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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


June 2007

Destiny Striker Monarch Deck - Cameron

Hey everyone, that's right you read it properly. I, Mr. Anti-Mainstream, will be showing you a Monarch Deck I plan to make. In my spare time I tend to think about things I can't do now, but may be able to do in the future if I work toward it. Among many other things I come up with, I also throw a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh! fantasy in there. What deck would I use if I had every single expensive card that I don't have, three of each at that? I'd probably make a Monarch Deck and actually have a chance at winning a major event. So I visualized a drawing board and put a few tribute engines on it to decide how I'd make my Monarch Deck. So far there a few viable engines to use in a Monarch Deck, but many are being overshadowed by the Destiny Hero engine. Nevertheless, here are the tribute engines I came up with:
Cyber Dragon  x3
Treeborn Frog
This seems to be the standard, every Monarch Deck tends to use these. Cyber Dragon for first-turn Monarchs, Sangan is a self-replacer (and a searcher for the Frog), and ofcourse the lynchpin of the 12-Gauge Monarch Deck; Treeborn Frog itself.
Apprentice Magician  x2
Old-Vindictive Magician  x3
At least 2 Old-Vindictive Magicians, but I wouldn't want the second Apprentice to become a dead draw if I draw both of the Vindictives. When Fortune Teller of Crystal comes out in Tactical Evolution it'll be 2 of each.
Destiny Hero - Disc Commander
Destiny Hero - Fear Monger  x2
Destiny Hero - Malicious  x3
Elemental Hero Stratos
Destiny Draw  x3
Probably the best engine out there, but after discarding 1 Malicious for the first Destiny Draw and Disc Commander for the second you have to hold on to a Fear Monger to discard for the last one, even though it's supposed to revive Disc Commander. Hmmm...
Gravekeeper's Guard
Gravekeeper's Spy  x3
Book of Moon
This one is solid too, and sees enough use that it's no surprize to any of you.
Kuriboh  x3
Winged Kuriboh  x3
The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh  x3
Abstract, yet I think it's cool because they're not prone to be dead draws as they do exactly what you want cards to do when you've got a bad hand; SAVE YOUR......SELF! lol
Spell Striker  x3
Reinforcement of the Army  x2
The Warrior Returning Alive  x3
Ah, Spell Striker is the last of the 3 promo cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007, it goes to show you that this is probably the best game to buy even if you're just doing it for the promo cards. 2 are used for Monarch fodder, the other makes Dragon Decks so much better! Anyway, Reinforcement searches it out and fuels its effect. The Warrior Returning Alive gets it back and fuels its effect. Hmmm...
That's what I came up with, now I really like the Destiny Hero engine but it can run you into bad hands very easily and doesn't seem to take the late game into consideration because of a lack of discard fodder for the last Destiny Draw. The Spell Striker engine would be perfect to coexist with this and compensate for its faults, I'll show you why:
Destiny Striker Monarch Deck (Mine, no netdecking this, not yours, MINE!)
40 Cards
Monsters: 21
Cyber Dragon  x3
Destiny Hero - Disc Commander
Destiny Hero - Fear Monger  x2
Destiny Hero - Malicious  x3
Elemental Hero Stratos
Mobius the Frost Monarch  x2
Raiza the Storm Monarch  x2
Spell Striker  x3
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch  x2
Treeborn Frog
Magic Cards: 14
Destiny Draw  x3
Heavy Storm
Mystical Space Typhoon
Nobleman of Crossout
Premature Burial
Reinforcement of the Army  x2
Snatch Steal
The Warrior Returning Alive  x3
Trap Cards: 5
Call of the Haunted
Crush Card Virus
Mirror Force
Ring of Destruction
Torrential Tribute
That's what I would build if I had all of those, and I can acquire all of those in due time (maybe not an Ultra Rare Crush Card Virus, but maybe a common in a future Structure Deck). I've seen Destiny Hero Monarch builds before, and they include 1 copy of Reinforcement of the Army. I hate that! I like Reinforcement played in pairs or not at all, I don't know why. Since it has only Disc Commander, Stratos and 2 Fear Mongers to target the Destiny Monarch Decks only include 1 copy. Add 3 Spell Strikers and 2 Reinforcements are needed, the deck also flows much better in the event that the Destiny Hero engine isn't working.
Now I just can't imagine myself discarding a Fear Monger to a third Destiny Draw, I just can't. I have a Destiny Hero Deck and I absolutely love using his effect to bring back Disc Commander, but he can't do that if he's discarded. However, The Warrior Returning Alive is used in the Spell Striker engine to re-use it and fuel its effect at the same time. However, it can also be used to get back a dead Destiny Hero to discard for Destiny Draw. So I wouldn't have to discard a Fear Monger, I could just return the last Malicious to my hand and discard that. It could also be used to bring back and set Fear Monger up to 3 more times once I get Disc Commander in the graveyard. Overall this deck could draw up to 18 more cards than the opponent (6 from the Destiny Draws, 2 from Premature on Commander, 2 from Call on Commander and 8 from the 2 Fear Mongers and the 2 Warrior Returning Alives bringing back Fear Monger).
This Monarch Deck is less likely to run into bad hands than others. First, it's running 2 less Monarchs than the top decks now. That could be a mistake as I wouldn't be able to summon as many Monarchs but I really don't like having dead tribute monsters in hand. Second, it's running 3 tribute engines instead of just 1 or 2 (if the 3 Cyber Dragons, Sangan and Treeborn Frog actually count that is). Not just that, but the 2 engines I'm blending together help each other become more efficient. The Destiny Hero engine is more powerful and breeds more card advantage, but runs into bad hands. The Spell Striker engine breeds no card advantage as everything is a 1-for-1, but is much more reliable and isn't just for summoning Monarchs.
You can use the Spell Strikers to attack directly for the last bits of damage too. If you look at coverage on the last few Shonen Jump Championships on Metagame.com, you'll see some of the best duelists losing to a Destiny Hero Monarch Deck because they just wouldn't attack a Fear Monger or Disc Commander. The worst case was when someone was hiding behind one of these with just a few hundred Life Points left, but the opponent still wouldn't attack because they were to afraid of giving the opponent 2 more cards. If they'd just been able to deal some direct damage or even piercing damage they would have won. This deck is packing alternatives in case the opponent has a huge monster or a monster you really don't want to attack blocking his or her last few Life Points.
I haven't tested this deck yet as it's in the making, but if anyone has any suggestings, comments or cards they're willing to sell for fairly cheap prices then give me an e-mail. I need 2 Raizas, 1 Mobius, 2 Maliciouses, 2 Spell Strikers, 3 Destiny Draws and a Treeborn Frog. Oh yeah, and Crush Card but I'm not gonna pay $1500 for it, so never mind about that one.
Send your questions, comments, etc. to cjrwaud@cogeco.ca. Please no hate mail, I'm really a nice guy once you get to know me.





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