for one

Pot of Avarice x2

Moray of Greed x2

Salvage x2

Traps x6

Threatening Roar x2

Limit reverse x2

Call of the Haunted

Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord


The Monsters

            Swap Frog is exactly what the Frogs needed!  It’s quite possibly one of the most important Frogs yet!  Not only is it a Foolish Burial, but it also helps to recycle your deck (an underlying theme for Frogs).  Plus, it allows you to gain extra Summons for Frogs.  Return your opponent’s monsters with Brain Control or Creature Swap and get another Frog.              Substitoad keeps this deck alive.  By tributing any monster you control, you can search out any Frog from your deck.  Frogs such as Dupe Frog, Swap Frog, and even Poison Draw Frog are great choices.  In fact, I’ve created a great draw engine using just Substitoad and Poison Draw Frog.  Substitoad tributes PDF and brings out PDF.  PDF then lets you draw.  Rinse and repeat.  Afterwards, you have just gotten a +3!!! 

            Dupe Frog can protect your other monsters and has great defense.  It’s the perfect stall card of the deck.  Also, when it finally goes down, you can search your grave or deck for a Frog (excluding a copy of Dupe Frog) and add it to your hand.

            Unifrog can keep your opponent’s back row at bay as well as attack your opponent directly.  It’s the perfect “bait” Frog as well.  If your opponent does not want to lose one of their precious Spells or Traps, they must destroy Unifrog or prevent it from attacking.  It can take a hit from Sakuretsu, Magic Cylinder, Dimensional Prison, or even Mirror Force.

            Poison Draw Frog is basically Synchro or tribute fodder.  End of story.

            Flip-Flop Frog can get rid of pesky Synchroes or just stop your opponent from swarming you.  If you’re lucky enough to have 2 or 3 Frogs on the field, you could (in theory) nuke your opponent’s entire field and then attack directly.

            Treeborn Frog… (-.-)

            Fishborg Blaster is one of the Tuners of the deck.  He may only be level 1, but he can be Special Summoned very easily in this deck.  You’ve got One for One, Limit Reverse, or its own effect!  Its effect is: if you control a level 3 or lower WATER monster, you can discard 1 card to Special Summon this card from your graveyard.  Because it’s level 1, you can also make odd level Synchroes easily.  The only downside to this monster is that ALL the monsters used for a Synchro Summon with him must be WATER.

            Krebons is the level 2 Tuner of the deck.  It protects itself. Bleh.

            Sangan searches for ANYTHING in this deck.  Perfect fodder for any of the Frogs’ effects!


The Spells

            Lightning Vortex…

            Heavy Storm…


            Brain Control is a very handy card for this deck.  Not only can you tune with the monster you grab, but you open up your opponent’s field while you’re at it.  Every duelist knows just how devastating this card can be.  This deck can also abuse your opponent’s monsters in other ways too.  Use either Swap Frog’s or Substitoad’s effect to get rid of the pesky card then get another frog for your trouble.

            Mind Control does the same thing as above.

            Creature Swap serves yet a third form of the above shenanigans.  Also, since the Frogs are all weak, switch one into ATK mode then force your opponent to give you a better monster.  I love to give them my PDF and then attack it.  Afterwards, I get to draw a card to make up for the -1 of Creature Swap.

            One for One is limited One for a reason and this deck just abuses its power.  There’s a whopping 6 cards that this card can bring out and all of them are key cards for the deck.  Odds are you will have at least one card in your hand or deck that you could use.  (I like how ironic One for One is.  Despite its name, it’s actually not a one for on in card advantage).

            Pot of Avarice is usually not a good card (as far as deck thinning goes) however, this deck speeds through its cards blindingly fast.  Believe it or not, I win more duels with this deck than I do with my Lightsworn deck (and the number of cards remaining in the deck after the win is fewer too!)  Anyways, PoA lets you return key Frogs to your deck to be searched out again.  It also generates more card advantage.

            Moray of Greed is tossed around between two destinies.  Some people believe this card isn’t that great.  They argue that the only reason you’d play this card would be to shuffle two “dead” cards from your hand into your deck in order to get you better cards.  They ask why you would have “Dead” cards in your deck anyways.  Other people say this is exactly what WATER decks needed.  I agree with the later.  I believe this is THE BEST draw card of the deck (aside from the Substitoad + PDF combo).  Usually you don’t need Frogs in hand.  You mostly want them in your deck.  I have been able to pull out the cards in need to finish the duel with just this card alone.   This card is definitely a must.

            Salvage is simply a +1.  It allows you to add fallen monsters to your hand very easily.  I love returning two used PDFs to my hand.  Then I “Moray of Greed” them into the deck.  Afterwards, I Substitoad them back out for even more drawing.  Like I said, this deck is blindingly fast.


The Traps

            Threatening Roar simply allows you some protection for your Frogs.  Plus it’s chainable (unlike Froggy Forcefield). 
            Limit Reverse let’s you bring back almost ANY monster in this deck.  Of course it can’t switch to DEF mode, but that’s not much of a problem.  You’re mostly going to tune with it anyways.

            Call of the Haunted…

            Aegis is the perfect protection for your Frogs.  It’s even better than Threatening Roar.  I love the fact that it’s chainable and that it prevents your Frogs from dying BY ANY MEANS.  Be careful, though.  Your Frogs can still be Removed from the field by other means, such as Compulse, Phoenix Wing, Dark End Dragon, Brain Control, etc.  It’s still a great card.


            Well there you have it.  Who knew that Frogs could be so devastatingly fast?  I sure didn’t until I put them together and stumbled upon the Substitoad + PDF combo.  Once I figured that out, I decided to put together a Frog deck that could put that card advantage to use.  If you see anything wrong with this deck or you just want to email me about some suggestions feel free.  My email is ilikepiewheeler@gmail.com for those of you who haven’t read my previous articles.  If you like this design, then check out my other Frog deck design.  It’s basically the same deck with a different goal.  Just remember, when you go for the kill, make sure you utter the following phrase, “I Frog You Now.”  Until next time, see ya!



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