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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


December 2007
Justin K's top 10 secret rares list


I have a list of my top 10 secret rare cards from sets STON-GLAS.
1. Necroface - GLAS-EN090
- As most of us have seen, Necroface has been the top selling secret this past month that the new set has been out. Since a lot of duelists have been using zombies lately, this is the perfect counter card. It will remove your opponent's deck from play, either causing them to deck out, or it will pump up Necroface to beat your opponent with in just a few short rounds!
2. Il Blud - TAEV-EN088
- This monster is probably the best Zombie there is. Sure it may start out kind of bad, but once you Gemini or Second-Summon it, it's effect is insane, allowing you to Special Summon any Zombie from either player's Graveyard or your own hand! Along with Zombie Master and Book of Life, you can swarm the field full of Zombies within a single turn, and possible get an OTK! Plus, Il Blud is still selling like mad for a good 100+ dollars. They definitely didn't mess up while they were making this secret rare!
3. Grandmaster of the Six Samurai - STON-EN000
- With Enishi and Shien, this card is virtually indestructable. You cannot build a six samurai deck without the leading card, the Grandmaster. Grandmaster decks are becoming more popular, especially with the release of Enishi, because you can swarm the field with 1 Six Samurai, 1 Reasoning, 1 Grandmaster, and 1 Enishi, and all in 1 turn! Plus, he returns if he's destroyed in any way outside of battle. Plus, he's the first new secret rare to be released in packs ever since Ancient Sanctuary. Also, he has some pretty good value to him also! With samurai decks becoming more and more used, he definitely belongs in the top 10!
4. Marshmallon - PP01-EN003
- Since the Premium Packs came out, people only looked for Marshmallon's and Shield Crush's. Marshmallon, though, has definitely proved that it is a good card. When attacked while face-down, the opposing player takes 100 points of damage. To make things even better, it cannot be destroyed by battle! Spirit Reaper was a good card, but due to its ability to be destroyed whenever targeted, Marshmallon was taken as the new Spirit Reaper. Since it can fit in nearly every deck, it should be recognized in the top 10 list.
5. Soul Taker - GLAS-EN092
- Soul Taker might have a very simple effect, but when used right, it is deadly. Soul Taker destroys 1 of your opponent's face-up monsters, and then gives them 1000 life points in return. Since Smashing ground was limited, if you are able to obtain 3 Soul Takers, you can use them in place. Also, this card works great in Bad Reaction to Simochi decks. Instead of gaining 1000, they take 1000, and are out a monster. Along with Gift Card and Rain of Mercy, this card can help for an easy win. This card sells from 70-90 dollars, so it may be tough to get, but worth it when used.
6. Volcanic Rocket - FOTB-000
- Volcanic Rocket is used with Volcanic Shell's, Blaze Accelerator's, and Wild Fire's. This deck is somewhat known, but you can use this along with monarchs. This card retrieves the Blaze Accelerator to destroy your opponent's field when you are in trouble, whether it's from the Graveyard or your deck, and when you aren't, it’s a pretty good beat-down card, having 1900 Attack points. Plus, when your done with the Accelerator, you use Wild Fire to clear the field and gain a token. Then, you can Special Summon Volcanic Rocket from the Graveyard to repeat the process. Throw it in with monarchs, and you have good field control. This card is pretty easy to get, in either the secret form or the promo form, because its 10-20 dollars.
7. Dragon Ice - GLAS-EN084
- This card is another good card to face-off against Zombie decks. Whenever your opponent Special Summons a monster, you can discard 1 card from your hand to Special Summon it from either your hand or Graveyard. Basically, you can discard it from your hand to Special Summon it from your Graveyard in defense position to defend against a huge zombie line up. Plus, you won't waste any cards that way from your hand. He can work in many other situations too. Whether its to defend or attack, he is very versatile, and he fits in multiple decks! He is around 40 dollars, so it’s a pretty easy card to obtain.
8. Frost and Flame Dragon - TAEV-EN033
- This is another one of the cards in which you need a mixed deck type. Frost and Flame dragon requires combining both Water and Fire attribute monsters together in one deck. Mainly, you use Treeborn Frog, Crystal Seer's, and Mobius's as the Water attributes, and combine them into the Volcanic Rocket and Accelerator deck. By getting 2 Water attributes and 1 Fire attribute monster in the Graveyard (such as Frog and Seer, plus 1 Volcanic Shell), you can Special Summon this monster by removing them from play. After this, once per turn, you can discard 1 card to destroy a monster on the field. Discard a Volcanic Shell, or a Treeborn Frog, and it’s the perfect combo! This card can be tough to beat. This card sells from 25-35 dollars, pretty easy to get.
9. Sheild Crush - PP01-EN007
- Although its very easy to get because its low in value, Shield Crush is a card that fits in all decks. It destroys any Defense position monster, which can destroy pesky cards such as Marshmallon, Spirit Reaper, Gellenduo, and Cloudians. Plus, it can destroy other face-down monsters, and if your opponent only has one face-down, you clear their field! It can be used in many other countless ways to! Shield Crush has shown to be a very popular Secret Rare if you ask me.
10. Gellenduo - STON-EN067
- Gellenduo has been raising in price lately, and it's because of it's powerful effect. Gellenduo cannot be destroyed by battle. The string attached to that though is whenever the controller takes any kind of damage, it's blown of the field. But it's not all bad. Light decks that use Fairy-type monsters can use Gelleduo for this reason, but also because whenever you Tribute Summon for a Level 7 or Higher Light Fairy-type, you only need to Tribute Gellenduo. This makes it easy to get out big hitters such as Guardian Angle Joan, and Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin. When used in a deck with Airknight Parshath, it works out very nicely. Gellenduo's can be bought for 40-50 dollars now since their increase in price, yet they are worth every penny.
Thanks for looking at my top 10 secret rare list! Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!


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