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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


November 2007

DaFrog's Journy to a Tier 1 Frog Deck - DaFrog

Hello all,

I have no idea if you remember me or not, but this is DaFrog. I have posted very few articles on the site, and that was many months ago. Now things have changed.
Along time ago, when I was only in third grade, I was given a strange nick-name, Froggy. This name seemed to stick with me, as well as other nicknames that my friends have. They are equally strange, but do have a lick of sense about them.
So one day I notice the tournament style of Yu-Gi-Oh is quite boring. Why? Cookie-Cutter decks. I could go to a tournament and practically predict what I would be facing. However, those decks always beat me, because they were really, really good.
I then made a dragon deck, for I love dragons (in fact anything mythical). A VERY good dragon deck. I could beat the best duelist at my school with it! (And he had come in the top five quite a few times) Then came that day I entered that tournament. That dumb day.
Whilst trading in a regional tournament, I forgot the one most important thing that a duelist should know about those large, public events. Thieves are everywhere. I had set my deck box beside me, turn my back, look again, gone. GONE. I searched frantically for it, but didn't find it. I thought to myself "How will I ever get 3 Blue-Eyes, a Blue-Eyes Ultimate, Dragon Master Knight, an Armed Dragon LV7, and a King of the Swamp and a Polymerization again?" I abandoned the deck.
I didn't play Yu-Gi-Oh for a while. That was my only good deck. Then one day, I looked in my binder, and there I saw it- Des Frog.
I realized that this would be my deck. Nobody had ever made a tournament worthy frog-deck, the cards were very easy to obtain, and it sported my nickname. I gathered all the frog cards I had, and made a deck based on them. As most first decks, it was horrible. Tweaking and changing didn't help. I then took out D3S Frog and the fusion support. It got much better.
After some months of changing it around, it was finally good. But not quite good enough. My goal was to make this a Tier 1 deck, and I still have a long way to go.
The deck I am working on making is this-






[3] Des Frog

[3] Beelze Frog

[2] Poison Draw Frog

[1] Treeborn Frog

[3] T.A.D.P.O.L.E.


(Obviously, these are the frogs in the frog deck. TADPOLE brings another one to your hand when it is destroyed, which is exactly what you want, since Beelze Frog gets 300 attack for each of them in the graveyard, which {with 3} could bring it to 2100 attack. No sacrifice! Also, when Des Frog is tribute summoned, you can special summon up to as many more Des Frogs as there are TADPOLEs in your graveyard. Poison Draw Frog lets you draw a free card if sent to the graveyard {except if it's face down and attacked}, and Treeborn Frog- well, it's just awesome.)


[3] Mother Grizzly

[3] Hydrogedon


(These help to swarm through the deck. The purpose of this deck is to get three Des Frogs out quickly, so it is important to have these guys. I REFUSE to put in any Diamond Dudes; otherwise I might as well make it a D.D. Turbo deck.)


[1] Amphibious Bugroth MK3


(This is an excellent card for a water deck, especially with Legendary Ocean. Amphibious Bugroth can attack directly with it on the field.a 1700 attack burner!)


[3] Mobious the Frost Monarch


(This is the beat-stick. Most of the cards in this deck are pretty weak, so it's important I have a few strong monsters to help me win. We all know what Mobious does, and it needs only one sacrifice.)




[2] Des Croaking

[3] A Legendary Ocean

[1] Salvage


(As a water-based deck, it needs water-based support. Des Croaking is absolutely lethal. When I have my 3 Des Frogs on the field, I can clear the opponent's field and attack directly. A Legendary Ocean is a critical card in this deck, since it increases all my monsters' attack by 200 and downgrades them by one level, allowing me to summon my Des Frogs without tribute. Finally, Salvage brings two water monsters of 1500 attack or less back to my hand. It's perfect for Beelze Frog, Mother Grizzly, and Amphibious Bugroth.)


[1] Level Limit Area B

[1] Creature Swap

[1] Swords of Revealing Light


(In combination with a Legendary Ocean, this card allows me to attack with strong, three star monsters {one with 2100 attack} while locking down my opponent. Creature Swap is especially good when used with Poison Draw Frog. My opponent takes a frog, I take their monster, I destroy the frog, dish out some damage, draw a card, and keep the monster. Need I say more? Also, since I have mainly weak monsters, Swords of Light works out very well for me.)


[1] Lightning Vortex

[1] Mystical Space Typhoon

[1] Pot of Avarice

[1] Heavy Storm


(A deck like this needs powerful cards like those above. Lightning Vortex and Heavy Storm take out mass amounts of monsters and spells/traps, while MST is just plain good. Pot of Avarice helps me get key cards like Des Frog back from the grave, and Re-Load is also just plain good.)




[1] Tornado Wall

[1] Gravity Bind

[1] Sakuretsu Armor

[1] Call of the Haunted

[1] Mirror Force, Wide-Spread Ruin, or Sakuretsu Armor


(Tornado wall is an excellent card, stopping my opponent from inflicting battle damage. Gravity Bind serves the same purpose as Level Limit. Sakuretsu is very helpful in any deck, particularly one with weaker monsters. Call of the Haunted is always good. The last card I would like is the powerful Mirror Force, but that is a very rare find, and I doubt I could get it easily. Unless I get that card, Wide-Spread Ruin or another Sakuretsu would be a much cheaper alternative. {For those of you that don't know, Wide-Spread ruin is basically Sakuretsu Armor, but destroys the strongest monster on your opponent's side of the field, rather than the attacking monster.})


So, in summary, the deck has 22 monsters (16 that don't need sacrifice normally, 19 with Legendary Ocean) of the water type, so they are all strengthened by A Legendary Ocean. It has 18 spells and traps. No fusions. In total, it has 40 cards.


What I plan to do first is get the cards for this deck that I don't have (8,) then put it into practice. First at my school and with other friends, then at smaller tournaments. Once perfected, I will take it to bigger ones. Of course, I still have to make a side-deck, which I will have to change according to the current popular deck-types, which is ever-changing. For now, I'll just work on the main deck.


And that is basically it. If you want to contact me and help in anyway, do so at Phroggy62@msn.com.




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