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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


December 2007
NO!!! The next Ban List! - Mark


            Death has come upon us, and in every way imaginable to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. I was online with World Championship ’08 when I downloaded some extras. One extra was an alternate Ban List you could switch to in your game.

            But what was the hellish message in this?

            I checked the list. Checked it twice, checked it thrice. It is the layout for THE NEXT BAN LIST, and that Ban List is something that NOBODY wants to see.


            Cut down to a pair of copies per deck we now see.....

Des Koala is at two. Gives Burn decks a bit too much ammo, you think? Two is where he belongs.

Light and Darkness Dragon is almost at his finished end. At two makes him a problem still. Ban it or Limit it; semi is not enough.

Mask of Darkness will be abused soon. This controls that problem of an outbreak.

Necroface got smacked. Well, I don’t use it, so I’m not gonna complain J

Foolish Burial got smacked even harder. Oh well, I only have two of them anyway, and this stops Zombies form being even MORE powerful, or any other slippy combo I must have overlooked. But if you’re thinking of IT, then so am I. “What’s IT?” you ask? Well, if you know IT, then you do. If you don’t know the combo, then I’m safe.

Metamorphosis will destroy the game. Why bring it back!? It’s too broken. Keep it banned! Don’t bring it back, and even bigger!

Deck Devastation Virus, the one that you tribute a 2000^ too kill 1500 and unders. You need a big monster to use this, so I don’t exactly see why even putting it at just 2 does a thing for anyone.

Dimensional Prison is one that you might not know about. It’s a promo for the aforementioned DS game. It’s just like Sak, but removes the monster instead! And I have it ^_^

Just Desserts was broken. It whooped me out twice on my Water Deck at my last tourney. I was in the top 8, but had to leave early L L L L L L . Anyway, yea, this is a nice place for the card.

Sakuretsu Armor is OK here.

Secret Barrel whooped me three times. >=( . It IS broken in Burn decks. This almost corrects that problem.


            So, the Semi-Limited List has really grown lately. For the most part, this has had positive effects on the metagame. But..... What has happened to the Limited List? Bad things. Horrible things. The worst you can think about. It’s dark and evil now, filled and FILLED with mistakes....


Cyber Dragon is far more than suitable here. One of the best things to ever happen for The List.

Manticore of Darkness is terrible. Not as a card, but as a Limited card. If you’re thinking of IT again, SO AM I. Again, shall I add. This is VERY bad news to me. And you’ll see why very soon, at the next metagame change.

Mobius the Frost Monarch is Limited. No way! The monarchs have been silenced at last! Yay..... Aw... Just two of them. Mobius was only run in singles anyway, in most places.

Raiza the Storm Monarch has been defeated.

Advanced Ritual Art is dead.

Lightning Vortex is just dandy here. Most people who’ll run this, like me, will only be using one copy anyway.

Messenger of Peace is where the list goes bad. The other part of the list tried to keep Burn Decks under control, but this just goes too far. And it’s not just Burn that this little tweak will destroy. It’s a lot of other things. Sure, the maintainence cost is too low, but 500 Life Points to pay it on this basis is too much. This should be at two, NOT ONE. All these Decks are being stripped of their defenses, and this, once again said, just goes way too far.


            Besides the Limiting of Messenger of Peace, the new cards on the Limited List didn’t really do anything bad. So why did I say it was so bad? Because of what happened to the Forbidden List. It’s the thing that really grabs the good things done, and the not-too-serious Messenger of Peace limit and makes it kill the game. If we can’t get this list to change before April 1st, when it becomes the official Ban List,  the long debated end of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game that we all love and have made a part of our lives, will appear.

            Yu-Gi-Oh will be destroyed by the 2008 Ban List. Here are the Banned Cards...


Marshmallon is the worst they could do. Almost. See? This grabs Burn by the neck and hands-down kills it. I won’t really go into too much detail, but this is a horrible thing to do.

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is another death. Any kind of Neo-Spacian deck will die. Burn decks will become even weaker. I guess now is the time to let the news out: I WAS building a Neo-Spacian Turbo Coccoon Deck that summons about 10 monsters per turn (yes, rly) and uses cards to burn while doing this, but I guess I’ll never finish it anyway.

Cyber Blader is a real question. Why ban this? Why even limit it? I have no idea. Let’s blame Japan’s metagame for this one.

Level Limit – Area B is yet ANOTHER killer. Burn Decks will literally be the worst kind there is, losing their three best cards to Hell’s List. See what I meant earlier? Once again, I won’t go into too much detail, but even more than just Burn needed this card. Level 3 Decks can go die now as well. Why are they going to do this!?

Heavy Storm is ANOTHER horrible move. Why why why!? This card isn’t broken! It lives in no spot but in Limited! This card won’t fit in some decks, and it requires lots of preferred situations in order to be used effectively, and an easy mistake could leave the player using Heavy Storm trailing behind in card advantage and useful effects. Of course it can be broken when you use it to clear your opponent’s monster-less field for a final assault, but that won’t happen too often. Plus, Heavy Storm is Spell Speed one and can even be negated by anything! This is a very bad choice for Banning.

Reasoning is... OK. It’s broken where it’s used, but nowhere else. It’s Limited-preferred, but yet far from being illegal.

Reversal Quiz is the same as Reasoning’s situation, but belongs one copy less. This is the ONLY good decision made.

Spatial Collapse is one you might not know.  It can only be used when neither player has more than 5 cards out, and restricts both players to 5 each. You could use it when they have 5 (by the way, this is a continuous trap card) and you have a card that keeps burning, like maybe Bowganian, Solar Flare Dragon, or anything else. They won’t be able to play any more cards, and you’ll keep burning. Of course, Spatial Collapse itself counts as a card, o you can basically only have 4 others out. This is another very situational card, so it must have been doing magical things in Japan and it’s metagame. These strange, random, crappy cards are being banned because the Ban List is not being synchronized with the whole world’s.

Mirror Force is, for some strange reason, a card we can’t live without. Sure only the rich, kickass players have it, but.... Aw, who am I kidding? I don’t have it. Keep it banned.

Dark Magician of Chaos is another whoop.

            Now this may not be the next ban list at all, but it’s more likely than not. We need to all send countless emails to UpperDeck and Konami and make sure this Ban List doesn’t become a reality. Because if it does, we’re all doomed. Everyone’s decks will become cookie cutter. So many decks fail after this list. It’s likely Konami let us download this into our games to see  how the ban list will do, sort of testing it out before they unwillingly destroy the game.

            All of us Yu-Gi-Oh players must unite in order to save the game we have come to know and love! This is madness! THIS! IS! SPAAAAAARRRRRTTTAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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