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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


October 2007

Zombies - Thoughts About Them and Exploring Through Their Weaknesses
(By: Master Tricks)
    Hey Pojo Yugioh Fan Readers, it's me Master Tricks again and I'm here to talk about my thoughts on Zombies, especially their weaknesses. Zombies have been a common yet killer deck since Tactical Evolution was releases in August, because of its ability to special summon and swarm out so ridiculously fast! I have created my own Zombie Deck with some ideas I borrowed from General Zorpa and other people I know around me. My first version didn't go so well when I played with it at a hobby league tournament because I lost against 2 people, who used a Beastdown Deck and a Chimeratech-Gadget deck (I hated that one a lot since he was able to pull out Future Fusion, Overload Fusion, and a Breaker the Magical Warrior all in one turn just on his second turn! I hate that OTK deck!), and only won against one guy who accidentally used the wrong deck, which was his Exodia Deck when he wanted to play with his E-Hero Big City Deck (I checked his E-Hero Deck and it could have beaten my deck for sure!). What I realized is that Giant Rats just slow the deck down, Injection Fairy Lily killed me hard with loss of massive life points and the fact that one of the guys brain controlled it against me(I only put it in the deck because of the Giant Rats), and mostly figured out that Lightning Vortex is a major weakness for this deck as well as machines, but barely anyone plays with machines today (except Gadget Decks). Since you can now use 3 copies of Lightning Vortex, players are using multiple copies of those now (I believe they will be limited to 1 copy in the future banned list hopefully!), and just when I had swarmed my field with Five deadly zombies and monsters, my opponents use Lightning Vortex on me many times and that just pisses me off REALLY much! Put yourself in my situation and you'll then feel how I feel; TERRIBLE!!! That's why I'm writing this article and decided to change the ordinary, defenseless Zombie Deck (No offense to people who uses it!) into an extraordinary Zombie Deck, prepared for almost anything that comes in the way, but lets first look at decks it is weak against:
  1. Macro Cosmos Deck - To play well against this deck and still use a Zombie Deck, the most important things is to prepare your sidedeck with cards that Macro Cosmos Deck is vulnerable to or stuff that disrupts its strategy. Cards include copies of Dust Tornados (These can also go in the main deck if wished so. Good Card to destroy Macro Cosmos and or Dimensional Fissure), Return From a Different Dimension, Pulling the Rugs (Stops Breaker and Monarchs), etc.
  2. A Good Chimeratech Machine Deck - Pack some Sakuretsu Armors, Bottomless Trap Holes, a Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, and maybe somes Newdorias (Only in sidedeck at most), to get rid of the big bad Chimeratech Overdragon. Also include some Magic Drains, Dust Tornados, and or maybe even Solemn Judgments to stop Future Fusion, Overload Fusion, and summoning of Chimeratech (Only with Solemn Judgment, Bottomless Trap Hole, Magic Cylinder maybe, Sakuretsu Armor, Widespread Ruin, Enemy Controllers, etc. can do this!)
  3. Aggressive Decks (Usually Contains 1 or more Lightning Vortex) - Anything aggressive or simply destroys many monsters, especially Gadget Decks, has probably a Lightning Vortex and mostly a Torrential Tribute. To stop these crazy killings and massacres of your zombies, prepare some Magic Drains, Solemn Judgments, Dark Bribe, Jinzo, Royal Decrees, and or My Body as a Shield to stop your opponent's monster removal cards (Doesn;t work on Newdorias, D.D. Warrior Lady, D.D. Assailants, or Night Assailant, but you could use Dark Ruler Ha Des to stop these monster effects)
  4. Green Baboon - This card is a major threat to Zombies with its boasting ATK of 2600 and can revive itself from your hand or the graveyard whenever a beast is destroyed with the cost of 1000 life points. To make sure Green Baboon doesn't come back, try using Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Snipe Hunter (Use its effect continuously until opponent cannot or decides not to revive its Green Baboon), Karma Cut, Dark Core, D.D. Warrior Lady, D.D Assailant, and rapid use of monster removal cards until opponent doesn't or can't revive the baboon anymore. Green Baboon is a deadly card with the Beastdown deck and might hit the banned list if it becomes to good.
