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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


December 2007

Cards/Decks on the Rise and Fall (By: Master Tricks)
    Hello again Yugioh Fan Readers, Master Tricks today has decided to talk about the cards and decks which has seen many play recently at Regionals, locals, etc. and also cards that have fallen and have not seen so much play now than in the past. Let's talk about the cards and decks on the fall line since negative things are best to talk about first:
The Falling Cards
  1. Card Trooper - This card was a big hit during the last banlist before September, but since its restriction to 1 copy per deck, it hasn't seen much play in many decks and I don't even think that he will see play for a while since Destiny Dragon, Perfect Circle, Beastdown, etc. can run very well without him since the release of Foolish Burial in the Rise of the Dragon Lords structure deck. Card Trooper can become okay if you dump the three cards from the top of the deck to make it 1900, but it shrinks down at the end of turn and it can be easily killed and you can take a lot of damage because of that. A free draw when it is destroyed is nice, but now we just can't afford to lose monsters and take much damage at all. Speed is the key to victory in this insane format now.
  2. Reflect Bounder - No one is stupid enough to attack this guy unless they have enough monsters to deal enough damage to win the duel after attacking their opponent's Reflect Bounder. This guy hasn't seen much play after it was unrestricted to three copies per deck and it just isn't worth playing right now unless you want to stall the deck, but as I said before: Speed is the key to victory in this format.
  3. Morphing Jar - I didn't see anyone besides myself play this card at the regionals last weekend and realized that this guy is not as handy as I thought it would be. This card slows the pace of a regular deck down unless you're running Dark World and/or Perfect World. Since its release of common versions in the Rise of the Dragon Lords structure decks, not one bothered to really want for it anymore like they did before its common form was released. It's now going down in price.
    That's all I have for the falling cards folks. Now I can talk about a bunch of cards and decks that is really on the rise and is showing popularity:
The Rising Cards/Decks
  1. Macro Cosmos Deck - Such a popular deck now that consists of Macro Cosmos, Dimensional Fissures, D.D. Assailants (I don't now why this is necessary in the deck since it already removes from play stuff), D.D. Survivors, D.D. Scout Planes, Monarchs, Apprentice Magician Engine materials, etc. It can really mess up almost 90% of all decks that rely on the graveyards. It stops Perfect Circle, Destiny Dragon, Exodia OTK, Beastdown, Machine OTK, Demise OTK, Dark World, Zombies, etc., but the decks that could mess it up are Necrovalley Decks (I have only saw one person who used Necrovalley in their deck at Regionals who combined Royal Tribute with Dark World, which isn't bad at all, Gladiator Beasts, Crystal Beasts, and Hours the Black Flame Dragon Deck with Jinzo and Roayl Decree. This deck kicks almost everyone's asses hard, but the speed and tempo of the deck is pretty slow and at a slow rate, your opponent gets a higher chance of using MST, Heavy Storm, Breaker, etc. to destroy your Dimensional Fissure or Macro Cosmos after each turn passes.
  2. Demise OTK - This is self explanatory after the release of Swing of Memories in Gladiator's Assault. Read my article about "The Newest Version of Demise OTK" in the tips & rants section.
  3. Gladiator Beasts - These guys swarm so fast out with Gladiator Beast Secutor and Test Tigers as these guys were few played at my Regionals, but one guy was able to pull it off and kick butt with these Gladiators. One good thing is that most of them are Beasts, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast, so Enraged Battle Ox and Raizas can help this deck well. The best part about the deck is that draw power is great with Gladiator Beast's Respite, Gladitor's Return, and also, they don't really rley on the graveyard at all! Only the deck! The only card that hurts them really is Royal Oppression.
  4. Crystal Beasts - One guy at the Regionals made an excellent Crystal Beast deck as he swarmed out Crystal Beasts into his Spell & Trap Card zones fast as he used them as tributes either for Crystal Abundance or mostly Hammon Lord of Striking Thunder! This deck is awesome and should definitely see some play soon.
  5. Destiny Dragon (Perfect Circle Remix) - Tebezu mentioned this deck and I absolutely loved it and worshipped it and hope to successfully finish it as I only need 3 Destiny Draws, D-Hero Plasma, Mirror Force, and Solemn Judgments. This deck gets out tribute material fast with Malicious, D-Hero Disk Commander, LADD, D-Hero Fear Monger, Gravekeeper's Spies, etc. for Raizas, LADD, and D-Hero Plasma. Destiny Draws and Trade Ins are such playable and excellent cards in this deck and guarantees a fast-tempo victory.
  6. Exodia OTK - This deck has seen a lot of play after one of the featured writer's Exodia Deck that can OTK anytime. With Magical Hats, Ojamagics, Ojamas, Manticores, Dark World Dealings, Upstart Goblins, Magical Mallets, and Reloads with Card of Safe Returns and Foolish Burials, this deck has a high rate of an OTK or a few turns to win.
    That's all I have for now and if anyone wants to talk or ask about anything or especially deck fixes for you guys, contact me at my Yugioh Kingdom at pathoon@aol.com. Have a good Christmas Break everyone!
- Master Tricks :)


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