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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


February 2006


White Horned Deck- cknight

Hi this is my first contributuion to Pojo. I hope it doesnt offend anyone or

get any negative feedback =[

To start off, this deck is my main deck. Since im very limited to cash at the time and have been in and out of the game for years: on and off i should


The basic deck nowadays obviously has 3 cyber dragons and at least one sakuretsu. Im just pointing this out because i dont have these cards so thats why they arent in my deck.

As many of you now know mcdonalds is currently offering out yu-gi-oh toys with a pack of cards with every happy meal. I myself managed to get 2 white horned after many happy meals and a third from a friend. I decided instead of jsut collecting them to make a deck with 3 in it. See the problem with the effect is you cant really enhance it form your side of the field. (that i know of) The card benefits from being played a few rounds later into the game after your opponent has used a few magic.

Ok its easier to just list the effect altho pojo has already reviewed it.
(Which i didnt see to be correct coming from a certain reviewer) but aside from that.

"When this card is Normal Summoned or Special SUmmoned, select up to 5 Spell

Cards from your opponent's Graveyard and remove them from play. Increase the

atk of this card by 300 points for each card removed from play by this card's effect." 6 star: 2200 atk: 1400 def and a pretty hot pic.

My idea and summary of what this effect means how u can use it and such:
1 tribute for a 2200 in my eyes isnt all that bad. It can kill a cyber which

is imporant.
and teh effect boosts it up! if by chance your opponant has 5 spell cards in

their graveyard, you have a very sexy blue eyes murderer to destroy that noobs favored card. 5 spells in opponents grave boosts his atk up to 3700.
And another good thing is it doesnt have to be 5 it can be any number up to 5. removing 5 of his/her spell cards will help you out by taking away the chance of a repeated atk via magician of faith.

my reason for picking this card:
i saw this card on a pojo link a while back and said to myself ware do i get

that.. ever since seeing it its been my favorite card.. now i have 3. i really like the visual part more then the cards workings every one knows isnt such a good thing cuz you cant win a duel with good looking cards... i mean dark magician girl will get run over by a cyber dragon lol =]

My actual deck:
my deck before the dragons was the dinosaur with plastic surgery [by plastic surgery i mean i removed the weak parts and inserted basic things from todays metagame]

So now i run a dinosaur + white horned+ stitches [ stitches, going up to my plastic surgery definition above, i mean by stitches the actual cards i placed in the deck from todays basic-ness to strengthen the weakness of the deck. in other words i took out the cards that stink and put other cards that dont stink altho they dont have to do with the theme

my current deck= i will explain my reason for each card below the list

White Horned Dragon x3
Ultimate Tyranno x1
Black Tyranno x1
Hyper HammerHead x3
Hydrogeddon x2
Oxygeddon x1
Babycerasaurus X1
Sabersaurus x1
Black Stego x1
Breaker The Magical Warrior x1
Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei x1
Giant Orc x1
Magician Of Faith x1
Spiirt Reaper x1
Mataza The Zapper x1

Nobleman of crossout x1
Jurassic world x1
Lightning Vortex x2
Graceful Charity x1
Tail Swipe x1
Megamorph x1
Heavystorm x1
Big evolution pill x1
Lightning vortex x1
Mystical space typhoon x1

Negate attack x1
Trap jammer x1
magic jammer x1
judgement of anubis x1
Magic cylinder x1
hunting instinct x1
seven tools of the bandit x1
covering fire x1
magical arm sheild x1
dust tornado x1

ok now for the reason behind these cards:
--white horned: i love the card and the effecdt makes it a really good potential killer

--ultimate tyranno: altho the card requires 2 tributes its really nice:
looking and the part about having to atk everymonster rox since the atk is 3000 it smurders tons of things and leavs other monsters to go for life points.. nnot to mention all the battle damg it could deal

--hyper hammerhead: if it doesnt destroy the monster the mosnter goes back to opponents hand.. you have no idea how mnay times it saved me from cyber dragon.. just throw it face down for time or purposly atk with it to clear the field.

