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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


October 2007

Silence fix. Cheap to make, Hell to beat! (TwilightDuo)

Hello people how's it going? Good? I thought so.
 In my last post (Tips and Rants section) I gave an open invitation to any and all of you to send me your decks to let me tweak them up.  What i failed to mention is that i am going to do this without spending more than $50.00 / £30.00. You see, its easy for me or anyone else  to say something along the lines of    "Add 3 Cyberdragons, 3 Thunder Monarchs and a Crush Card Virus and you should be ok" 
So im going to make fix's based on the presumption that you don't have 30k just laying around.
  I got ALOT of email and I had to pick one deck from them to use for my first fix. After scanning threw some rather fantastic concepts i decided to make this the first of hopefully many fix's.
So lets get started.
"Dear John:
Hello from America!  Like you, I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh since it came out.  For me, that was my Junior year of High School.  Anyway, I took a break from the game when I ket running into the same cookie cutter decks piloted by people who just wanted to win.  It took the fun out of the game.  Well, I've been paying attention to the game and got back in about a year ago.  Unfortunately Gadgets, Monarchs and Demise run rampant.  With the new ban list though, the game has slowed down enough that I feel anyone can play with a decent deck and win.  So here I am, trying out some LV monsters that I like, and a combo of Spell Striker and Heart of Clear Water for a lock of sorts.  I was wondering what you think of this deck and if you could help me out with the R&D portion.
Light Strikers: 42 Cards

Monsters: 20

Spell Striker (3)
Armor Exe (2)
Silent Swordsman Lvl 3 (3)
Silent Swordsman Lvl 5 (2)
Silent Swordsman Lvl 7 (2)
Silent Magician Lvl 4 (3)
Silent Magician Lvl 8 (2)
Shining Angel (3)

Spells: 12

Heart of Clear Water (3)
Ring of Magnetism (3)
Reinforcement of the Army (2)
Mystical Space Typhoon (1)
Swords of Revealing Light (1)
Enemy Controller(2)

Traps: 10

Wall of Revealing Light (1)
Waboku (2)
Magic Cylinder (1)
Sakuretsu Armor (2)
Threatening Roar (2)
Enchanted Javelin (2)

Another interesting combo is Armour Exe with Silent Magician Lvl 4. The magician gets a spell counter when your opponent draws a card, and the Armour eats a counter to stay on the field.  If you could give me your opinion on this and any suggestions, I would appreciate it.  Thanks a lot.  Later days.
V.L. Sigma"
Ok, the first thing about this deck and what made this my first pick is that its build is stable and you don't have any Monarchs, Cyberdragons a treebornfrog or any of the cards that'll cost you $$$ to include. So i will stick to you style and not suggest cards that are going to cost you all that much to obtain. 
I'll keep em cheap as chips as we say here in England.
First i will start with the monsters. Although i do love that your using Armour Exe and Spell Striker you do need to make room for some powerful monsters like Breaker The Magical Warrior, Magician Of Faith, and in this case a DD warrior lady.
See these cards have all been released as commons in various starter decks and there not going to cost you much to pick up, be it to trade or to buy. And these 3 cards alone will rapidly increase the power of your deck! Another two monster i will suggest are a pair of Freed The Brave Wonder's. With the effect to destroy a stronger monster by removing to light type monster in your grave from play you will be destroying Monarch's and cybers with ease. Also with shining angles getting your Silent monsters you will have a quickly replenishing supply of destroyed light monsters in your grave, yes two freeds are a must.
The Spells need abit of work, but nothing to outrages. Thing is, with spell striker out those heart of clear waters ant going to be effective anymore, so they get the boot along with you ring of magnetism's as the don't FORCE your opponent to attack, making there use quite limited.
As replacements i suggest the following:
3x Level Up!. These 3 cards will quickly become your best friends. allowing you to skip the normal level up requirement of you silent monster giving you a massive attacker that is unaffected by spells. In a word, Nice!
1x Premature Burial
1x Heavystorm
1x Scapegoat
These 3 cards are duelling 101. They are all easy to find in starter decks and most of your friends will have plenty of them in there trade bins. Get them.
x2 Lightning vortex. These will not only take out opponents monsters in a flash but also give you a use for any Silent Swordsman LV 7's or Silent Magician LV 8's you have picked up. Once again this an another easy to obtain common in a starter deck.
The last card i will suggest isn't easy to find or that cheap, but it'll be worth it if you can get it. Dimension Fusion, a spell card that will let you summon all those light monsters you have removed from play with Freed, instant swarm at the cost of 2000 LP.
Now we move onto the traps.
As you have 9 monsters that have some immunity to spell card it would be a shame to let them get destroyed by attacking into a Sakuretsu Armour now wouldn't it? The solution? Two Royal Decrees, these baby's will shut down all traps on the filed and stop the activation of others. a double edged swords as it stops you from using your traps too. So as i have added 3 extra spell cards we can afford to lose some, infact lose 9 out of ten.
You see, i still need to add
1x Call Of The Haunted
1x Torrential Tribute
These are two more cards that are starter deck commons and that will increase the strength of your deck dramatically. And with you only having 5 traps now and mirror force costing way to much you 5th trap should be Sakuretsu Armour. With that done you have your final deck.
*New cards*
40 Cards

Monsters: 20

Silent Swordsman Lvl 3 (3)
Silent Swordsman Lvl 5 (2)
Silent Swordsman Lvl 7 (2)
Silent Magician Lvl 4 (3)
Silent Magician Lvl 8 (2)
Shining Angel (3)
*Freed The Brave (2)*
*DD Warrior Lady (1)*
*Breaker The Magical Warrior (1)*
*Magician Of Faith (1)*

Spells: 15

Reinforcement of the Army (2)
Mystical Space Typhoon (1)
Swords of Revealing Light (1)
Enemy Controller(2)
*Level Up! (3)*
*Lightning Vortex (2)*
*Heavy Storm (1)*
*Premature Burial (1)*
*Scapegoat (1)*
*Dimension Fusion (1)*

Traps: 5
Sakuretsu Armour (1)
*Call Of The Haunted (1)*
*Royal Decree (2)*
*Torentail Tribute (1)*

Well, there is your new deck!
All the updates should cost you less than $20 to get a hold of, and if you could trade a Dimension Fusion that would go down to like $10.
Hope you enjoy V.L. Sigma.


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