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 Trading Card Game Tips from fans


August 2007

Warrior Aggro Deck

Monsters (20)

3x Cyber Dragon
1x Jinzo
3x Marauding Captains
1x Blade Knight
1x Mataza The Zapper
2x Goblin Attack Force
2x Command Knight
1x Injection Fairy Lily
1x Elemental Hero WildHeart
1x Zombyra The Dark
2x Exiled Force
2x D.D Assailant

Spells (14)
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Giant Trunade
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mage Power
1x United we stand
2x Smashing ground
1x Premature Burial
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Nobleman Of Crossout
1x Snatch Steal

Traps (7)
1x Magic Cylinder
3x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Ring Of Destruction
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Torrential Tribute

Total Cards 41

After I listed the cards Im going to tell why I decided to place them in this deck.
*Note this deck is supposed to played very aggro and how I said that certain cards should be played in decks I mean in all aggro decks not every decks .This deck is supposed to deal a lot of damage in a couple of turns and win.


Cyber Dragon, even though this is a Warrior based deck I feel that Cyber Dragon is a advantage changing card, for example your opponent summons a first turn 19hundred monster, Cyber Dragon gives edge in advantage. Jinzo is a basic staple that I feel should be in all decks. Marauding Captain again is the most basic Warrior monster in a warrior deck it gives you a lot of advantage it’s effect allows you to summon another
Level 4 or lower monster. Blade Knight is a Card that barely made the cut for this deck it is a good Warrior monster but how many times do you just happen to have bad card advantage and happen to draw a Blade Knight but for this deck, im usually left with equip cards so it helps here. Mataza The Zapper is a great card in this deck it is a turn around win the duel card. A great combo with this card is Mage Power if you have a trap card set boost it up to 2300 if you summon it with a Marauding Captain attack with Mataza destroy the monster attack again with Mataza followed by the Marauding Captain that’s 4000 Life Points which can be a duel ending combo. Goblin Attack Force I was iffy on this one, it has one attack in three turns and can easily be destroyed after that but it takes out the Cyber Dragons from your opponent so I felt that two was necessary in this deck. If Cyber Dragon is eventually restricted or banned this card may not be needed. Command Knight a basic card involved in a Warrior deck it helps so much 400 extra Attack points make a difference. Injection Fairy Lily is another basic staple that think should be in all decks but it’s not a Warrior but just like Jinzo its effect “sealed the deal”.
Elemental Hero Wildheart is a card that if they don’t have a monster on the field and they think they’re going to stop you with a Sakuretsu Armor are about to lose 1500 points of damage. This is also a card that works great with equip cards. Zombyra the Dark is an ok card that if your looking to destroy a 1900 or a Cyber Dragon this would be a good topdeck. Exiled Force a card that is great is your looking to get rid of a powerful monster, two is not necessarily needed to be in this deck, but a lot of times you don’t just want to get a Marauding Captain with Reinforcement Of The Army this is a good card to get. D. D. Assailant is a card I was often attacking with a high power monster to do damage and it would be removed from play so I decided to add this card to the Deck.


This deck has the spells that you often find in all decks with the exception of the following cards. Reinforcement of the army I don’t think you can call it a warrior deck without this card it brings out the main cards in the deck and get the synergy in the deck flowing. Giant Trunade is a card that helps direct attacks world this and Mataza The Zapper work well. Mage Power and United We Stand and just equip cards that give you that advantage you need I like how it gives you an additional boost (for Mage Power it would be 500 ATK and DEF plus 500 more for every magic or trap card on the field, and for United We Stand it would be 800 ATK and DEF plus 800 more for every face up monster on the field). Noblemen of Crossout helps get rid of the dumb face down monsters getting in the way of your attack and removes the flip effect monsters out, not really needed if you want to add another Smashing ground or a Fissure.


Magic Cylinder, Magic Cylinder wow that stinks if your opponent attacking with a powerful monster and they only have 1000-2000 life points that gives you the edge to win the duel. Sakuretsu Armor helps in crucial situations such as killing a high-powered monster or those annoying Spirit Reapers. Ring of Destruction is a good card depending on the situation it can destroy a monster that you’re getting sick of but if you use it, it can leave you open for and attack. Call Of The Haunted helps if your opponent thinks that he’s getting an attack though or when you just want to deal out more damage. Torrential Tribute works the same way. You have to bluff your way into this card if you have no monsters on the field. Your opponent might want to play it conservative and not summon, which completely destroys the point of using the card, but bluff your opponent by asking him if he’s going to summon, he might think you have a Sakuretsu Armor set so he summons which brings out the best in this card.
Comments? Questions? Email me at iverson12123@aol.com Instant Message AIM lazyskittles5150 Also if you want to my brother got me into the whole warrior Craze based deck and e has plenty of more ideas liberate4692@aol.com
Im out ---Skittles---





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