Visas Starfrost
Visas Starfrost

Visas Starfrost – #DIFO-EN008

If this card is in your hand: You can target 1 monster you control with a different Type and Attribute than this card; destroy that monster, and if you do, Special Summon this card. You can only use this effect of “Visas Starfrost” once per turn. When this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle: You can make this card gain ATK equal to half the original ATK or DEF of that monster (whichever is higher, your choice if tied).

Date Reviewed:  July 10th, 2022

Rating: 2.50

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Crunch$G Avatar

As we begin to enter the world of Visas Starfrost, we might as well look at the card in question before looking at the first archetype of this lore, so here’s Visas Starfrost.

Visas Starfrost is a Level 6 LIGHT Warrior Tuner with 2100 ATK and 1500 DEF. The stats are honestly fine, Warrior is a good Type to have at the very least, and so is having LIGHT for the Attribute. Being a Level 6 Tuner is interesting at the very least as well, helping bring out some interesting Synchros potentially. First effect triggers in the hand, letting you target a monster with a different Type and Attribute from this card that you control to destroy that monster and summon this from the hand. A fine Special Summon effect, the destruction is likely to have some future benefits when we get an archetype in this lore more focused around Visas Starfrost himself. Tearalaments at least are able to benefit off this while having their Field Spell search him, but I don’t think he’ll find a place there. Hard once per turn on the Special Summon effect. Second effect triggers when it destroys a monster in battle, letting this card gain ATK equal to half the destroyed monster’s original ATK or DEF, whichever was higher. I mean, I don’t see you using a Tuner to battle all that much, but at least it can get beyond its 2100 ATK. Visas Starfrost is a fine card as of right now. Future potential is there as we continue his lore, hopefully getting a Visas Starfrost focused archetype with some good Synchros. For now, I’m sure you can find niche use for it.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 We’re entering the Clear New World now.

Mighty Vee

Another rare weekend review from me, only because today’s card will probably show up a lot in future archetypes; Visas Starfrost is a level 6 LIGHT Warrior Tuner monster that preludes our coverage of the Visas Starfrost lore archetypes, which began their debut in Dimension Force. While Warrior is always a good type to be, Visas probably would’ve appreciated being DARK a little bit more instead of LIGHT, though being a Tuner is always handy for Crystron Halqifibrax plays and Synchro Summoning in a jam. Visas itself has fairly unimpressive stats, with only 2100 attack and 1500 defense, though they could be justified by it being a Tuner.

Visas’s first effect is a hard once per turn, allowing you to Special Summon it from your hand by targeting and destroying one monster on your field with a different Type and Attribute (so basically, anything that’s neither LIGHT nor Warrior). This is how you’ll normally summon this guy, which is great since otherwise you’d have to Tribute Summon it. Most archetypes can’t really afford to waste a monster just to summon Visas Starfrost, but in decks that can regularly field level 4 monsters, Visas can be a situational way to summon Baronne de Fleur early for hand trap protection. Aside from odd one-offs (Baobaboon, anyone?), Fire King, Yang Zing, and Dino decks all appreciate Visas being able to destroy cards on demand (in fact, Visas Dinos topped in a Georgia Regionals recently), so there are definitely applications for it; just don’t overly rely on Visas for kickstarting your combos, because you won’t open it every game. Visas Starfrost’s other effect is not once per turn, letting it gain attack equal to half the attack or defense of monsters it destroys by battle, whichever is higher. This does make Visas a potentially potent beater when paired with cards that allow multiple attacks, but is too gimmicky for reliable OTKs, so on its own this card probably won’t do much. Overall, a very niche card without much meta relevance currently, but considering it’s the start of a new overarching lore series like Fallen of Albaz was, it’s a card to keep an eye on.

Advanced: 2.5/5

Art: 4/5 Composition and pose are a little drab, but Visas (Vsauce?) himself looks pretty nifty.


Hey guys, I hate I missed last week’s reviews of the Predaplants – one of my favorite archetypes. This week, we’re looking at a new storyline, starting with the card that the story revolves around: Visas Starfrost.

From what I can gather, this guy is an Isekai-protagonist (not dissimilar to Aether from Genshin Impact). Anyways, Visas has a cool name – but does he have a cool effect?
By destroying a monster you control, you can Special Summon Visas from your Hand. The monster you destroyed must have a different Type AND Attribute than Starfrost. Not only that, but when Visas slays a monster in battle, he can gain some permanent ATK points based on the destroyed monster’s stats.

So…he’s not that great. During the late Duel Monsters and GX era of the game, this would be a pretty good card – but this is 2022.

Visas can make a impact (pun intended) but it takes a lot of set up. Not only that, but he lacks internal protection and can’t revive himself from the GY like other “boss” monsters.
The best part about him, in my opinion, is the fact that he’s a Level 6 Tuner. He’s got some support to back him up in the form of the new Scareclaw archetype and the soon-to-be released Tearalements, but the question becomes, “is he worth supporting?” Long answer, “Time will tell”. Short answer, “No.”

Advanced Rating – 1.5/5
Art – 3.5/5

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