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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


September 2007


You've been looking for it: My Deck! - Mark

I bet that since I started writing those really good articles (the Innovation ones and up), you’ve all been trying to figure out what this genius Duels with, right? Look no further! I duel with what is almost definitely the best Water Deck there is! I call it Ultimate Aqua and I’ve gone 16 wins and only 2 losses, all in matches. One loss was against the best player in the whole state. That’s right – yours truly has lost before.

Anyway, when I say Water, what do you think about? A Legendary Ocean? Treeborn Frog? Levia-Dragon – Daedalus and Mobius the Frost Monarch? I think P-W-N. Not really, but you get the point.


The most obvious trick of the Water Deck is to use Gravity Bind in conjunction with A Legendary Ocean and let your LV 4 monsters attack, while the opponent’s can’t. The second one is to use A Legendary Ocean to summon level 5 monsters without a tribute. Most Water Decks focus entirely on one of those aspects, or just both. I’ve seen Deck Lists for those Decks. Every time I look at one of them I just can’t believe how bad they are. I believe I have the only good Water Deck out there, and once I get Mirror Force (Any day now!) it’ll pretty much be tier one.


So when am I gonna show you? NOT YET!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t you wait? Oh, and by the way, if you copy my Deck and we see each other someday: Run. Fast. I will not like you. This is so you can see what an excellent deck is like, right from the creator.


Also, here’s a Water Bounce Deck. GeneralZorpa made one. Go check it out. Keep in mind that it is absolute crap to me. Water Bounce Decks are just plain stupid -_-


Anywho, here’s my Jesus Deck. Just one thing: I never like giving out full Decks, much less my own, so this version is not made under the new ban list.


Ultimate Aqua – 40


Mother Grizzly   3

Warrior of Atlantis   3

Amphibious Bugroth MK-3   2

Hydrogeddon   2

Crystal Seer

Spirit Reaper


Gemini Summoner


Terroking Salmon

Neo Aqua Madoor

Levia-Dragon – Daedalus

The Legendary Fisherman



A Legendary Ocean (Never saw that coming!)   3

Brain Control   3

Swords of Revealing Light

Premature Burial

Lightning Vortex

Creature Swap

Mystical Space Typhoon

Heavy Storm

Level Limit – Area B

Enemy Controller


Snatch Steal



Torrential Tribute

Spell Shield Type-8

Gravity Bind

Call of the Haunted

Royal Decree


And now I will explain the role of each and every Card in this Deck.


Mother Grizzly can summon herself, Crystal Seer, Neo Aqua Madoor,  Amphibious Bugroth MK-3, Gemini Summoner, or Submarineroid. I can pick any one of these Cards to suit the situation.


Warrior of Atlantis becomes a massive level 3 Cyber Dragon with Ocean out. He’s also pretty powerful without it, and he can get it for me if I need it. Very important card.


My Bugroth is very deadly. With the big Ocean out, who hates 1700-Point direct attackers? My opponent! If I use Gravity Bind, I won’t be able to take out those huge monsters. But if my opponent can’t attack OR defend against something, you know I want it in my deck.


Hydrogeddon has good ATK, and easily combats the AME, Gadgets, and others. What’s not to like about new monsters?


Crystal Seer is just plain awesome.


Spirit Reaper is that extra defense for when I wanna go all out, or just need to block attacks.


Submarineroid is REALLY good and sneaky, and just like Bugroth, when the opponent is binded, this really applies the pressure.


Gemini Summoner can be fetched by both Salvage and Mother Grizzly, and survives a turn. And it’s Water. Niiiice.....


The Legendary Fisherman works great with The Ocean and dodges not only the Level Limit, but Brain Control, Smashing, Lightning Vortex, you name it. He won me a few Duels.


Levia-Dragon – Daedalus. Do I really have to explain it?


When Mother Grizzly dies, I can keep on summoning more of her. Once they’re out of attacks, I’ll summon Neo Aqua Madoor. He may be a Normal Monster at Level 6, but once my turn comes around, I’ll switch into his massive 3000 DEF! And I can still attack with him and Tribute Summon him.


Terroking Salmon is level 5. Can you guess why I have him in here?


And Jinzo was not splashed in. He, along with the Decree and low amount of trap cards, will let this deck switch from Conservative to Aggro in a single turn! Plus, sometimes I’ll want Gravity Bind and Call of the Haunted to be deactivated!



OK, A Legendary Ocean is just too obvious.


The triple Brain Controls allow me to make more tributes for the large amount of Tribute Monsters in this Deck. Plus, I can even take them to get rid of all their monsters and go for game.


Swords of Revealing Light is to reveal what the opponent is hiding and put them under even MORE pressure while I snipe them with my Subroid and Bugroth!


Premature Burial, MST, Heavy Storm, and Snatch Steal are staples.


When using Gravity Bind and Level Limit: Area B, the amount of monsters my opponent has will most likely increase. Most will be in face-up attack with Gravity Bind, or face up defense with Level Limit- Area B. With Lightning Vortex, I can take them all out, or just use it anytime I need to!


Creature Swap let’s me give them Mother Grizzly, Flip & Switch Crystal Seer, and anything else I need to swap to ensure victory!


Level Limit- Area B can either be used just for stalling, with the Ocean for slicing into Attack-Position position monsters. It is also a substitute for Gravity Bind.


This is a very cool Deck, because it can be prepared for any situation. Furthering the already-powerful versatile build of this Deck is Enemy Controller.


Salvage takes back Grizzlies, Crystal Seer, almost every monster in the Deck!


OK. I’m gonna stop there. You see, this is probably the most versatile Deck in history, because there is almost 0 conflict between cards, and there are so many combos everywhere. For instance, close your eyes and point at the Deck List above. Randomly select 2-4 Cards and I guarantee you will find combos that suit many different situations. The synergy of this Deck matches, if not outranks, that of Perfect Circle.

Most of you will think this Deck is aggro. Well, it isn’t.  I win most Duels with the best Cards I drew during that Duel... Still in my hand! I just limit my opponent’s moves. I never do more than I have to. This may sound stupid, but it works very well. Besides, this Deck’s only loss was against the best player in the state. To make things better,  every match it won was in just two Duels.

I can describe how the Deck plays, but the real strategy of Deck is so flexible it will be decided by what you draw, and will almost always work near-flawlessly.


And also, this Deck plays just like Water. It can adapt into anything you want it to. It will never overwhelm you, but just put enough pressure on you that you can’t get back up. If prompted, this deck can become heavy beatdown, like a huge storm out at sea. But it will often be the versatile synergy that wins Duels at a speedy pace.

And you can never fully get rid of it.


And now that you’ve seen my deck, don’t you want to netdeck it?



And that’s no lie!


I will accept deck fixes only during the day this article was posted, and I will only choose one. NO COOKIE CUTTER DECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! This including things like DDT, Destiny Hero Beatdown, and other decks like that. If it is your deck that you created without copying anyone, and you would like some help with it, send it to me, or any comments to destinyhero@verizon.net. However, if your name is Laurie and you’re a jerk, you can try, but you’re on my block list. I wish I could do everyone’s deck, but I just don’t have the time for it.


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