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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


November 2007


Deck Revolution!!! (By: Master Tricks)
    Hey guys, after typing my last article about my version of "Vicious Beasts" beastdown deck, my mind suddenly had burst with new killer deck ideas that just might change how we all play in our local tournaments and Regionals (Maybe even the Nationals and World Championships!). I called this article "Deck Revolution" is because the word "Revolution" means a period of change and new ideas just like the American Revolution and Industrial Revolution (Something to learn from Social Studies). Now, this type of revolution I'm speaking about is about my possibly favorite decks of all time since the new banned list in September. It was hard to find new really stable and efficient decks that can hold on its own and always provide a chance to win most of the time (Yes, we need to accept defeat sometimes, but for me, I can't because I always get defeated!). The first killer deck I have in mind is based in the new cards from the "Rise of the Dragon Lords" structure deck that was released not long ago. I mentioned earlier in one of my articles that I was thinking some ideas based around the "Rise of the Dragon Lords" deck and her it is:
Big Bad Dragon Lords (Reanimation, Baby!)
Monsters - 22
3 x Tyrant Dragon
3 x Darkblaze Dragon
1 x Light and Darkness Dragon
3 x Decoy Dragon
3 x Herald of Creation
2 x Cyber Dragon
1 x Twin-Headed Behemoth
1 x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1 x Snipe Hunter
1 x Treeborn Frog
1 x Marshmallon
1 x Morphing Jar
1 x Magician of Faith
Spells - 15
3 x Trade-In
3 x Foolish Burial
1 x Brain Control
1 x Premature Burial
1 x Heavy Storm
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon
1 x Nobleman of Crossout
1 x Shield Crush
2 x Dragon's Mirror
1 x Future Fusion
Traps - 6
1 x Call of the Haunted
1 x Torrential Tribute
1 x Bottomless Trap Hole
1 x Mirror Force (Still don't have it, but oh well)
2 x Malevolent Catastrophe (You can substitute these 2 copies with Royal Decree)
Fusion Deck - 2
2 x Five-Headed Dragon
Card's Purposes
Tyrant Dragon - It's a Level 8 dragon monster so you can use Trade-In on it if its in your hand. You can return it to your hand by Herald of Creation, summon it back to the field by Decoy Dragon, Premature Burial, or Call of the Haunted. It can attack all of your opponent's monsters in one battle phase and has immunity to traps. Really nice, but if you special summon it, you have to sacrifice a dragon so be careful unless you used Decoy Dragon.
Darkblaze Dragon - If you special summon it from the grave, it becomes 2400/2000 that inflicts damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of the monster it destroys in battle. You can also use Decoy Dragon and other Reanimation cards to do so.
Light and Darkness Dragon - It's a level 8 Dragon so you can use Trade-In on it or use Herald of Creation to get it back into your hand. It negates basically anything on the field (This hurts burn, monarchs, gadgets, perfect circle, zombies, E-Hero Big City Decks, etc.) and this superpower is so good since it hurts basically all decks  except for Normal Monster beatdown Decks. Once your opponent destroys this card after its ATK/DEF is low enough, you can destroy everything on your field to special summon one of your big bad buff dragons again. Unfortunately, this card cannot be special summoned.
Decoy Dragon - When your opponent attacks it, you can special summon one of your big dragons (Except Light and Darkness Dragon) from your graveyard and switch the attack to it. Your opponent is not stupid and will not attack it so easily so you can try using cards like Staunch Defender to help it out.
Herald of Creation - Once a turn, at the price of one card in your hand, you can return one of your big dragons (You mostly want to go for Light and Darkness Dragon since it can't be special summoned from Decoy Dragon or such.) and either normal summon them (Not smart unless its Tyrant Dragon) or combo with Trade-In. This card itself even has a good solid ATK itself.
Twin-Headed Behemoth - Tribute Fodder for Light and Darkness Dragon and Tyrant Dragon. It also fits with the Dragon Theme.
Treeborn Frog - Tribute fodder for big guys (Except Darkblaze Dragon).
