Vladimir – Legends of Runeterra

Date Reviewed: September 1, 2020

Region: Noxus
Card Info

Rating:  2.5 / See Below

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The recent buff to make its level up effect a Drain is really cool.  It gives some healing to the Noxus region that otherwise lacks it.

Vlad was used in Braum/Vlad decks.  Braum nerf is a little indirect nerf to Vlad.

Transfusion is a good spell to pair this card with.  It’s low cost, versatile, helps the Vlad deck synergy.

  • Tempo: 2.5/5 – Its stats are decent and it can deal some burn.  But it’s underwhelming before leveling up, and you might not be able to level it up fast enough to play it on curve.
  • Control: 2.5/5 – Decent rewards for level up, but there are scarier late-game cards too.
  • Versatility: 1.5/5 – It’s just a vanilla 5-cost beater without specific synergies.  Only worth using in a self-injure deck where you’re maximizing its effects.
  • Expedition: 2/5 – Whether you get enough synergies in the draft is RNG.

This card is too far from being decent, but my main issue with this card is the forced self-damage on your allies.  It’ll proc a 3/3 or 3/2 Crimson Curator, but what if your Crimson Curator is 3/1?  It dies.  Would be nice if it only procs on allies with 2+ defense.

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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