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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


June 2007

Deck Idea and Building - Me Arran Tasker Total Number Of Cards - 41 Deck Name - Completeing The Sqaure

I have been doing Research about how i could put my plan into action and my ideas and thought behind what i wanted to do.
My intentions for this deck are to make it to a National Scale and be a contender for the top spot, however i cannot do this because unforunatly i gave up Yugioh 2 years ago to cpncentrate on other things but i have always been interested in trying to come up with new ideas and strategys

I will do go through my intentions and ideas i wanted for this deck, although i no when you look at it you may think its rubbish, but i no it needs improving and cinks in the deck may need sorting out with things i never thought of, i want this deck to get sighted in the yugioh world

Inital Thoughts and Ideas

The name " Completeing the Square " comes from this little diagram i first made where i was thinking of ideas to base a deck around.

Hand --------------Feild

The idea behind this was i wanted to produce a deck where each part of the above square sync with the other part and in some ways helped another part of the square in some way.
I first looked a DDT, because i knew this deck was one big combo and eached helped the other in a certain manner. i saw how the engine worked and how i could use it for this build.
I also looked at "Perfect Circle" the deck that is taking the cicuit by storm and saw that certain things were the same and how i could use that part too.

I divulged deeper into the perfect circle and saw how some cards would help me in my goal, and give me an engine i would like. Here is what i thought of

Destiny Hero Dasher x2 By discarding this i can draw 2 cards into my hand by destiny draw, this then is sent to the graveyard where it can wiat further use with cards i wish to use, it can be RFG inorder to get Divine Sword blade. allows me to special summon making it easier to prevent dead draws.

Destiny Hero Disk Commander x1 This card can yet agian be used in conjunction with destiny draw to draw 2 cards to my hand, after if it its speacial summoned onto the field, i can draw 2 more, a powerful engine if you ask me, also it can wiat in the grave for more uses if i wish it too.

Elemental Hero Stratos The searcher of the group, i can get both destiny heros into my hand easier making it easier to use destiny draw and so forth, creating my engine if i wish even more better. obvious choice i think

Card Trooper x3 Dead Draws Can be a problem, card trooper helps me dump cards a may wnat into the grave faster, like disk commander or malicous, helping the deck to work more smoothly, also when destroyed it porvides hand replenishment also, it as more use which i will talk about later

Destiny Draw x2 i can draw cards fast and having the cards i want in my hand isnt really a problem, conjunction with destiny hero can serve purposes i want at that moment

Now i looked at cards from DDT and saw uses that i would need inorder to use this more, the cards are:

Reasoning x2 helping me to swarm the field easier, also it can cause the same effect as card trooper thining the deck to prevent dead draws.

Divine Sword Pheonix blade x2 this card be dumped by card trooper and reasoning , and brought back to my hand by RFG warriors that have been destroyed or dumped by card trooper also, this can be tied with

Dimension fusion Helping me re summon the monster i lost from divine sword that were removed from the game, this can be game breaking when used right and as been for me.

Magical Stone Excavation Agian spell cards that were dumped by card trooper or reasoning can be brought back, either by cards that are stuck in my hand, or warriors to use in conjunction with divine sword and push for the win.
Spell cards are good in tight spots like destiny draw.

Reinforcements of the army x2 helps making to get stratos that much easier and other monster i want to the hand, 1 for 1 and great advantage if used right

Return from the different demsion x2 same as dimension fusion only safer is life points are below 2000, back up choice

Right that is the main area of the deck i thought about, now it was a case of filling the gaps which could help me further, monster wise i stuggled on untill i thought of a set of monsters that i oculd use to abuse this deck more fully:

The six samuria Irou x3
The six samuria zanji x2
The six samuria Yachi x3
Grand Master of The six samuria x3

these monster are really abuse in this deck if i think about it. Using the draw power this deck has, it would be easy to summon 3 and swarm the field, in the grave they could be used for divine sword and then brought back form RFG with dimension fusion etc.
They provide excellent targets for reinforcements allowing me to use effects that i need at the time.
Also reasoning can help me get a samuria out easier inorder to use their effect even more to there ful poteinal.
i hope you can see where im coming from.

Next i filled the gaps with two cards

Dark Magicain Of Chaos

Dark Magician is excellent with reasoning allowing me to get back cards i mite have lost due to reasoning or card trooper, when rfg it can be brought back from the RFG pile and his effect used yet agian.

Sangan Offers me more searching power and can be tricky in a tight spot.

All there was to do then was fill in the spaces of the Spells:

Premature Burial
Heavy Storm
Snatch steal
Card Destruction

Premature in use with disk commander can help me draw to the hand, witha samuria it helps be to set up a swarm better and so forth. Card Destruction helps me getting rid of hands i could do with out and ties in nicely with the rest of the deck Heavy storm and snatch are self explanitory

and finally the traps:

Mirror force
Ring of Destruction
Call of the Haunted
Magical Cylinder
Torrentuial tribute

VERY standard and strong these help any deck

SO now i present "Completeing the square" ......

Monsters = 20

Dark Magician of Chaos
Grand Master of the six samuria x3
the six samuria Irou x3
the six samuria Zanji x2
the six samuria Yachi x3
Destiny Hero Dasher x2
Destiny Hero Disk Commander
Elemental hero Stratos
Crad Trooper x3

Spells = 14

Destiny Draw x2
Divine Sword - Pheonix Blade x2
Magical Excavation Stone
Reasoning x2
Dimension Fusion
Reinforcements of the army x2
Heavy Storm
Premtaure Burial
Card Destruction
Snatch Steal

Traps = 7

Return from the different Dimension x2
Mirror force
Ring of Destruction
Call of the Haunted
Magical Cylinder
Torrentuial tribute

This deck is strategicly sound its just learning to play with it thats the problem like all decks lol

Any Question feel free to contact me at Tasker2k5@hotmail.com, comments welcomed even flames lol



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