With all this said about the weaknesses of Zombies, allow me introduce you to my version of the Zombie Deck with its Sidedeck as well, all modified to have a higher chance of winning against the decks it's vulnerable to.
Zombie Reanimation 2.0
Monsters - 24
1 x Il Blud
2 x Ryu Kokki
1 x Vampire Lord
3 x Zombie Master
3 x Pyramid Turtle
1 x Spirit Reaper
1 x Jinzo
2 x Raiza, the Storm Monarch
2 x Cyber Dragon
1 x Spell Striker
1 x Treeborn Frog
1 x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1 x Snipe Hunter
1 x Card Trooper
1 x Sangan
1 x Crystal Seer (You may substitute it for another Spell Striker if you wish)
1 x Magician of Faith
Spells - 15
3 x Book of Life
1 x Premature Burial
2 x Creature Swap
1 x Brain Control
1 x Soul Exchange
1 x Lightning Vortex (You may remove this from the deck if you wish, but it is good against other Zombie, Six Samurai, and other decks that swarm)
1 x Smashing Ground
1 x Fissure
1 x Shield Crush
1 x Nobleman of Crossout
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon
1 x Heavy Storm
Traps - 6
1 x Torrential Tribute
1 x Bottomless Trap Hole
1 x Sakuretsu Armor
1 x Deck Devastation Virus
1 x Magic Drain
1 x Call of the Haunted
Sidedeck - 15
1 x Des Wombat
1 x Dark Ruler Ha Des
1 x D.D. Warrior Lady
2 x D.D. Assailant
1 x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
2 x Apprentice Magician
1 x Old Vindictive Magician
2 x Card of Safe Return
2 x Dust Tornado
1 x Royal Decree
1 x Magic Drain or Solemn Judgment
The Card's Purpose
Il Blud and Zombie Master - Revives and Swarms out Zombies onto your field.
Jinzo - Negates your opponent's traps to make way for your zombies to attack!
Raiza, thr Storm Monarch - Gets rid of anything on the field puts it back onto the owner's deck. Really good card advantage. (Substitutions for Raiza since it is hard to find and is costly would be Mobius and Zaborg)
Spell Striker - Tribute Fodder and attacks your opponent's life points without worry since battle damage you would take from a battle involving it becomes 0.
Treeborn Frog - Card of Safe Return is not in the main deck is because of this card. Treeborn is tribute fodder for your monarchs, Jinzo, and such.
Snipe Hunter - Odd to be in Zombie Deck, but it can destroy things ridiculously for just the price of a useless or combo card to be discarded from hand to graveyard. It actually helps zombies with special summoning from the graveyard.
Card Trooper - Dumps cards into the graveyard and when destroyed, your get a free card.
Crystal Seer - You get to pick your free card from the top two cards of your deck and goes well with the Apprentice Magician Engine if you come across a Macro Cosmos Deck.
Deck Devastation Virus - This card is a big threat to decks with small monsters in it, including Burn, Tomato Control, Beastdown (If it involves around Giant Rats and Nimble Monongas), Exodia Decks especially, and like I said, decks with lots of small guys in it.
Magic Drain - Negates your opponent's spells or forces them to get rid of a hopefully good spell from their hand.
Sidedeck Cards' Purposes
Des Wombat - Sidedeck this card when playing against burn. This guy stops effect damage.
Dark Ruler Ha Des - Negates monster effects and a threat to searcher decks, such as Apprentice Magician Engine Monarch Control Decks, Beastdown, and Tomato Control.
D.D. Warrior Lady, D.D. Assailant, and Neo-Spacian Grand Mole - Removes big threats and monsters from the field.
Apprentice Magician and Old Vindictive Magician - Sidedeck these only when playing against Macro Cosmos Deck to still have field presence and fodder for your monsters until you get out a Heavy Storm, MST, or Breaker.
Card of Safe Return - If Treeborn Frog is not doing so well for you, sidedeck it in for these two copies of this card. It gives good hand control since this decks specialty is special summoning.
Dust Tornado - Sidedeck this if opponent plays Crystal Beasts or many spell and trap cards. It will destroy spell and traps for you.
Royal Decree - Sidedeck this if your opponent plays multiple traps in their deck. This card negates all traps for you.
Solemn Judgment - Negates anything, except the set of a monster, for the cost of half your life points.
Sorry this article is so long, but I want to improve Zombies with these new modifications I have made for it. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, decks for me to fix (I'm open to help anyone in the advanced format only) or just talk about something related to yugioh, contact me at pathoon@aol.com. No hate mail or anything against these suggestions, alright? I had one E-Mail which somewhat bashed yet fixed my idea on my other article. Thanks for reading guys! I appreciate it!
- Master Tricks :)

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