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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


JULY 2008


Deck Fix: Draw and Negate - Master of Shadows


Hello, all. Master of Shadows has yet another deck fix for you. I'm out of opening lines as you could probably tell 10 fixes ago, so let's get on this one. 

this is my first time writin here and my first time posting my deck       i want people to look and criticize so i can tweek it in any way to make it better

 42 cards

-20 Monsters:

1 dark magician of chaos

2 destiny hero dashers

2 dark nephthys

1 dark general freed

3 jinzo

2 newdoria

1 sangan

2 dekoichi the battlechanted locomotive

1 destiny hero disk commander

2 destiny hero fear mongers

2 mystic tomatoes

1 morphing jar


-11 Traps

2 escape from the dark dimension

2 dark bribe

2 solemn judgement

1 trap dustshoot

2 call of the earthbound

1 mirror force

1 torrential tribute


-11 Spells

3 allure of darkness

2 fires of doomsday

1 monster reborn

2 shield crush

1 premature burial

1 heavy storm

1 pot of avarice


the strategy is pretty much attack when you know its safe

-Jinzo to stop traps

-Dark freed to stop most spells

-Dark magician of chaos to get back a monster reborn or shield crush or whatever is needed at the time, an he's good at gettin rid of pesky germs an nimble momongas(sorry if spelled wrong)

- the dekoichi to help me get to what i need faster an if my opponent doesn't attack it flip it in my turn then sak it for jinzo or something else

-dasher obviously cuz i can special a monster when i draw it so i dont have to worry with sacrifice

-fear monger to get back my disk commander to draw 2 cards or if the commanders not there get dasher

-the 2 solemns an dark bribes pretty much stop big moves in their tracks like if my opponent brings out a big monster or a monarch solemn judgment or if they play lighting vortex dark bribe but they dont come without prices

-the allure of darkness and escape from the dark dimension are good together too like removing jinzo oor the dark magician with allur an getting them right bak with escape

-a card that i have been shaky about is call of the earthbound but then again me choosing the target of their attack isnt bad

-everything else pretty much stands for itself 

ok this has been a strategy of my deck......sorry if its not to good but like i said i want critics so tell what its all about 

Hmm. It's a Dark deck, I can see that much. It seems something of a spin on Perfect Circle, a very interesting spin. I can't say for sure, though, but I think I can figure out what this deck needs. 

Cards to cut: 

- 1 Jinzo

- 1 Morphing Jar

- 1 Allure of Darkness (limited to 2)

- 2 Fires of Doomsdsay

- 1 Shield Crush

- 1 Pot of Avarice

- 1 Escape from the Dark Dimension

- 2 Call of the Earthbound 

I cut 10 cards from this deck. Using 3 Jinzo will actually work against your deck with such a high Trap count. You would end up negating a quarter of your deck. You'd stop the opponent's cards, but you'd also stop the cards you can use to stop what your opponent throws at you. Morphing Jar doesn't really fit too well here with quite a bit of drawing cards (Allure, Disk Commander, Dekoichi). Fires of Doomsday is mostly for protection and Tribute bait, but you don't really need it because, with your monsters, you should almost always have something to Tribute and shouldn't really need protection. Shield Crush is a bit unnecessary at two since not too many decks (besides Monarchs and Gladiator Beasts every now and then) will play something in Defense mode - not enough to warrant two. You can get away with one, though. Pot of Avarice because you'll be removing quite a bit (Allure of Darkness, Dark Nephthys's effect to set up for something) so you won't have much of a Graveyard to work with. Escape from the Dark Dimension to make room for its bigger counterpart. Call of the Earthbound because it's just plain useless. (We'd much rather remove the target, anyway.) 

Cards to add: 

+ 1 Elemental Hero Stratos

+ 2 Enemy Controller

+ 2 Reinforcement of the Army

+ 1 Lightning Vortex

+ 1 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation

+ 1 Return from the Different Dimension

+ 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 

I added 10, bringing you back up to 42. Stratos to search for those other Destiny Heros, Enemy Controller for some battle protection and some other protective tricks (like preventing a Gyzarus drop, preventing a Test Tiger play, making it easier to take out Dark Armed Dragon next turn, etc.). Reinforcement of the Army to search out Stratos or a Destiny Hero. Lightning Vortex for some mass removal. D.D.R. as another way to bring out a removed monster but doing it immediately instead of waiting a turn with Escape from the Dark Dimension or its big brother, Return from the Different Dimension, which fits in just fine. Bottomless Trap Hole to remove a monster that may become a problem like Judgment Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, or Gladiatot Beast Gyzarus. 

Other cards you could add (and probably should): 

Caius the Shadow Monarch - Tribute for it, remove something - enough said 

Destiny Hero - Malicious - may be hard to get, but it would definitely fit in here 

Spirit Reaper - need I explain this one? 

Destiny Draw - use as many as you can, it's the best way to get Disk Commander in the Graveyard and get something out of it. 

That's about all I have for now. Send everything to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com

Until next time....



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