2017 is now in the record books and 2018 is now on the horizon. Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G here with another article. As tradition on this site, we went down the Top 10 cards of 2017 and mentioned why they were so great; however, many years have so many great cards that are worth mentioning that don’t get mentions on these Top 10 lists, I thought I should give them a shout out here. So here I am today to give Honorable Mentions for best cards of 2017 that did not make the Top 10 list. Here we go.

Windwitch – Ice Bell

One of the better Ultra Rares of the year, Windwitch Ice Bell is a powerful card that is basically a one card Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. The card is searchable off Windwitch Glass Bell, and Ice Bell can summon Glass Bell from the deck to then let Glass Bell search Snow Bell for you to summon. You are at this stage limited to only summoning Wind Monsters, but that isn’t too bad. You can use the Glass Bell and Ice Bell to summon Winter Bell, then use the Winter Bell and Ice Bell to go into Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, which in turn negates Monster Effects. 


Zoodiac Broadbull

This did make my personal Top 10, but didn’t make the overall one, which honestly stunned me. The card has all the benefits all of the Zoodiac Xyzs have, and this one only needs 2 Level 4s, so many more Rank 4 decks that aren’t Zoodiac can make this. In turn, Broadbull searches for a Beast-Warrior that can be Normal Summoned or Set, making it useful far beyond the Zoodiac deck and deserving of its Forbidden slot on the Forbidden and Limited List. It is an amazing card that didn’t make the list, but at least it gets an honorable mention here. 


Zoodiac Barrage

A very powerful card that gets the Zoodiac engine started or helps get more materials, Barrage did not make my personal list or the actual Top 10, but it is worth mentioning. Barrage lets you destroy a card on the field to summon a Zoodiac from your deck. Most likely Ratpier, but you can get something like Thoroughblade, Ramram, or Whiptail for extra pieces. Also if Barrage is destroyed, it can attach to a Zoodiac Xyz you control, so it is extra material for something like Drident or Broadbull. A great card to get Zoodiacs started or to extend on what they already are capable of doing. Zoodiac should be thankful though they still have this at three in the TCG, considering the OCG banned it.

Foolish Burial Goods

A card that probably went under the radar for when we made our Top 10 lists, but something that does look amazing on paper and has a ton of future potential. Foolish Burial Goods is like its predecessor, Foolish Burial, except for Spells and Traps. Over the years, there has been a rise in the amount of Spells and Traps that do things in the GY. Paleozoics are the best example, as well as cards like Breakthrough Skill. Foolish Burial Goods puts a Spell/Trap in the GY for you to use the effect of it there, meaning they have more value being played. Pantheism of the Monarchs is a great card for the Monarch deck, but if you don’t draw it, better to get the search effect with Foolish Burial Goods than to not use it at all. Plus it enters circulation since that deck has Edea. Foolish Burial Goods is a card with great future potential, which is why it is worth the honorable mention here.

Aleister the Invoker

This in turn is basically a mention of the entire Invoked archetype as this card gets that archetype going. Aleister the Invoker searches for the Fusion Spell, Invocation, which in turn grants you access to the Invoked Fusions. Each Invoked Fusion needs Aleister and a monster with a different Attribute depending on the Fusion. Mechaba and Raidjin are the more popular ones, but the others are worth running because the Fusion Spell lets you use the opponent’s GY. The card is so important to the engine it is a part of, that the Field Spell for the archetype searches specifically for this guy.


Souleating Oviraptor

I actually didn’t consider Ultimate Conductor Tyranno for my Top 10 of 2017, but it does deserve a spot on the list. The card I did consider for the Top 10 was the searcher for the Dinosaur deck, Souleating Oviraptor. Oviraptor is literally Stratos for Dinosaurs where he can add any Dinosaur-type monster from the deck to the hand. Not only that, but he has a bonus like Stratos. Oviraptor lets you destroy a monster you control to revive a Dinosaur from the GY. This thing can help get Dinosaurs going. Searches for an important combo piece first off, then you can summon a baby Dinosaur to destroy it with this guy to revive another Dinosaur. Very powerful card for Dinosaurs, which is why I considered this guy and not Ultimate Conductor Tyranno.

Predaplant Ophyrs Scorpio/Darlingtonia Cobra

Not all good things come shiny, the Predaplant engine has added new life to the famous Brilliant Fusion Engine, which I love. This is honestly a package deal here, as the two are best with each other, and aren’t so hot without. Ophrys Scorpio lets you ditch a monster to summon a Predplant from the deck and when Darlingtonia Cobra is summoned off a Predaplant, once per duel, you can search a Polymerization or Fusion card. If you play the Brilliant Fusion Engine, you are likely using the Predaplant package as well. Maybe some Lonefire Blossoms as well to see the Predaplant Engine more consistently, TCG still has 3 Lonefires and OCG still has 2.

Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter

This could be a mention of all the 1 tribute True King monsters, excluding Dreiath III of course, but Dinomight Knight stands out the best. Majesty Maiden searches a monster, which isn’t anything special. Ignis Heat searches a Spell or activates it from the deck, but Spells can be immediately used, so it isn’t like activating the Spell is big unless it is on the opponent’s turn. What makes Dinomight special is that he negates the weakness of Traps, and that is the fact that you have to set them. Dinomight searches the Trap as well, but you are more likely than not activating it to go faster. Sure your opponent needs to use a monster effect, but that didn’t stop Dinomight, Ignis Heat, and Majesty Maiden from seeing play. Monster effects are prevalent in the game, which is why the one tribute True Dracos are so great. Don’t believe me? Ignis Heat is limited and Dinomight Knight is banned in the TCG for a reason, they made True Draco so consistent. Even one of the traps in True King’s Return is limited, the deck is that good.

True King of All Calamities

For years, Rank 9s went under the radar because Level 9 is not that common. How many good Level 9 monsters do you know of? Trishula, the True Kings, to an extent Mist Wurm. That is about it, at least from the top of my head. True King of All Calamities made running Level 9s more worth it. Before him, we had Number 9 which is mediocre, Number 92 who needs 3 Level 9s, and the only one that was really good was Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir. That is only mentioning the ones I am sure you all know are Rank 9s as well, cause who really cared about the fact that Number 95 was a Rank 9? True King of All Calamities changed the game for Rank 9s. With the previous True King monsters making an impact, Calamities became very easy to summon, especially using the Synchro mechanic to go into cards like Denglong or Trishula to get to a Level 9 with great ease, which was a popular play in Dinosaurs. Calamities basically prevents your opponent from using on field monster effects, which is lethal to their plays. Also Calamities changes attributes, so you can summon a True King with ease because Calamities lets you use your opponent’s monsters to destroy for their summoning. Very great Xyz Monster.

Duelist Alliance

Pendulums went out with a bang in the last set of the Arc-V era, I cannot think of many Pendulum decks that do not play this card. Duelist Alliance simply lets you search for a Pendulum Monster or Spell/Trap that has Pendulum in the name. I will not go down the list of good cards this searches, because that will take forever, but most of those Pendulum cards are play in Pendulum decks, meaning Duelist Alliance has a place in those Pendulum decks.



Set Rotation

I honestly didn’t even consider this for my list, but thinking about it now, I don’t know why I didn’t. It is a really good card. It was basically making Field Spells up to a 9 of in decks. Though with this card, you likely play a brick but sometimes you can get around that by playing a Field Spell that actually does something for your deck, though isn’t the most optimal card to see in an opening hand. Set Rotation was just another way to get to Field Spells quicker while at the same time locking the opponent out of their Field Spell. Popular choices for cards to work with this were Gateway of Chaos and sometimes Oracle of Zerfa, which cannot be activated if the opponent does not run a search target. Gateway of Chaos was more popular because Zefras were more of a meta relevant deck to be honest. Still powerful, as the condition of Set Rotation prevented the opponent from using their Field Spell as long as the one you gave them is set, and as I mentioned, some cannot be activated if they cannot search for something. Set Rotation was a great card to get to Field Spells, deserves its limit like how Terraforming deserves one.

Tornado Dragon

Everyones favorite Rank 4 Toolbox just got expanded twice this year, I will get to that later, but the first new option for the Rank 4 Pool is Tornado Dragon. The card is simple, needing only 2 Level 4 Monsters and basically lets you destroy a backrow once per turn. It is basically an Extra Deck MST that you do not have to draw. As long as your Rank 4 capabilities are consistent enough, Tornado Dragon should be able to come when you need it most, and unlike MST, you wont see it when you wont need it as you do not have to Xyz Summon this guy. A great addition to the very powerful Rank 4 Pool. It is also a Quick Effect, similar to how MST was a Quick-Play. 

Sylvan Princessprite

The best Rank 1 in the game, you cannot really debate this in my opinion. The ability to ditch a Plant to revive a Sylvan is cool, but we all know this isn’t the reason why this card is good. This card lets you once per turn excavate the top card of your deck and then you can add it to the hand if it was a Spell or Trap. The ability to get to cards like Raigeki, Twin Twisters, Cosmic Cyclone, Solemn Strike, Solemn Warning, and Evenly Matched with greater ease is great for Rank 1 decks to have. The card is great, but I think the only reason it didn’t make the list is because Rank 1 is one of the least popular Ranks.

