Here is the Transformers Set List, with images, for Transformers “Blaster VS Soundwave”.  We have both the Character Cards and Unique Battle Cards listed for you here.  The first letter of the Card # indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare).  Click on the Card #’s to see their images. If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact us.  Last Update: August 5, 2019. 

This set is a bit confusing.  There is a “Retail Edition” and a “35th Anniversary Edition” with Alternate Artwork.  The cards in have the same powers and attacks in both sets.  The 35th Anniversary Edition is a limited edition release, and was first released at the San Diego Comic Con in 2019.  It was also available at Gen Con. And it will also be released at PAX Unplugged in December.  The Alt Mode Artwork for the 35th Anniversary Edition was done by Marcelo Matere.

We posted a mixture of card arts from each set below for reference.  Retail Version cards say “Blaster VS Soundwave”.  The 35th Anniversary Editions says “35th Anniversary” on the cards.  Battle Card Artwork is the same in both sets, but the battle cards have different set labels on each card.  

Blaster and Soundwave are large character card-sized, while the Mini-Cassettes are small character card-sized like Battle Masters and Micro Masters.

Blaster vs Soundwave
Blaster vs Soundwave 35th Anniversary Edition set
Transformers TCG: Blaster Vs. Soundwave Deck Retail Edition
Transformers TCG: Blaster Vs. Soundwave Deck Retail Edition

Card # Card Name Card Flavor Star
SRT T01 Blaster Communications 8
RT T02 Eject Electronic Surveillance 5
RT T03 Ramhorn Warrior 5
RT T04 Steeljaw Tracker 5
SRT T05  Soundwave  Communications  10
RT T06 Buzzsaw Spy 10
RT T07 Frenzy Warrior 5
RT T08 Ravage Saboteur 5
R001 Buzzsaw Ravage Frenzy Attack    
R002 Daring Counterattack    
R003 Inner Groove    
R004 Intercept Communications    
R001 Interpret the Airwaves    
R006 Obstructive Rhythm    
R007 Recover Cassette    
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