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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


September 2007

Some thoughts on the new restriction list. - Rob Gray

  Hey everyone! Been quite a while since I posted anything on here, I've been a bit busy, and also quite lazy, I must admit. I've recently started re-modelling my deck (again), because of some unfortunate mishaps during a tournament at a convention I went to this August (I'll be honest; I lost every game. Although, of the 8 games I played, I lost 6 of them purely because my opening hand contained no monsters, which is quite a defiance of probability considering that over half of my deck is composed of low-level monsters alone! I guess the gods didn't favour me that day... lol)

  Anyway, despite the fact that I lost before I actually managed to really test out anything in the deck, I still managed to glean a little information and some ideas from it, so I'm not too disheartened. With a little bit of re-vamping (which has now been mostly done, but might still have a little bit of tweaking), and less of the dire luck that I'm getting so used to of late (20 minutes of shuffling while waiting between games, and still I draw 4 Spells, a Trap and Kaiser Glider in my opening hand!!!), my deck should work a lot better! Sadly, I think it'll be a while before I get to test it... grr...

  Still, that's not what I'm here to talk about today. Nope, today, I intend to talk a bit about the new restriction list. So, let's get down to it!

  Newly added/re-added to the Forbidden list are Confiscation, Metamorphosis, Ring of Destruction and Snatch Steal. Not a lot to say here; if I'm brutally honest, I can see how Confiscation can be an incredibly useful card, but I don't think it really deserves an outright banning. But then, I've never really bothered using it...

  Metamorphosis is a fairly obvious one; there're now quite a lot of different fusions that can abuse this spell, many of which have ludicrous, game-altering effects that are only kept in check by their difficulty to summon. Making their summoning easier by allowing Metamorphosis defeats that purpose, and so off it goes. The banning of Ring of Destruction is also not entirely unexpected, as a great many OTKs are made possible by its inclusion in a deck.

  And Snatch Steal makes its return to the Forbidden list. To be honest, I'm not that convinced that this one needs banning, either, although I anticipate accusations of being a "n00b" for even daring to suggest this view. True, it has the potential to be game-changing, and the drawback isn't that much of a drawback considering you can just tribute off the monster it's equipped to, and completely bypass the drawback altogether. But, at the same time, it doesn't really take much to stop it; Dust Tornado or a set MST are sufficient for stopping it, among other cards, and that's without even bothering to look at Counter-Traps! Still, I've no reason to grumble about the banning of this card; even when it was unbanned, I never bothered with it for my decks anyway. It serves no justifiable purpose.

  Now, let's look at the Limited cards! There've been plenty of changes here, but two in particular that I really wanted to focus on: the return of Breaker and MoF! What an exciting event, surely there must be some mistake? This has got to make a massive change to the way the game's being played!

  Hmm, typing sarcasm is a little trickier than it seems. In actual fact, although I expect plenty of people to be frantically scrambling to cram their Magicians of Faith and Breakers back into their decks, to me it's not a big deal at all. I still remember when everyone used Magician of Faith as a matter of course, regardless what their deck was based around, and Breaker was thrown into a great many decks that really didn't need it. They're both great cards, but I think the last format was good in that it showed people that you can build a deck without them, and you can make decks work quite well without even considering including them! I used to have a Magician of Faith in my Dragon deck, to get my Spells back to me when I needed them. But, to be honest, she's not needed in it, certainly not in this incarnation of it! If I wanted to run Pot of Avarice, then yes, she'd have a purpose (namely near-perpetual recycling), but my deck should be good enough in its newly-remade form that I won't be relying on previously used spells to bail me out. In fact, she'd only really slow my deck down, as she loses her effect if searched for by Shining Angel's effect. I like her in a Spellcaster deck, or in a deck focussed around recycling and stalling (again, I'm thinking of Pot of Avarice here), but aside from that, I think people can make better use of their imagination when building a deck.

  As for Breaker, I found him to be an incredibly annoying opponent once; his effect made him strong enough to take on and equal the stronger of my low-level monsters, and able to take out anything else I summoned that wasn't of high level, and by removing the spell counter, it could take out one of the spells or traps I had on the field to defend myself. And, with Pitch-Black Power Stone and a reasonably strong Spellcaster deck behind it, it was a complete nightmare to get rid of! And then I rebuilt my deck to make it more balanced, and repeatedly trounced the Spellcasters into the ground after that. Breaker is a good card, but it isn't fantastic. There is reason for it to be limited, but it doesn't really deserve banning. Still, it'll never appear in my decks, and much like MoF, I think it's really suited to a Spellcaster deck; outside of that, it's not justified, regardless how good it is.

