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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


June 2007

Tae Kim's lifeshaver deck!
I came up with this lifeshaver deck while i was playing yu-gi-oh gx: spirit caller on my ds lite. This deck is extremely brutal in the fact that it focuses on two things; increasing your LP while drastically reducing your opponent's LP. The deck accomplishes this by completely stopping your opponent's offensive capabilities so that you can slowly ship away their life points. Be warned that if you do get a bad hand, it might take a while to set up, but once you get the right card, things will set into place before you know it.
Number of Cards (40 -45) *5 of the cards are optional*
Monster Cards: (22)
Fire Princess (x2)
Dancing Fairy (x2)
Muka Muka (x2)
Giant Solider of Stone (x1)
Flame Sprite
Cannon Soldier
Magician of Faith
Man-Eater Bug (x2)
Marie the Fallen One (x2)
Mask of Darkness
Penguin Soldier
Skull-Mark Lady Bug
Stone Statue of the Aztecs (x2)
Swarm of Locusts
Swarm of Scarabs
The Forgiving Maiden
Spell Cards: (9)
Mage Power
Big Bang Shot
Level Limit - Area B
Infinite Cards
Meteor of Destruction
Dark Room of Nightmare
Wave-Motion Cannon
Trap Cards: (9)
Windstorm of Etaqua
Ring of Destruction
Gravity Bind
Nightmare Wheel
Mirror Force
Minor Goblin Official
Solemn Wishes (x2)
Fusion Deck: (1)
St. Joan
Optional Cards: (5)
Millenium Shield
Dust Tornado
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Burst Stream of Destruction
Maha Vailo
Deck Explanation:
By using your defense monsters early on (i.e. Giant Soldier of Stone, The Forgiving Maiden, Stone Statue of the Aztecs, etc) you can stall for time until you get the cards you need as well as chip off some life points. You'll notice that Stone Statue of the Aztecs has a great special ability which lets you double the amount of battle damage your opponent will take when they battle with this card. So lets say for example if a 1700 ATK card does battle with this card, your opponent will lose 600 LP instead of the normal 300. If you use the Shrink spell card with Stone Statue of the Aztecs, you can shave off even more lifepoints. Level Limit - Area B is crucial to this deck because of the Dancing Fairy card. The Dancing Fairy is a 4 star monster meaning that it will go into defense mode as soon as you summon it with Level Limit - Area B on the field which is great because it's special ability kicks in that much sooner. Fire Princess goes well with the Dancing Fairy card because of the life gain situation. The reason Cannon soldier is in there is after you flip summon cards such as The Magician of Faith or The Mask of Darkness, you can immediatley sacrafice them for some more damage. If you sacrafice Skull-Mark Ladybug, you not only deal 500 points of Damage to your opponent, you also gain 1000 LP.
The choice of St. Joan is an odd choice, but you can see the benefits of it.
1) You get a powerful monster which can save you from time to time
2) After the fusion is done, Marie the Fallen One will be in your graveyard, increasing your LP by 200 every turn (combo with Fire Princess)
Wave Motion Cannon will be especially deadly once you have your combo set up as it can decimate your opponents LP in a matter of turns. Another point that this deck has is that it can bypass your opponent's defences almost completely. However, if you have to deal with all of your opponent's monsters, Muka Muka will come in handy. Together with some equip cards (Big Bang Shot) and Infinite Cards, Muka Muka's ATK power can grow to ridiculous heights. Whats more, Big Bang Shot allows you to deal LP damage to your opponent when dealing with his monsters. Flame Sprite will also be a huge asset because not only will it grow ATK point wise, but it can attack your opponent directly.
I realized the one thing this deck lacked was the ability to stop your opponent from playing his own spells and traps, so I put in Swarm of Locusts to deal with that problem. If that is not enough for you, you can simply use a dust tornado or Mystical Space Typhoon and recycle it using a Magician of Faith or a Mask of Darkness.
So the deck's combo is something like this, you have Level Limit - Area B, 2 Solemn Wishes, a Dark Room of Nightmare out on the field and 2 Marie the Fallen Ones in the graveyard. As for monsters, you have 2 Dancing Fairy and 2 Fire Princess cards on the field. As soon as you enter your draw phase, you gain 1000 LP from your Solemn Wishes cards and your opponent loses 1600 LP from the combo of both your Fire Princess cards and your Dark Room of Nightmare. In your standby phase, your two Dancing Fairy cards will give you 2000 LP and your opponent will lose another 1600 LP. Then your two Marie the Fallen ones will give you 400 LP and your opponent will lose another 1600. Finally, your Nightmare Wheel card will deal your opponent 500 LP worth of damage and another 300 from the Dark Room of Nightmare card. Your opponent has just lost 5600 LP and you have gained 3400 LP all before your actual turn even begins.
Optional Card Explanation:
The Blue-Eyes makes for a nice monster to have around, and the spell card Burst Stream of Destruction can clear away your opponent's monsters so that you can attack freely with Muka Muka. Maha Vailo is also useful, as Mage Power and Big Bang Shot can make this card extremely powerful. The Millenium Shield is just for you people who think their defence could be stronger. However, I felt that keeping the deck at 40 would be better in terms of drawing the right card.  
If you wanted to, you could alter the deck's style a bit by adding cards such as White Magician Pikeru and Black Magician Curran. However, I still haven't found anyone willing to trade with me and i'm too cheap to buy them on my own so i'm holding out for some nice person who wants to trade. =)
This deck had stood against many many tough decks, and i have won around 25 duels with this one so far. Remember that copying deck ideas is good and all, but you should alter it and try to make it your own. Good luck!





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