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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


JUNE 2008

Deck Fix: Burn - Master of Shadows

Hello, everyone. Another deck fix for you. Sorry I took so long, but college orientation took a week from me. Doesn't help when you don't have your computer with you either. Oh well. I'm back now, and I have yet another deck fix, so here it is. First the message: 



--Monsters-- 19  --


3 Man-Eater Bug

3 Mine Golem

2 Raging Flame Sprite

2 Servant of Catabolism

2 Cannon Soldier

1 Princess of Tsurugi

1 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

1 Jinzo #7

1 Rapid-Fire Magician

1 Injection Fairy Lily

1 Old Vindictive Magician

1 Des Koala


--Spells-- 15 --


3 Poison of the Old Man

3 Tremendous Fire

2 Ookazi

2 Black Pendant

2 Mask of the Accursed

1 Level Limit - Area B

1 Swords of Revealing Light

1 Dark Room of Nightmare


--Traps-- 8 --


3 Just Desserts

2 Nightmare Wheel

1 Robbin' Goblin

1 Robbin' Zombie

1 Gravity Bind


I normally just play at local tournaments that are in Advanced Format and this deck runs ok, but im looking to improve my game. With this deck i usually let my opponent attack my cards which usually end up hurting his life points and then using cards like Servant of Catabolism with Robbin' Goblin to force him to discard some of his cards. Also i would use cards like Level Limit - Area B to stop his monsters. I would defiantly appreciate any help to improve this deck. Thanks


A Burn deck. I like those, especially since one of my favorite decks (not to mention my longest standing) is a Burn deck. (If you saw my deck fix last week, you know what I'm talking about.) Things seem to be a bit sloppy and busy in my opinion, so you know what time it is. It's time to put things up on the chopping block:


Cards on the chopping block:


- 3 Man-Eater Bug

- 2 Mine Golem

- 2 Servant of Catabolism

- 2 Cannon Soldier

- 1 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

- 1 Jinzo #7

- 1 Rapid-Fire Magician

- 1 Old Vindictive Magician

- 2 Black Pendant

- 2 Ookazi

- 2 Mask of the Accursed

- 1 Dark Room of Nightmare

- 2 Nightmare Wheel

- 1 Robbin' Goblin

- 1 Robbin' Zombie


I cut 24 cards, leaving just 18 cards left in the deck. Most of the cards I cut were the direct attackers who are too easily run over by many of the opponent's cards, most notably Sangan and Snipe Hunter (who'll destroy whatever's in the way and run over whatever's not). Then you have numerous other cards unique to certain themes. The monster destruction goes against your use of Just Desserts. The Equip cards are a bit too slow for us and don't exactly work too well for us here. Nightmare Wheel will be replaced by something else as will our two Robbin' cards. Ookazi will have a better replacement. Now to add a few things....


Cards to add:


+ 2 Stealth Bird / Fire Trooper

+ 1 Sangan

+ 2 Des Lacooda

+ 1 Marshmallon

+ 1 Des Koala

+ 2 Messenger of Peace

+ 3 Wave-Motion Cannon

+ 1 Magic Cylinder

+ 1 Ceasefire

+ 2 Secret Barrel

+ 3 Solemn Judgment

+ 3 Dark Bribe

+ 2 Threatening Roar


I added 24 cards bringing you back up to 42. Contrary to popular belief, Burn decks don't require the same monster counts as other decks (18-22 monsters). Burn decks actually need lower counts ranging from as low as 6 to as high as 15. Now to explain some choices.


Marshmallon is a must in a Burn deck for the stalling ability. The Burn is a bonus. Spirit Reaper and Arcana Force 0 - The Fool are acceptable substitutes. (Gellenduo not so much because of your Tremendous Fire and that you more than likely will take a bit of damage.) Des Koala to add to the Burn. Sangan to search out whatever. Des Lacooda to draw out whatever. Messenger of Peace as added stall. Wave-Motion Cannon for bigger Burn. Magic Cylinder, Ceasefire, and Secret Barrel for more Burn so that you should be drawing your Burn cards pretty often. Solemn Judgment and Dark Bribe to protect your stall cards and Wave-Motion Cannon. Threatening Roar for temporary stall.


Now to explain Stealth Bird and Fire Trooper, something I addressed in the deck fix of my personal favorite deck. You can use either one. Stealth Bird can Burn more than once while Fire Trooper only Burns once. Fire Trooper, provided the summon isn't negated, guarantees the 1000 points of damage. Stealth Bird, on the other hand, must be set first (or otherwise somewhere on the field) and must survive until your turn, giving your opponent time to get rid of it. Even if they can't get to it through battle, they have several monster effects that can handle it such as Exiled Force and Snipe Hunter, both of which are readily available, and once you flip Stealth Bird the first time, the surprise is gone. Of course, if you can either protect it or draw them away from it with something like Des Lacooda (so they have to choose between losing 1000 or letting you have another card to Burn them with, forcing them to choose the lesser of two evils), then your Stealth Bird (or Des Lacooda) should be safe. With so much instant Burn here, I'd probably go with Fire Trooper, especially since you don't have too much stall here to keep Stealth Bird around, but any combination of them (with a total of 2 between them) will work.


Well, that's all I have for now. Oddly enough, Burn decks are one of the few decks I actually specialize in (save Skill Drain Burn of all forms - I'm new to that one). I left in 1 Mine Golem and the Princess of Tsurugi because those cards, while they're inferior to other Burn cards (and I know some of the cards in my Burn deck are), can be the little piece of the deck that makes this deck solely the original builder's, one of the reasons I left Pikeru and Curran in mine - they make the deck mine. Okay, I'm off topic, but who cares?


Comments, suggestions, etc. can be sent to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com


Until next time....


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