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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


August 2007

New Beginning - Mark


It is now the end of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s most innovative format. Beware – The new one is completely different than the last. It’ll feel like the old days of the game, and it is quite hard to believe, since there’s only one mistake on it.. The new ban list is now on yugioh-card.com.



My computer is getting all screwed on me, so I can’t copy the whole list.

Anyway, Snatch Steal, Ring of Destruction, Confiscation, and Metamorphosis have all been banned. “Never saw that one coming”. All of these cards are insanely broken. And it’s a good thing they were banned. And I can’t figure out why Confiscation wasn’t banned sooner.


On the restricted area we see a whopping grand total of 14 different cards! This makes it the biggest ban list ever! And wait until you see the buffing given to the semi-limits!



 Brain Control

 Breaker the Magical Warrior

 Card Trooper

 Destiny Hero - Disk Commander


 Gold Sarcophagus

 Magician of Faith



Smashing Ground

 Snipe Hunter

Trap Dustshoot

The Transmigration Prophecy

 Wall of Revealing Light



GOODBYE!!!! Brain Control is no longer the defining card of the format! The swing in tempo ended games, making it insanely broken. A mere 800 life points was nothing compared to nabbing a monster. Putting the enemy back while putting yourself ahead will end anything? They actually thought Brain Control wouldn’t be broken when they made it!?


I have absolutely no idea why they HAD to bring back Breaker!!! He wasn’t really broken too much, but people splashed him so much where they shouldn’t have! AND THEY WILL AGAIN!!! Well, I’ll reveal the reason for his arrival soon. But it most unwise of UDE to unban him. Sure you get to destroy any Spell or Trap, and sure he starts out with 1900 Attack, but he shouldn’t have been used like he was. There’s too many people splashing. Like Jinzo in a 10-Trap Deck, Snipe Hunter anywhere, Cyber Dragon and Monarchs in every Deck, CARD TROOPER IN A SIX SAMURAI DECK!? Ya, people are gonna go so cookie cutter with him, not really caring whether he fits or not.


Card Trooper has been silenced!!!! Joy to the world! So many people splashed it where they shouldn’t have – zombies, E-Heroes 6S, you name it. Trooper did NOT belong. Now that’s it’s gone, this is no longer a rich man’s game! If you were dumb enough to but three of these…...  Hahaha! Silly man I laugh at you! People were putting it in every deck. You dumb craps. Card Trooper belongs were he does. He is no fiend, Fire, Warrior, you name it. He only belongs in Graveyard-oriented Decks or Machine ones. Or anything that desperately needs to draw more cards.


Disk Commander: I’ll take two banned/restricted D-Heroes, please. Wow. This card wasn’t even that great, but it was pretty abusable with Fear Monger. Anyone who doesn’t waste their time with Destiny Heroes will be happy... Kinda.


Fissure, the old school thing, limited? Well, with Smashing Ground limited, people would turn to this. Not any more. Time to move on to Hammer Shot, which is the true best of the 3. I’ve made decks that love hitting themselves.


Gold Sarcophagus at one is VERY good! Less to brag about for Shonen Jump 2+ time winners! If this could be played in 3’s, Yu-Gi-Oh! Would once again fall into a rich man’s game.


The reason Magician of Faith is now legal (You stupid stupid people!) is because UDE like Apprentice Magician. It can now summon Crystal Seer, Old Vindictive Magician, AND Magician of Faith! Because AM generates Spell Counters, and don’t forget that UDE loves this guy (it’s unfair if the makers favor cards over others!!!), Breaker the Magical Warrior was unbanned to improve the engine. Sheer idiots.  They could have at least made a slightly watered-down version of her. Like, maybe you can get a Spell Card at the cost of 500, 800, 1000 maybe, points.


Marshmallon couldn’t be more obvious to be limited. It’s insanely broken. Expect to see it joining our Chaos-imbued friends someday.


To silence the Demise OTK and many other ones to come, Megamorph has been limited. Wow.... So many of our classic oldies are going back and away. Wow. This format will feel like the first one!


Smashing Ground really isn’t as great as people think it is, in my opinion. That and me not owning any are the reasons why I’m happy it’s restricted.


Joy to the world, cause Snipey’s dead! He got splashed so much! Like Crystal Beasts, Harpies, and even Warriors! Snipe Hunter didn’t work with half the Decks that used him, and I am glad to see him go!


Trap Dustshoot in 3’s was something that nobody wanted to face. This card is almost cost-free and for what? A free look at the opponent’s hand and a chance to disrupt it? This card won’t get banned, but it’ll never leave the restricted list. Some of the cards on this list just weren’t dealt with fast enough.


Both The Transmigration Prophecy and Wall of Revealing Light would get exetremely abused in this format. Both at one was a smart way for UpperDeck to control the metagame before it even had the chance to go out of control.


And now for what’s been semi-limited. The semi-limited list has always had cards nobody even ever used, and even if we did, we wouldn’t really care that it was at two. Well, they sure did buff it up this time, and now there’s more than one card on it!


You won’t believe how glad I am to see Destiny Hero – Malicious at two!!!!! Not only is he no longer broken, but UpperDeck has also done an excellent job at turning this game into fun, not money! All the expensive cards just aren’t that good anymore, and you can’t even use them in 3’s. This ban list is the big change Yu-Gi-Oh! Has ever seen. Now the old DDraw, Malicious, Jinzo/Monarch combo won’t work as well.


