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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


Knowledge is power...Lessons of the Guardians
Konnichiwa...This is Xardion...
This is actually a tip and an apology all at once. An apology for the error in my last tip regarding Raigeki Break and Dark World monsters. As it is, discarding a Dark World monster from your hand to pay the cost of Raigeki Break will not bring it to the field, thus why it's called paying a cost.
This just shows that no matter how many times you've played this game, it's always good to recheck the rulings on cards so you don't make such mistakes. Here's an example. A friend of mine, who is a judge in tournaments, made the mistake of using My Body As A Shield to negate Snipe Hunter's effect. Now even though My Body As A Shield negates monster destruction effect, it will not negate it if (1) the effect doesn't destroy the monster right away and (2) if is uncertain the effect will destroy the monster at all, such as Time Wizard's effect.
It is always good to know just what card does what, how and at what point. If you know more about the cards than your opponent, then you will have a guaranteed advantage. And example of this is my Guardian deck. Yes, Guardian deck, as in Thyce, Grarl, Ka'yest and the like. Now many people will not use these monsters because they can not be summoned with their designated equip card. That, plus their seemingly weak effects make them a poor choice for most duelists to use.
Unless you work on it...
It should be remember that even though they can't be summoned with their equip cards, they can still be set. That also means that if they are flipped up by means of attack and not destroyed, you can use it at your will. And also, traps like Ceasefire, Desert Sunlight, and others that flip your monsters up can also be a big help. And that's when the effects come into play.
Guardian Kay'est's special effect allows her to be immune to magic cards. Lightning Vortex, Fissure, Smashing Ground, she just smiles at them. Now, granted, with only 1800 defense points, she could be killed in attack, right? Wrong. Her second effect prevents her from being her target of attacks. This will frustrate your opponent into trying to get rid of her with a trap, but that usually takes some time to pull off, time you can use to win the duel.
Guardian Ceal's effect allows him to destroy a monster by send and equip card he has to the graveyard. That may not seem like much and in my opinion, sometimes it isn't. But to destroy a monster outright is never usually a bad thing (Exile Force; enough said).
Guardian Grarl is the attacker in this group, but mostly is use for his weapon, Gravity Axe - Grarl. The weapon prevents position change for your opponent and Grarl isn't bad, being a 2500 hitter. Its special effect (if it is the only monster in you had, you can Special Summon it), though minor, can be useful in a pinch.
My favorite Guardian, Tryce is a five-star monster with only 1900 attack points. Useless? Not until you read its effect. When he gets destroyed, Special Summon the monster that was sacrificed for it. Can anyone say, Soul Exchange? You would sacrifice their monster and set Thyce face-down. Then when Thyce is destroyed (by either battle or effect), you get to call forth their own monster on your side of the field.
The remaining two Guardians, Elma and Baou, are the only ones I don't use. Baou is too weak to utilize properly, even with its effect (whenever it destroys a monster, it gains 1000 attack points), but it is possible if worked on. Elma is completely useless without her Butterfly Dagger - Elma, so use of this is null as her effect will only work when she's summoned.
Now, because these monsters aren't widely used (Okay, they are barely used (Okay, okay, I've never seen anyone use them aside from myself)), people are unaware of the strengths or weaknesses. Remember Kay'est and her effect not to be the target of opponent's monster attacks? Well, a well-versed duelist would discover that because of this effect, this just means that the opponent can bypass her completely and attack you directly if she is the only monster on your side of the field. Grarl and Ceal have weak defenses and Thyce will be prone to Nobleman of Crossout and its effect wasted. This shows just what the right knowledge will do.
But this also shows that most duelists are only really familiar with the cards that are commonly used. Faced against a deck with cards they are unaware of or which they deem useless, the match will already be in your favor before it has even started.
In short, never discount any card, for a skilled duelist can make use of any card combination, no matter how worthless it may seem.
Now, the Guardian deck...
Guardian Grarl
Guardian Tryce (x2)
Guardian Ceal (x2)
Guardian Kay'est (x2)
Guardian Sphinx
Gearfried The Iron Knight (x2)
Arsenal Summoner (x2)
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu (x2)
Legendary Jujitsu Master (x2)
Gora Turtle (x2)
Soul Exchange (x3)
Final Countdown (x2)
Gravity Axe - Grarl (x2)
Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
Giant Trunade
Level Limit - Area B
Gravekeeper's Servant
Ordeal of a Traveler (x2)
Blast with Chain (x2)
Desert Sunlight
Magic Cylinder
Windstorm of Etaqua
As you may have noticed by many of these cards, this is a stall deck, thus built for defense. The key to winning it: Final Countdown. To that end, you will do everything you can to protect your lifepoints until time runs out. Ordeal of a Traveler is prime for this as well as Stumbling, and Level Limit - Area B.
Blast With Chain is to use for both Gearfried, Ceal and Gora Turtle. Combined with Gearfried, you can destroy any card on your opponent's side of the field. Combined with Guardian Ceal, you can use it to destroy a monster on your opponent's side. And with Gora Turtle, it just makes it harder to kill in battle, as Gora Turtle's effect prevent all monsters with 1900 attack points and higher from attacking.
Arsenal Summoner will help you get your Guardians; Desert Sunlight will flip your Guardians up (annoying the hell out of those who would use Nobleman) as well as Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu, which will let you get its effect unlike Ceasefire, which will negate it. Soul Exchange is to be used for Tryce, Sphinx, and Hade-Hane. I don't suggest Grarl for it since its better sacrificing your own monster or special summoning it with its effect, but that's a personal opinion.
The rest of the deck is designed to either put monsters in defense mode or send monsters back to your opponents hand until Final Countdown's time is up and you win. Now granted, there are deck and cards that can beat this, but I can say with certainty that this will annoy the hell out your opponent when given the chance.
Remember, any card can be useful, so long as you know how to use it and use it to the full. So if you have a card and you're not sure on how to use it or when to use it, go to Upperdeck Entertainment online, read the cardfaqs and find out just how they work and don't work. You may have something that more powerful than it seems. Just as long as you don't overestimate or underestimate it.
Sayonara, for now...


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