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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


JULY 2008

Deck Fix: OTK Exodia - Master of Shadows

Hello, Pojoers. Master of Shadows has yet another deck fix for you. Surprise, surprise. Let's get to it, why don't we?

Hi Master of Shadows, im KA and my deck is an OTK Exodia. I'm a competitive player, and ive decided to run exodia. I use cards such as Different Dimension Capsule and Generation Shift to help me with my Manticore of Darkness combo to get the otk. I know that this deck is missing something, and that's why i need help. I need this deck to be the best it can be. Also, I don't have mirror force (won't buy one), and currently only have one Emissary of the Afterlife. Also, please tell me how well this otk would work. Thanks for your help. 


x1 Left Leg Of The Forbidden One
x1 Right Leg Of The Forbidden One
x1 Right Arm Of The Forbidden One
x1 Left Arm Of The Forbidden One
x1 Exodia The Forbidden One
x3 Nimble Momonga
x1 Big Eye

x1 Emissary Of The Afterlife
x1 Sangan
x2 Manticore Of Darkness


x1 Dark Factory of Mass Production
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Card of Safe Return
x1 Foolish Burial
x1 Swords of Revealing Light
x1 Premature Burial
x1 Level Limit-Area B

x1 A Feather Of The Phoenix
Monster Reborn
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 The Dark Door
x1 Lightning Vortex
x1 Magical Mallet
x3 Different Dimension Capsule
x1 Scapegoat


x3 Reckless Greed
x2 Jar Of Greed
x2 Generation Shift
x1 Threatening Roar
x1 Gravity Bind
x1 Torrential Tribute

An Exodia deck. This may be a bit tough to work with, but it's not impossible. What you're trying to do is loop Manticore of Darkness with Card of Safe Return to draw out your whole deck for Exodia. Well, for that, we're going to need to plow through our deck as quickly as possible to get to those pieces, so let's see what I can do.

Cards to cut:

- 1 Big Eye

- 1 Emissary of the Afterlife

- 1 A Feather of the Phoenix

- 1 The Dark Door

- 1 Mystical Space Typhoon

- 1 Level Limit - Area B

- 3 Different Dimension Capsule

- 1 Scapegoat

- 1 Torrential Tribute

- 2 Generation Shift

- 1 Threatening Roar

- 1 Gravity Bind

- 2 Jar of Greed

I cut out 17 cards. Hmm. Big Eye does nothing for us except set up our next draws, and since we plan on drawing into everything, we don't need to know what we're going to draw next. Emissary of the Afterlife, while it makes it easy to access an Exodia piece, it needs to be sent from the field, and we don't have time for that. A Feather of the Phoenix will just recover something for us to draw next turn, and with the state of the game as it is, you might not have a next turn. The Dark Door, while a useful stall tactic, is not as useful as the others we do have, so that must go. Mystical Space Typhoon will be dropped because it's not really helping matters. Level Limit - Area B and Gravity Bind, while they're two of the best stall cards out there, we need room, and we don't plan on giving our opponent the opportunity to attack. Different Dimension Capsule is too easily foiled and waiting two turns is too long. While I like the thought behind Generation Shift (I like the card personally), this card would be better suited for the side deck, especially with what I want to do with this deck. Threatening Roar is just a one-turn solution, but we'll be trying to draw the whole deck, so we shouldn't need it. Jar of Greed because we need room for other drawing cards that we can use right away. Scapegoat because, while it also stalls for us, we need space for more drawing cards that'll allow us to either reach Exodia faster or our Manticore / Card of Safe Return combo faster. Torrential because we need the room, and monster destruction won't exactly help us much.

Now to add things in:

+ 3 Thunder Dragon

+ 3 Hand Destruction

+ 3 Dark World Dealings

+ 1 Card of Safe Return

+ 3 Upstart Goblin

+ 1 Foolish Burial

+ 3 Toon Table of Contents

I added in 17 cards, and they all explain themselves away. I pretty much added all the deck thinners in Spell form (since we can immediately play those) to help us get to Exodia or our combo much faster and thin our deck much quicker. The Thunder Dragons help to thin the deck and serve as disard bait for Hand Destruction or Dark World Dealings (which can also be used to discard Manticore of Darkness to trigger that effect). The extra Card of Safe Return to give us a better chance of drawing into it. Upstart Goblin to draw. The Life Points it gives the opponent won't matter. Foolish Burial to help dump Manticore of Darkness. Toon Table of Contents to thin the deck and serve as a bit of discard bait.

Other cards that could be dropped:

Nimble Momonga - while giving you something you could send for Manticore of Darkness, chances are that you'll probably have one in hand and one in the Graveyard by the end of the turn, but extra insurance is welcome.

Monster Reborn and Premature Burial - Revival here isn't necessary, but it is useful if you send both Manticores to the Graveyard one turn so you can revive one and send it for the other and loop it with Card of Safe Return to win by Exodia, so keep them.

Swords of Revealing Light - more stall. You can replace this with another Magical Mallet to shuffle back in cards you can't really use (or Exodia pieces so you don't lose them to Hand Destruction).

Sangan - While most see it as a necessity because it can search out Exodia pieces, it actually needs to be on the field for that. Replace with another Magical Mallet.

Dark Factory of Mass Production - while useful to recover discarded Exodia pieces, your opponent can just as easily chain D.D. Crow to remove one and screw you for the duel. It's a good thought, but it's risky. Use at your own risk.

Reckless Greed - good to draw things, bad for an OTK kind of thing. Best used with Makyura the Destructor, but Makyura is banned, so that wouldn't work out too well.

That's all I have for this. I'm not an expert on Exodia decks, but I do know what they attempt to accomplish, so I went with that. I hope this helped. Have fun with it.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. can be sent to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com

Until next time....


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