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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


JUNE 2008

Deck Fix: Batterymen - Master of Shadows

Pojoers, I'm sure you saw this coming. It's Master of Shadows with *gasp* another deck fix for you. Surprised? I should hope not. You know the drill. First, the message: 


My name is James Wilcox, and I've been working on my batteryman deck for a few weeks now. What I'm pretty much trying to accomplish is to win some locals. I've never entered with this deck before, and I've entered ONE tournament with my macro deck, (I came top 8, but lost 2-1 to Dark Armed Dragon....twice, once in round robin and once in elimination) 

Anyway, here it is: 

[The Creator of Batterymen] 

Monsters: [19] 

3 Batteryman AA

3 Batteryman Micro-cell

3 Batteryman Charger

2 Batteryman D  

2 Batteryman Industrial Strength

2 The Creator

2 Cyber Dragon

1 Guardian of Order

1 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress


Spells: [18] 

3 Battery Charger

3 Short Circuit

2 Card of Safe Return

2 Inferno Reckless Summon

2 Trade-In

2 Hand Destruction

1 Premature Burial

1 Monster Reborn

1 Heavy Storm

1 Card Destruction  

Traps: [3] 

3 Threatening Roar  

Total: [40] 

So basically what I've been trying to go for with this deck is consistency. Most are saying this is what Batterymen decks lack, and so here I am trying to prove them wrong. I'd like to leave 2 Batteryman D in order to have something to special summon with Charger/ Microcell after all the AA's are in the graveyard or on the field. The Guardian of Order I only have one of, so leaving it at one is preferable. Since I have 2 Cards of Safe Return it works well with all my return from the graveyard cards, including The Creator, which isn't that hard to bring out, and Lyla to dump cards into the graveyard. Lyla is also here just incase I need to use inferno reckless summon but am afraid of Solemn Judgment or something. Threatening roar is also for consistency, as well as countering Gladiator Beasts. Trade-In, Hand destruction, Card destruction are all for drawing, and dumping monsters into the graveyard. 

Anyway, if you have any comments or suggestions that would be awesome. I'm also looking to make a decent side deck. Cards I was thinking of adding are electric virus for d.a.d, as well as D.D. Crow (I only have one crow). Macro maybe Mystical Space Typhoon and a couple dust tornados. Lightsworn, maybe soul release, and Gladiator Beasts I have the threatening roars but maybe Swords of revealing light? 

Batteries, huh? I like that. We want things as fast as possible, and from the looks of it, it looks like you're trying to blow through your deck as fast as possible, maybe looking for an OTK, ready with a backup plan just in case it fails. Someone's been planning ahead. Anyways, I'm going to do what I can. As much as I hate getting hit with Short Circuit (and as many times as I have been hit with Short Ciruit), I think I know just how we can fix this. 

Cards I'd cut: 

- 2 Batteryman D

- 1 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

- 2 The Creator

- 2 Card of Safe Return 

I cut 7 cards. That may be a good thing, it may not be. We'll see. The D's were cut because you should be worried about having targets after everything's said and done. By the time you get to the point where you're out of other targets for Micro-Cell or Charger, you either a) should've won already by Short Circuit or b) lost already by Dark Armed Dragon, Judgment Dragon, etc. Lyla left because, even though she can clear out a bothersome Spell / Trap, her milling effect could rob us of valuable revival and Short Circuit cards. (I can't tell you how many times I've milled Monster Reborn and Return from the Different Dimension with a Lightsworn effect or removed one with Dimensional Alchemist. It cuts deep.) The Creator had to go in favor of something else that'll help things along should they get messy. Card of Safe Return also had to leave just to make space for a few other things. It's a nice side deck option, though. 

Cards I'd add: 

+ 2 Batteryman Industrial Strength

+ 2 The Calculator

+ 3 Solemn Judgment / Dark Bribe 

I added 7, bringing you right back to where you started. Batteryman Industrial Strength, as well as being easier to summon than The Creator, can serve as a better back up plan in case your OTK fails as it can, almost in the same manner as Dark Armed Dragon, blow up your opponent's field at the cost of an in-Graveyard Thunder monster. The Calculator will help here because of the massive swarming you'll do. The Calculator's attack will shoot through the roof because of it. Solemn Judgment / Dark Bribe is here to stop anything that'll prevent your OTK from going off, like another Solemn Judgment or Dark Bribe. The cost should be irrelevant because we plan on winning the turn we use it. You could also use it to stop anything that would threaten you and your next turn's existence. 

That's about all I have. Everything seemed pretty tight to begin with. If you wanted, you could add a Return from the Different Dimension to go with the Batteryman Industrial Strength as you would be removing enough cards for it, but it's better suited for the side deck since that's not our main win condition. Good luck with it. I hope this helped. 

That's all I have for now. Again. Comments, deck fixes, suggestions, etc. can be sent to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com 

Until next time....


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