Marshmallon - Can't be destroyed in battle and can inflict 1000 damage to your opponent if they attack it while it's in face-down defense position. It's also used to stall your opponent if your hand is bad with just big huge monsters (That's what Trade-In is for!). It can also be treated as tribute fodder.
Morphing Jar - Dumps your big monsters in the grave faster and provides five free cards for you. Remember though, this can work against you if your opponent has no cards in their hand and suddenly gets the cards they need to defeat you.
Trade-In - This provides excellent hand control and draw power since many monsters in the deck is Level 8 or higher. You can even combo it with Herald of Creation if you don't have the big dragons in your hand.
Foolish Burial - Dumps your big monsters in your graveyard faster to revive them back to the field or your hand or to remove from play by Dragon's Mirror.
Dragon's Mirror - Most of the time, dragons will be in your graveyard so you can use this to summon your biggest, most baddest dragon of all time - Five-Headed Dragon!
Future Fusion - This card is helpful in two ways at the same time: It can dump your big dragons in your grave faster and you can summon Five-Headed Dragon soon.
Malevolent Catastrophe - Gets rid of spells and traps on the field that is a threat to you if your opponent attacks.
I really think this deck has potential and if you add some cards like Sangan maybe (I don't add them into the deck since there is so many big stuff in it, but can be useful to get out Decoy Dragon.), Dimension Fusion, Return from a Different Dimension, and Royal Decree, then this deck will really be killer. Now on to the second killer deck I like. Now, we all know that fiends don't have so many powerhouses for themselves besides Slate Warrior, Dark Ruler Ha Des, and Dark Necrofear, and  Doom Shaman, the Gemini monster card from Tactical Evolution that can special summon fiends from graveyards, doesn't have many fiends to special summon since Dark Ruler Ha Des can't be special summoned from grave and Dark Necrofear can only be special summoned by removing 3 Fiends from your grave. But now, thanks to the release of Gladiator's Assault, it introduces a new series of fiends that are oxymoronic and something we are familiar to...
The Evil-Hero Fiend Deck
Monsters - 23
1 x Dark Ruler Ha Des
1 x Dark Necrofear
2 x Evil Hero Malicious Edge
2 x Evil Hero Hell Gainer
2 x Slate Warrior
2 x Doom Shaman
2 x Newdoria
1 x Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
3 x Giant Germ
1 x Snipe Hunter
2 x Mystic Tomato
2 x Cyber Dragon
1 x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1 x Magician of Faith
Spells - 12
2 x Creature Swap
1 x Brain Control
1 x Premature Burial
1 x Lightning Vortex
1 x Smashing Ground
1 x Fissure
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon
1 x Heavy Storm
1 x Nobleman of Crossout
1 x Shield Crush
1 x Scapegoat
Traps - 7
1 x Call of the Haunted
1 x Torrential Tribute
1 x Bottomless Trap Hole
1 x Sakuretsu Armor
1 x Malevolent Catastrophe
2 x Deck Devastation Virus
    Most of the cards in the deck is self-explanatory for a Fiend Deck so I'll just explain the Evil Heroes.
Evil Hero Malicious Edge - If your opponent has a monster on their side of the field, you can tribute summon this guy for 1 tribute. 1 tribute for a 2600/1800  with trample is really good. You can even get him out on the first turn if you special summon Cyber Dragon by its effect and tribute him since a monster is on the opponent's field. It can also be summoned out by Doom Shaman for more Evil Madness!
Evil Hero Hell Gainer - This guy has a solid ATK of 1600, but a weak DEF of 0 as you can remove this guy from play to allow one of your strong fiends to attack twice during the battle phase. This guy then comes back on your second standby phase so it won't die easily and you can use its effect again and again.
    That's all for now and sorry for the long article, but I did put 2 deck lists with explanations for the cards in them after all. If you have any questions, suggestions (They are greatly welcomed), nice comments, deck ideas, decks for me to fix, or really anything about yugioh, contact me at my Yugioh kingdom at pathoon@aol.com. Thanks for reading guys and please don't hesitate to contact me for anything about Yugioh and the stuff I already stated before. Peace!!!
- Master Tricks :)


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