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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


JULY 2008

Deck Fix: Doom by Daedalus - Master of Shadows


Hello, Pojoers. Master of Shadows has a surprise for you. Drumroll, please. [drum rolls across the screen] Close enough. I have...another deck fix for you! Aren't you excited?

....Guess not. Let me fix this before I run out of corny jokes.

hi Master of Shadows.
I run a water deck that utilizes ocean dragon lord - neo daedalus and levia dragon - daedalus effects.

i have been playin with it for some time but need something to make it a bit more interesting. I started it with the fury from the deep structure deck then started making my own additions to it. I do run some banned cards in there for the small reason that i play only for fun with my friends...Living in England there are very few reigonal tournaments...anyway...heres the deck...do what u can to it please. A lot of your other deck fixes are very good i thought.
Ocean dragon lord - Neo Daedalus
Levia Dragon - Daedalus
Tribe infecting virus
Terrorking salmon x 2
Sea serpent warrior of darkness x 2
Witch of the black forest
Crystal beast emerald tortoise
Familiar Possessed - Eria
Gladator Beast Andal (Just like the card)
Mermaid Knight
Mobius the frost monarch
Nightmare Penguin
Man-Eater Bug
Aqua spirit
Magician of faith
Spells: 17
A legendary ocean x 3
Big Wave small wave
Monster Reborn
Heavy storm
Mystical space typhoon
Snatch steal
Dark hole
lightning vortex
Hammer shot
pot of greed
Nobleman of crossout
Magical mallet
Traps: 8
Ordeal of a traveler
Call of the haunted
Gravity Bind
Torrential tribute
Trap hole x 2
Sakuretsu armor
i know already that i need more monsters and less spells...i just dont know exactly what i need....so thnx for the help :D

A Water deck. I see a lot of problems with this deck, but that's what I'm here for. [pulls out rocket launcher] Time to blow these problems out of the water....


Cards to drown:

- 1 Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus

- 1 Tribe-Infecting Virus (banned)

- 2 Terrorking Salmon

- 2 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness

- 1 Gladiator Beast Andal

- 1 Witch of the Black Forest (banned)

- 1 Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise

- 1 Familiar-Possessed - Eria

- 1 Man-Eater Bug

- 1 Magician of Faith (banned)

- 1 Snatch Steal (banned)

- 1 Dark Hole (banned)

- 1 Hammer Shot

- 1 Pot of Greed (banned)

- 1 Magical Mallet

- 1 Reload

- 1 Fissure

- 1 Ordeal of a Traveler

- 1 Michizure

- 1 Call of the Haunted (banned)

- 2 Trap Hole

- 1 Sakuretsu Armor

I cut 12 monsters, 7 Spells, and 6 Traps, a total of 25 cards from the 42 you had in here, leaving me with 23-25 cards left to add. A lot of the cards I cut were banned cards, but I have better ideas in mind for those spaces that don't involve the use of forbidden cards. A lot of the cards I cut, to keep things short (if I did an explanation for all the cards, I'd be here forever typing them and you'd be here forever reading them), were cut because they either slowed us down for forced the deck to be completely reliant on A Legendary Ocean. Also, many had better alternatives that were either less costly or more versatile. Let's add some things.

Cards to bring to the surface:

+ 2 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus

+ 3 Warrior of Atlantis

+ 1 Nightmare Penguin

+ 3 Mother Grizzly

+ 2 Unshaven Angler

+ 1 Aqua Spirit

+ 2 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3

+ 1 Mobius the Frost Monarch

+ 1 Brain Control

+ 1 Lightning Vortex

+ 2 Enemy Controller

+ 1 Premature Burial

+ 2 Bottomless Trap Hole

+ 2 Solemn Judgment / Dark Bribe / Divine Wrath / Magic Drain / Seven Tools of the Bandit

I added in 24 cards, bringing you to 41. That works. The extra Levia-Dragons are to help the deck get to Levia sooner as well as replace Ocean Dragon Lord (who can't be brought back, and by the time you get it to the field, both players shouldn't have too much left in hand anyway, so that extra part of its effect would be useless). Warrior of Atlantis searches out A Legendary Ocean while also being a beatstick of sorts. Mother Grizzly and Unshaven Angler serve as Tribute bait (with the former being able to search out the latter and other cards) to help get Levia to the field quickly. Nightmare Penguin to help clear out an opposing threat. Aqua Spirit for more Tribute bait. Mobius for added Spell / Trap removal. Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 to make use of that A Legendary Ocean while it's on the field before Levia hits.

Brain Control to take something to Tribute off (or attack with or just plain move out of the way). Lightning Vortex to clear out threats. Enemy Controller for protection and its endless versatility. Premature Burial as another way to get Tribute bait to the field (or a Levia back, though it would destroy itself with Premature Burial upon destroying the field). Bottomless Trap Hole as an alternative to Sakuretsu Armor and Michizure since those cards usually aren't around long enough when you really need them whereas Bottomless Trap Hole can be held until it's absolutely necessary. It's just a better alternative to Sakuretsu Armor. The Counter Traps are your choice. They serve to protect your combo and your cards.

Other cards you can add:

Hand Destruction - to run through your deck to get to Levia or whatever card you may need

Terraforming - in case you can't get Warrior of Atlantis

Dimensional Prison - a Sakuretsu Armor that removes the monster instead of destroying it

Shield Crush - more generic Nobleman of Crossout, can destroy any Defense position monster, not just face-down ones

Book of Moon - like Enemy Controller, it has many uses, but not as many as Enemy Controller here

Well, I did what I could. I pretty much transformed this deck into a "Get Levia-Dragon to the field as soon as possible so I can blow the field up as soon as possible" deck, which is what you're aiming to do. Once you blow the field up, your opponent will be left with a large 2600 attack monster that'll be difficult to deal with without the right cards in hand since the field won't help them (because you blew the field up). The best thing about it is that you could also do it again without warning. I've blown the field up 3 times in a single duel with Levia once. My opponent couldn't answer back with anything. It just goes to show you.

While I'm still talking about the numerous ways of getting the deck to go off, this would be a good time to stress the importance of having numerous ways to access your cards and numerous ways to thin your deck out to increase your chances of drawing said card. It's just like the mechanics behind the Gladiator Beast deck's use of Reinforcement of the Army (in multiples) for the 3 Elemental Hero Prisma that are in the deck (and the occasional Stratos). 2 cards with just 3 targets, but the targets are critical to the deck's combo and fluidity, so that warrants it. You want as many ways as possible to get to the cards you need without slowing your deck down. Various Monarch decks employ Gravekeeper's Spy to provide some Tribute bait as well as field presence and deck thinning. The same with the Apprentice Magician engine and various Toolbox decks that have near infinite access to their cards, whether they're in the deck or the Graveyard.

Short version: When building a deck, make sure you have numerous ways to get to what you need quickly. I usually keep that in mind while fixing decks. Okay, that's all I have. Excuse the rambling. Send all comments, etc. to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com

Until next time....






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