Also joining them is the loosened up Nobleman of Crossout. This is now a deadly weapon, since Flip Effect Monsters will rule this format. You can obliterate those Apprentices, Seers (DON’T KILL MY FAVORITE CARD!), Spies, Vindictive, and anything else face down! Who cares if it’s not a flip?


The Gadget Trio has been limited. How much will this destroy Gadgets? Well, the classic 5th Gadget build, three sets and 45 Cards, making 1/5 a Gadget for the opening hand advantages, is now dead. But the best Gadget Decks only use two sets anyway. But Gadgets could make a comeback because...


Pot of Avarice is now at 2, because 5 monsters in the grave is just too much to be a good draw. Not to mention it even makes your deck bigger, making it even harder to find what you want. It might even hit 3 sometime!


Why Jinzo has a twin now, I have no clue. Royal Decree FINALLY got limited too. So, with 4 trap negaters possible per deck, this game is really gonna change. Big time.








  There is no ruler of this next format.

That’s right, I said there will be no ruler.

We were dominated by the Monarchs, Destiny Heroes Beatdown, and Card Trooper. But now things have changed. Destiny Hero Beatdown is no longer a large threat, Monarchs are slowly weakening, and everything Card Trooper is next to nothing in power. With the new Apprentice Engine up and running, you’d think it was going to rule the format. Well, with Shield Crush and Nobleman of Crossout in doubles, they can own, but they can’t own the metagame. However, the possible ruler of this format could be Venom, but double Jinzo and his decrees will stop all the trap-based builds, and although Venom Swap will short-circuit Jinzo, our friend The Decree is immune to it.

This format is much less of a rich man’s game than the last, and will be the soil for new killer decks to grow upon. Pretty much every top-tier deck now will be pathetic then. They all died, and it’s up to the innovative players (expect to see my superspeed and FTK Decks!) to make new ones.


Is he happy or sad – You decide...



Our next possible dictator is the Crystal Beasts.


 It’s a little hard to explain why, but they just will. Think about it: It is very hard to stop them, and they easily overpower the AME (Apprentice Magician Engine), and slide past Monarchs. Tebezu’s Crystal Beast Deck will be taking center stage: Just replace a Lightning Vortex and Snipe Hunter with Royal Decrees and do a little bit of tweaking.

Also, will Spellcasters grab their claim to fame with Crystal Seer, a better AME, and even Breaker the Magical Warrior and Magician of Faith? We will soon find out...





  Obviously, we all want to guess at what this lists stars will be? Well, first we have Brain Control... Still...


Next up, we’ll start seeing Enemy Controller popping up.  I think it’ll be so abused that it could even get Restricted!  It is extremely versatile, and can do a few snippy combos:

Slice into a Monarch’s weak point

Switch a position to stop an attack

Take control of their best monster to stop all attacks

Take control of their monster and tribute

Switch a position to shield from Mirror Force or Sakeretsu Armor

Attack, they use Mirror Force, use EC to take their monster and have it killed as well.

And there’s a lot more uses, too!

Something like this will be going around like CRAZY!


Apprentice Magician has reunited with Breaker, MoF, and found Crystal Seer. Heck, I’ll even be using the AME (Apprentice Magician Engine) in my Water Deck! Because AM can generate Spell Counters, Breaker the Magical Warrior gets a nice little boost from him, and even Pitch-Black Power Stone as well.


Also, any Monarch Deck that didn’t use Soul Exchange now will. With Snatch Steal gone, and Brain Control restricted, they’ll need more tributes. Namely, the opponent’s.

Flip Monsters may or may not come back. With Nobleman and Shield Crush coming around, they will go down fast. Also, the top choices for the best decks will probably be Crystal Beasts, Machines, and/or Venom, thanks to Damage=Reptile and Vennominiga/Minion. Be on the lookout, and pack tons of Spell and Trap removal to counter these. Just don’t always put Breaker in there. He doesn’t belong in every deck, but will be a good choice for destroying Crystal Beasts and Damage=Reptile.

You see, Damage=Reptile is sort of like (Assuming you know all about Naruto) Gaara. For instance, when something is going to hurt Gaara, the sand rises as a shield and protects him, and he can also use it as a weapon. You’ll try to hit him, and the sand will come up, blocking your attack. Then, Gaara can make it envelop you. His Sand Coffin Jutsu would block your attack, and destroy you. If Gaara really hated you, he’d go from Sand Coffin to Sand Burial. Damage=Reptile is the same thing because when you are going to be hurt (taking damage, any amount) you’ll end up pulling out a massive Vennominion  (Sand Coffin), and if you were really good, you could make that into the all-powerful Vennominiga , the Diety of Poisonous Snakes (Sand Burial).

But just like how Gaara doesn’t need to wait for you to make the first move in order to kill you, Damage=Reptile can be used without the opponent attacking. Just suicide. BAM! Never saw it coming! Just how Gaara’s sand appears to come out of nowhere. Could this be the defining card of this format? We’ll just have to wait and see...


That’s it for now, but please:

NO MORE DECK FIXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I simply don’t have the time for it, and I’m a very busy person! From now on, I will only accept deck fixes if they are sent to me on the same day I posted one.


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