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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


February 2006


Deck Versatility, Power & Consistency by GeneralZorpa

Don't be scared by the title of this article. It is rather simple to understand

First I will define versatility, power and consistencyas I know it to be true in the TCG.

-Versatility is the ability of a deck to adapt to other decks and situations that it is playing.
-Power is thewin conditionof the deck, monsters, burn cards and special win conditions as well as the speed at which it accomplishes that.
-Consistency is the ability of the deck to win a large amount of the time using one of the win conditions present in the deck also includes card synergy.

A deck sure needs to have all of these 3 features but some do it better than others. Here are some current popular deck types and how they rate in each category as well as an explanation of why that is. (ratings are out of 10)

Monarch Control
Power(7) Versatility (6) Consistency (7) These are pretty high numbers for a deck. The monarchs have a lot of power due to the amount of tribute monsters that they run. The versatility comes from those monster's effects, with each of the five (Jinzo counts as a Monarch IMO) doing a specific job and you can pick the monarch you need based upon the situation or opponent. For example A Thestalos is decent against another Monarch deck, but useless against a Dark World deck. As far as consistency goes the deck is a gem. You can use any of the popular cards to pull out your Monarchs (Treeborn Frog, Brain Control, Soul Exchange), as well as tributing self replacing monsters (Giant Rat, Mystic Tomato, Apprentice Magician, Nimble Momonga) to bring havoc to the field.

Chain Burn
Power (9) Versatility (1) Consistency (7) Unlike the Monarch deck the Chain Burn deck allows for the user to have high power due to it's speed and relative uncounterability in the first game of the match. The burn spells are relatively hard to stop adn unless you are main decking decrees or Jinzo, or just get lucky, you will likely lose. As far as versatility goes this deck is horrible. If you get any of the counters out it is pretty much over. Jinzo, Spell Canceler, Horus, Decree and Des Wombat all shut down the deck very easily, so Chain Burn is pretty much a one trick pony. As far as consistency goes it is prone to bad hands, but whatdeck isn't. If there are none of the above counter cards in your opponent's arsenal, you will be fine and most likely win.

Chimeratech OTK
Power (10) Versatility (4) Consistency (7)
This deck is all about speed. The power rating is the highest due to the fact that it is almost as fast as Chain Burn and much more frightening for your opponent. A 10 Billion Attack point Chimaeratech Overdragon is much scarier than taking lifepoint damage. This can make your opponent off balance and thinking in terms of defending themselves and not attacking. This causes this deck to have a higher versatility than Chain Burn as the opponent is less likely to be aggressive, afraid of the next turn Chimeratech flop. As far as consistency goes, this deck does one thing and does it well, which is of course, win.

Warrior Toolbox
Power (5) Versatility (10) Consistency (7)
I must say that this is one of my least favorite decks to play against. The power is low due to the relatively low speed and ATK points of the warrior cards, with the highest ATK of the cards being from Strike Ninja, Freed the Brave Wanderer, and DD Assailant. The warrior toolbox shines of course because of the ability of it to adapt to almost any situation. Reinforcements of the Army and Last Will are able to fetch most of the cards needed for this deck to function as well as comboing well with Exiled Force, and any other warrior monster that is good. Due to it's versatility this deck has a high consistency as it can counter most for what your opponent plays by fetching Exiled, Don Zaloog, or Mystic Swordsman LV 2. The little guys do get run over often, so an aggressive opponent can likely end the game quickly.

*In the above decks, the consistency is the same. This is to say that of all of these very powerful decks, they all have the same win rate. So until we find a higher consistency, it stays at 7

So what do you as a player do to try and influence these numbers in your deck? I have taken the liberty of assigning certain cards to certain aspects of the deck's function. So adding these cards will add more of a certain aspect to your deck in theory.


Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
This card oozes power as it has high ATK as well as destroying a monster as it comes into play. A power card if I ever saw one.

Chimeratech Overdragon
A Machine withpossibly unlimited ATK point potential as well as being able tobe summoned quickly makes this guy powerhouse #2.


Reinforcements of theArmy
The fact that this card can get any level 4 warrior is insane. Exiled, MS Lv 2, Don Zaloog and even Goblin Attack Force make this card the most versatile card in the game IMO.

Last Will
Last Will is not far behind. Being able to summon any monster with 1500 ATK or less is amazing and it can even search out many of the same cards as Reinforcements. Problem is it is little bit more situational, requiring the death of a monster to activate.


Mystic Tomato/ Apprentice Magician
These card are inexorably linked in every duelist's mind due to the success of the Spicer/Lazarro Monarch Build. This card combo is the reason that that deck was so consistent as no counters at it's debut were known. It also is very versatile to search out whatever it needs.

Cyber Dragon
This card belongs in most aggressive decks. Period. It is a free summon, tribute fodder, removal magnet and generally a threat even in the graveyard thanks to Chimeratech. It falls short of being godly due to it's limit of you having to have a clear field to summon it, but is still one of the most consistent powerhouses in the game.

Play around with these cards in order to find the right balance for your play style and you will probably be successful in playing this game. So go have fun.

Until my next article, raptor1k@hotmail.com for any comments or flames.
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