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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


February 2007

The Basic - LaKent
    Yu gi oh is a complicated game that required a lot of thinking, strategies, and experience.
    To start things off, you must know the importance of three type of cards: the monster card, the magic card, and the trap card. Without monsters, you must rely on magic or trap cards to win the game. Without magic cards, your offense will be very weak. Without trap card, your defense will be very weak. Therefore, a balance deck could overcome many type of decks; the more balance the better. For example, a balance deck would have around 20 monsters, 10 magic and trap cards. 
    I'm going to be original and not give my deck information out like everybody else on this site. I'm going just to talk about deck building. Next thing you must know is deck theme. Simply having a collection of rare cards isn't enough and would not work well in a long run. A deck with a deck theme like chaos or one type deck could last longer in  duels. I learned this from experience and I have being playing Yu-gi-oh cards since Metal-Raider. This means I have years of experience for you newbs out there. The reason a deck with a theme could last longer is because the cards help one another out in more situation than one. For example, bazoo in a chaos deck may not be a potential threat, but after a long game it could become problematic. Even without a long, a good card destruction or a quick way to lose monsters from chain effects like masked dragon or apprentice magician could also be effective. 
    The importance of combos comes to mind in every yugioh player out there, but there is one fine rule to remember for all those out there. The longer the comber, the harder for you to get down and this could be frustrating at times. The rock, paper and scissor formula in beating decks depending on how many combo you have is this. A deck with short combo can beat a deck with a long combo, because the game will be over before he can get his combo down. A deck with short combo can be beat with a deck with no combos; a bunch of field destruction ,controlling, or hand destruction cards. Your common beatdown deck is this type of deck. A deck with long combo could beat a deck with a longer combo. The emphasize on making a deck with lots of short combos and a few long one could work in your advantage. 
    The most important thing to remember is knowledge. If you can make a deck that could beat any card, then it is good enough. You don't have to waste a fortune in yugioh cards to make a good deck like so many people I see in tournaments. Good cards can help, but knowing how to use them is even better. In the world of yugioh, every card have a strategy to it. Chances are, even the cards you will never though of using have strategy to it if you take the time to sort out all your cards. My brother who use to be a tournament winner once said, "A card without strategy is useless", so think of a strategy with your cards to help you win the game.
    In a sense, a mirror force could be useless if your opponent have no monsters, a ring of destruction could be useless if your life point is low, a pot of avarice of avarice could be useless if your graveyard is remove, so take the time to understand all the cards in your deck and which will work against it. The first step to improving your deck is to take out cards that work against your other cards. For example, you can't put monster reborn and chaos end in the same deck. It doesn't make sense. It would better to put a dimension gate that allow remove monster to be brought back to the field instead of a monster reborn or to put a lighting vortex instead of a chaos end. You have choices, so use those choices to your full advantage when making a deck.
    Next thing you must do is figure out a way to win the game, if all you going to do is stall then stick to stall, don't put destroying cards in there as well. A mixed deck will never work; Trust me on this. I try them before and it didn't look to good on me. I use to have a have a bunch of combo that didn't fit in with one another and there were all holo expensive cards. I still lost with this kind of deck. My advice to you is stick with what you do best in your deck and try not to go anywhere from there. If it special summon, stick with special summon. If it field destruction, stick with field destruction. If it hand destruction, stick with with hand destruction or any other kind of deck. 
    The thing that most people ignore when improving their deck is that they left the possibility they would meet some that had an advantage against their deck. One type of classic mismatch is the field destruction cards against the hand destruction cards. Without the cards in your hand, you cannot keep on destroying stuff. This will become a reliability and make your deck seem ineffective. To counter such an act required you to keep a few surprise card went you encounter a deck that have an advantage over you: A judgment of anubus and a solemn judgment for a stall deck; some quick play spell cards like mystic space typhoon for a beat down deck, because your monster can be taken control; some dark world mosters against a hand destruction deck. As you can see, the list could keep on going on and on. This is what make the game of yugioh and other card game so fun to play.





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