  Other cards in this section that drew my notice were Fissure, Smashing Ground, and Megamorph. I was surprised to not see Hammer Shot there as well, until I remembered that it affects your side of the field, too. Not certain that Fissure deserves this treatment (maybe semi-limitation, but this seems a tad extreme), but it is without doubt a useful card! The ability to destroy an opponent's monster with no cost is very nice, and since the card doesn't target (before you ask, I e-mailed Upperdeck on that one, and they said it doesn't target), it can get around things like King Dragun's protection! Shame it only hits the monster with the lowest Atk. Smashing Ground on the other hand hits the opponent's monster with the highest Def on the field. This can be quite beneficial, especially if the monster with the highest Def is also that with the highest Atk, but this isn't always the case, and to be honest, I'd rather get rid of my opponent's strongest attacking monster than the one with the highest defense in most cases. Still, a strong card, very valuable and effective in the right hands. And Megamorph, which is one of the best equip spells available, if not the best overall! No wonder it's limited now; not to mention the number of OTK opportunities it can provide!

  As for the semi-Limited list, I don't think there've been any really game-breaking moves here. Jinzo being made available in twos isn't going to hurt too much, because I don't see many deck lists being based around traps anyway, and Jinzo's no stronger than the majority of level 6 monsters out there at the moment. To be honest, I'm surprised more people aren't throwing Summoned Skulls into their decks; sure, they're vanillas, but they're just that little bit stronger than pretty much any monster you can expect to meet (in a game that's currently still full of Monarchs and the like, a 2500-hitter can throw a real spanner in the works, and if you build the deck right, it can make Ancient Rules an incredibly useful card)!

  Similarly to Jinzo, Royal Decree is now on the semi-Limited list. Not entirely a big deal, since, as I said, not many people really abuse trap cards, but that little bit of negation can be reassuring when you're about to throw everything together for a big strike, and the only thing you can see stopping you is one of the two face-down cards on the field...

  Nobleman of Crossout can now be used in twos. This could make a bit of difference, as people may be more reluctant to set monsters in defense position, but I honestly believe that the release of this card from its previous Limited status will do more good than harm for the game at present. Time will tell.

  Pot of Avarice... hmm, if I can get hold of another one, then there may be call to re-adjust my deck again. It's a good card, but I'd not recommend throwing it in the deck and hoping for the best; the requirement to have 5 monsters in the graveyard to use it is enough of a drawback to keep it balanced, although the right deck can abuse its recycling power. Still, at 1 it was easily countered and not especially effective, so making it able to run as a 2 is quite reasonable.

  And the Gadgets... to be honest, I don't really see this hurting them. It'll slow them down a tad, but I don't think anyone's really going to miss their third set of Gadgets.

  And now, the newly unrestricted cards! At last, Good Goblin Housekeeping can be run in threes! It probably doesn't make much difference to a lot of people, but one of the only things holding me back from running this in one of my decks was that I could only use two, and it's only really a good card when you use the third one. Now I can make use of that third copy, it may make an appearance in my Exodia deck, at the least!

  Deck Devastation Virus... well, it's a card I'm thinking of trying out in the odd deck, mainly because one of the toughest decks I've faced did its most damage using a monster of only 800 Atk! The match was getting close towards the end, but in the early game he'd got me in a total lock-down by constantly forcing my monsters back to my hand, and with Messenger of Peace on the field, I couldn't hit his monsters! Well, with Deck Devastation Virus, I wouldn't have to; I could sit back and watch for three turns as his most effective monsters went straight to the graveyard! And with two more copies of DDV, I can give a total of nine turns of evil punishment, without even needing to deal with his continuous spell card! That having been said, I don't run any Dark monsters with 2000+ Atk in that deck, and I don't intend to. And I certainly don't know a deck that could efficiently run enough of those monsters to casually throw 3 away to pay for DDV's effect. Which is probably why it's unrestricted; it doesn't deserve to be Limited, and keeping it semi-Limited is pretty much a meaningless exercise.

  I think I've covered enough regarding the current ban list, so I'll leave it there. I hope the comments I've made have been reasonably fair, please contact me at the e-mail address below if you have any views (although no flaming. Constructive criticisms and views are very much appreciated, but rudeness and personal attacks are not, and are most unnecessary. Thank you all for not sending any thus far). I intend to post my current deck up here soon, to get a few opinions, if nothing else, and there are also a few more ideas I have, and bugbears I feel I need to voice, regarding the state of the game, but I'll leave them for now, as I've waffled plenty in this message! lol

  Catch ya later!

    Rob (aka sephiroths_champ, and all the other usual stuff...)


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