-- black tyranno: pretty sweet.. atk is decent and atking through face downs

helps me alot

-- hydrogeddon: i h8 these but they are there cuz i'd rather have them there

then otehr garbage dino's

-- oxygeddon: the 1800 atkers are really the good guys i have plans for this


-- babycerasaurus: with all my dinos just gives me a chance to bring em out

-- black stego: when atk it switches to a comfy 2000 def so it saves u from an atk even if u jsut atked with it

-- breaker: a basic card to strengthen my deck

-- indomitable fighter lei lei: jsut like giant orc, i needed sum extra muscle

-- giant orc: like i said- extra muscle

-- magician of faith: basic card to boost the deck

-- spirit reaper: good for a defence and will almost always be there next turn to set up a sacrifice

--mataza the zapper: low atk it atks twice!!! so get it out wen opponent has

no monsters

--nobleman of crossout: basic card to strengthen the deck

-- jurassic world: multi purpose use.. i dont rely on this. i use it so my opponent wastes a magic or trap. see it raises dino's atk and def by 300. so

wa ti do is throw it down. hoping my opponent destroys it via magic/trap. if

they dont they might have some of my weaker dino's seeking destruction wit a

nice lil power boost. its a win win situation. in my eyes

-- lightning vortex: basic card to strenghten deck

-- graceful charity: basic card to strengthen deck

-- tail swipe: just select a lvl 5 dino on the feild and return 2 of ur opponents monsters to hand either face down or weaker.

-- megamorph: jsut in case ;]

-- heavy storm: basic card

-- big evolution: omg this card.. no tributes for dinos by sacrificing any of ur dinos on field

-- lighting vortex: basic card

-- mystical space: basic card

-- negate attack: i really dont see any of these played but yea its basic to


-- trap jammer: 7 tools wit no lp reduction. everyone has their own trap counters.. this is mine

-- magic jammer: duh basic

--judgement of anubis: ever since i pulled this card its been in every one of my decks well i got it on a box of packages hopefully u kno wat im talking about.. anyways.. its really a nice card heres wat it does:
"discard 1 card from your hand to negate the activation and the effect of a spell card controlled by your opponent that includes the effect of destroying spell and or trap card(s) on the feild and destroy it. then you can destroy one face up monster on your opponents side of the feildmand inflict damage to your opponents equal to the atk of the destroyed monster".. aside from that the pic is crazy and i fell in love with anubis aside from the cards in the game.

--magic cylinder: basic

--hunting instinct: special summon a dino wen opponent specials a monster.
awsome.. i get to run that cyber draogn over wit ultimate or black tyranno.
good enough for me

--seven tools of the bandit: just more counters

--covering fire: wen a weak monster is atked add anotehr mosnters atk to it.. i really like this card and nevver see it being played.. it is kinda oldish but hey a good card is a good card and i think this is a good card.
if set up right it will make ur opponenet wish her/she wasnt a bully

--magical arm sheild: when atked use one of ur opponents monsters as a sheild.. sick that is

--dust tornado: basic

my plans for this deck..
throw in a call of the haunted.. it was an accident for it to not be in there trade out the 2 hydrogeddon and put in 2 oxygeddons err maybe a kuriboh

stragity: the stragity is kinda hard to pick up i would say. it gives a good

defence, offense, and protection while being workable and versitile against many decks

final words- I enjoyed writing this for pojo and took a long time writing
it.. when i should have been doing my project.
some of the cards are in here are in there because i like them such as the
white horns. but the thing about me doing this is that i try and make it
work.. not just cuz i like it.. i actually try to make it usable. this deck
was not tested yet altho it does pass my simulations and gets very good
reveiws from my friends.. any feedback or opinions are wanted

thanks all and thanks pojo,

chris k.
a.k.a. alchemist

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