Astrograph Sorcerer

Pendulums in Arc-V went out with a bang in Pendulum Evolution. Astrograph Sorcerer is a great reason for it. I wont break down everything it does because that is too much, but the best effect is what makes this card somewhat broken. You can summon this guy with his effect when a card you control is destroyed, then Astrograph can search for a card of the same name if it was a monster. The card is very good at keeping advantage, especially in Pendulum Decks and the release of the Heavymetalfoes Link Monster in Extreme Force will just make this card far better, and maybe limit or ban worthy. Also, if you run Z-ARC, this guy can help you easily summon Z-ARC. 😉 Expect to see more Pendulums in 2018.

Decode Talker

One of the first Link Monsters, this card really opens the door for your Extra Deck plays thanks to the existence of cards like Gofu or sometimes even a Scapegoat, though Borreload is more optimal with Scapegoat. Having the ability to get Extra Deck slots along makes Decode Talker great, but the negation of targeting makes him much better. Sure he is very immune to power creep and I think we got a card revealed that might power creep this guy already once Flames of Destruction comes along, but for now Decode Talker is great for opening the Extra Deck up.


Trickstar Reincarnation

Well, what is there to be said. Banishing your opponents cards like this just shouldn’t be a thing, and it gets more annoying considering this is still at 3 and Trickstars can burn you while using this card. Combo this with Droll & Lock Bird and you got the definition of annoying. I really hope this card gets limited or banned in the TCG in 2018, the OCG was already smart enough to put this at one, but I would love to see it gone to be honest. Also, it being able to revive a Trickstar is just icing on the cake for this card being simply busted.


Destrudo the Lost Dragons Frission

Half of your LP does not really matter with a card like this. This card is a great combo extender. It literally opens up the Level 7 Synchro Pool immediately, which has the outstanding Ancient Fairy Dragon that the OCG just banned because of its power to extend Link Plays and search for Field Spells. This card can also give you the Link Monster known now as Crystron Needlefiber to really extend Synchro plays. I don’t know when Needlefiber is coming to the TCG, but it is just another way to make this card better when it does arrive.


Borreload Dragon

When it comes to Link-4 Monsters, Firewall Dragon has more of a discussion around it, but Borreload is a great card still. It is better at opening Extra Monster Zones than Firewall Dragon is, so if you are not worried about co-linking and just want to make simple Extra Deck plays, Borreload is your card. Also being unable to be targeted by Monster Effects and taking away 500 ATK from a monster while they cannot respond to it, this card is great. And don’t get me started on how this can steal an opponents monster to extend plays as well. All of this on a 3000 ATK body, worthy of a slot on this list.

Akashic Magician

One of the reasons players are calling for the ban of Grinder Golem. This card makes Link plays just nasty. Using this with Security Dragon, if you use Firewall Dragon as well, you can immediately go into a Link-8 if one existed just because of Firewall Dragon. Also, this card makes Grinder Golem a one card Skulldeat, which can help you recraft your hand and has great arrows for Extra Deck plays. All because of Akashic Magician, and the ability of hers to get a card you name correctly if it is excavated while Akashic is co-linked is a cherry on top. Getting to something like Ash Blossom or a Solemn can stop plays in their tracks.

Number 41: Bagooska the Terrible Tired Tapir

This poor guy was once a drunk, now he is very cuddly, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. Number 41 literally shuts down Monster Effects from anything that isn’t a Link Monster temporally. Also, you can shut it off by switching his battle position so you can get your Monster Effects for your plays. The better Rank 4 this year, this card is a staple for anyone playing any Level 4 monsters, because shutting your opponent out from playing the game can literally win you the game.


Tri-Gate Wizard

The final card of this list, and one of the better Link Monsters we have. Tri-Gate Wizard is a very powerful card when co-linked. The ability to banish and negate cards is absurd. The fact that two effects can do banishing and one of those negates a card effect is outstanding, and getting this guy set up to where he can use those effects isn’t that hard to be honest. The best Link-3 in the game in my opinion just because his effects are so powerful. Great card to get players to buy the Cyberse Structure Deck if those reprints were not enough.


In Conclusion

Every year has so many great cards released and this one was no exception. Heck, there are even more good cards from this year that I didn’t mention, but don’t let that steer you away from the fact that those cards are good, just not at the level of these cards mentioned. Some have great future potential, some had a great impact on the meta this year. Overall, all of these cards are outstanding and were worth the mention despite not making the Top 10 Cards of 2017. (Yes I will do this for 2018 if there are enough cards, which there likely will be.)

Thanks for Reading!

Crunch$G :]