Witchcrafter Vice-Madame

Witchcrafter Vice-Madame – #MAMA-EN020

1 “Witchcrafter” monster + 1 Spellcaster monster
When a Spell Card or effect, or a non-Fusion Spellcaster monster effect, is activated (Quick Effect): You can activate 1 of these effects (but you can only use each effect of “Witchcrafter Vice-Madame” once per turn).
● Destroy 1 card on the field.
● Special Summon 1 Level 6 or lower “Witchcrafter” monster from your hand or Deck.
● Add 1 “Witchcrafter” Spell/Trap from your GY to your hand.

Date Reviewed:  December 18th, 2022

Rating: 4.13

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Reviews Below:

Crunch$G Avatar

From the Fusion Spell to the actual Fusion itself, we got Witchcrafter Vice-Madame.

Vice-Madame is a Level 8 DARK Spellcaster Fusion with 2700 ATK and 2800 DEF. Good stats overall, DARK is always great, and Spellcaster is a good Type. Fusion Materials are any Witchcrafter monster and any Spellcaster, so pretty generic to run other Spellcasters in Witchcrafters, but more often than not you might use 2 Witchcrafters. When a Spell Card or effect is activated, or the effect of a non-Fusion Spellcaster is activated, you get a Quick Effect to choose from one of three effects to use, and to note you do get to use all 3 effects in a turn if possible, but each effect is a HOPT. The first option lets you destroy a card on the field, which is solid non-targeting removal if you’re able to trigger some Quick Effects that would let you use this on the opponent’s turn. The second effect lets you summon a Level 6 or lower Witchcrafter from your hand or Deck, so giving you access to most of your monster-line where the Level 1-4 monsters can access all of the Witchcrafters. Finally, you got the effect to add a Witchcrafter Spell/Trap from your graveyard to your hand, which is nice recovery for a Witchcrafter Spell you already used that turn and therefore couldn’t use the graveyard effect, or you at least get to recover your Trap Cards, though I wish it recovered banished cards since the Traps pretty often banish themselves. Either way, three pretty good effects to make up a solid boss monster. It’s easy for the archetype to get to Confusion Confession, so there shouldn’t be much of an issue to get this boss monster out as fast as possible.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 5/5 Looks like Haine is second in command, working with Edel and Genni. Overall very nice artwork.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

The next card had to be a Witchcrafter Fusion, didn’t it?  Witchcrafter Vice-Madame is a Dark/Spellcaster, Level 8 Fusion, with a nice 2700 atk (and 2800 def) who requires any Witchcrafter Monster as well as any Spellcaster Monster to be Fusion Summoned.  Specific enough to stay in the Theme there, while be open enough to use about whoever you have at your disposal.  A Quick Effect here gives you an option of abilities to choose from, whenever a Magic Card or Effect or non-Spellcaster Fusion Effect is activated.  (Each of which is Once per Turn).  First, you can destroy any 1 card on the Field.  Nothing not to like about that, any card, any position, and free destruction is always welcome.  Secondly, a fairly generic Special Summon ability to drop a Level 6 or lower Witchcrafter from your Hand or Deck.  Being able to come from multiple places is good, and the lower Level Monster help you get your plays going to build into the higher Levels, so we like that too.  Thirdly, instant access to fetch any Theme Magic or Trap from your Graveyard to your Hand, is helpful too.  Nice variety and usefulness to these Effects, and they more often than not should be able to assist in whatever situation you find yourself in.  

Rating:  4.25/5

Art:  5/5 so easily.  She’s beautiful, as is the surrounding background art.  Love this

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