Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules
Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules

Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules – #BODE-EN088

4 Insect monsters – After this card is Fusion Summoned, it is unaffected by other cards’ effects until the end of your next turn. At the end of the Battle Phase: You can target 1 Insect monster with 3000 or less ATK in your GY; Special Summon it. You can only use this effect of “Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  January 28th, 2022

Rating: 2.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules wraps up the week and is the biggest Insect I think we’ve seen that can be played without jumping through hoops.

Four Insect monsters is a lot to commit to, but since tokens count towards that total Beetroopers can get to that pretty easily. Normal fusion cards can work to Fusion Summon this, as well as the archetype card: Beetrooper Landing. Landing has the added benefit of recycling itself to the hand while fueling Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune with its banish two Insect cost. However you summon Absolute Hercules you get a 4000/4000 behemoth that is protected from cards until your next turn. The protection is good, with 4000ATK you shouldn’t need much protection and if you did get consistent protection, even for Insect monsters it’d be a little unfair. The Special Summon ability each turn of an Insect monster in your grave will keep you getting bodies on the field. While it does nothing for you that Battle Phase since it can only happen at the end of the Battle Phase, you can simply enter Battle Phase, not attack, then summon from the grave. 3000ATK or less means any Insect you’ve got other than another copy of Absolute Hercules is available to Special Summon back. You can still do all the bells and whistles in your Main Phase 2 that you normally could do with an extra monster, but it would’ve been better to have this in the Main Phase 1 with some kind of limitation on the newly summoned monster.

Absolute Hercules is the epitome of insects being a big problem when numerous. Large ATK/DEF, slight protection for the first turn it’s Fusion Summoned so you can push for game, and can bring something back for you to increase your odds of winning with for next turn. Steep cost with using four monsters considering you likely could do 4000LP damage with four monsters if you had a clear shot anyways.

Advanced-2.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with a new Fusion for Beetroopers as a massive boss monster: Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules.

Absolute Hercules is a Level 11 EARTH Insect with 4000 ATK and DEF, so very big bug here. Fusion Materials are any 4 Insects, which sounds easy enough, but very costly to summon considering their Fusion Spell is literally just a Polymerization that recovers itself and not a Dragon’s Mirror like you’d expect. After it is Fusion Summoned, it is unaffected by other card effects until the end of your next turn, so some temporary immunity that probably won’t matter that it’s temporary considering you should likely win by the end of your next turn if you summon this, and it’s good it’s not permanent immunity considering this can go from costly to summon to very easy if they got a better Fusion Spell. At the end of the Battle Phase, you can revive any Insect with 3000 or less ATK from grave, so get some of your bugs back, whether big or small. Being at the end of Battle Phase seems kinda late considering you already made plays most likely, but an extra body on field is fine. This is a hard once per turn effect, which isn’t too relevant considering I doubt you’ll ever see more than one of these on board. This could be a much better card if it wasn’t so costly to summon, but a lackluster Fusion Spell really hurts this card. Hope the OCG helps out in making this easier to summon. An Insect-themed Dragon’s Mirror sounds outstanding to trigger your Resonance Insect.

Advanced Rating: 2.5/5

Art: 4/5 Now that’s a really big bug.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

And the Beetroopers start chanting UBAH! UBAH! UBAH! UBAH!  Closing the week, is (takes breath) Ultra Beetrooper Assault Hercules.  A behemoth of a Fusion, Earth/Insect, Level 11 (very odd) with a gargantuan 4000 atk/def.  Fusion Summon requires any 4 Insect Monsters, which is awesome.  Unaffected by other Card Effects is amazing, always, even if it’s just until the End of the next Turn (and only if this card is Fusion Summoned, note).  At the end of the Battle Phase, you can Special Summon an Insect with 3000 or less attack from your Grave.  That’s a Targeting Effect, as well, keep in mind, but still a good thing.  Even if the END of the Battle Phase continues to annoy me.  Given this guy does nothing specific for Beetroopers, there’s no reason not to use it in other Insect builds if you want.  But this card is just a 4000 atk/def body, with one Turn of protection and a Special Summon ability at an awkward time.  This theme is definitely lacking, and it’s sad, because they’re fun and so cool artistically. 

Rating:  2/5

Art:  5/5  Just love this 

Mighty Vee

In a bizarre pivot from Beetrooper’s link specialty, Beetrooper week closes out with Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules, a level 11 EARTH insect fusion monster (funnily enough, only the second insect fusion ever, the first being Kwagar Hercules). As you’d expect, it’s a very beefy monster, packing a whopping 4000 attack and defense, which matches most of the game’s juggernauts. Requiring 4 insect monsters as fusion material is a very tall order even with the incredible spamming abilities of Beetroopers and insects in general, combined with the fact that you’ll need a fusion spell as well. Beetroopers do now have an in-house fusion spell through Beetrooper Landing, which can be searched by Beetrooper Sting Lancer, but is it worth summoning?

After being fusion summoned, Absolute Hercules is unaffected by card effects until the end of your next turn, which is 3 turns of protection unless you somehow fused it on your opponent’s turn. Being unaffected is one of the greatest defenses in Yugioh, with only Kaiju monsters and some niche effects being able to get rid of it, and having 4000 attack means being beaten by most monsters in battle is unlikely (but still very possible with generic link beaters). Being unaffected for just 1 turn should be enough to OTK, so you basically get two shots after you summon this guy. With 4000 attack you should be able to wrap things up quickly, and you better, since losing 4 monsters will likely set you back in terms of card advantage. Absolute Hercules’ other effect allows you to special summon an insect with 3000 or more attack from your graveyard at the end of the battle phase, which is…better than nothing, but odd. Not only does it not facilitate an OTK, it also seems very redundant considering Absolute Hercules itself already has over 3000 attack for Beetrooper effects. I guess you can revive Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas and use its tribute effect to fetch a spell or trap? But considering it requires the battle phase, the duel will be well underway by that point. Absolute Hercules might look big and scary, but it’s hard to justify summoning it especially when Beetroopers can’t efficiently fusion summon without jumping through all sorts of hoops.

Advanced: 2/5

Art: 3.5/5 Kinda looks like a red reskin of Mighty Neptune, though the giant turbines are pretty cool.

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