Springans Kitt
Springans Kitt

Springans Kitt – #SDAZ-EN002

If you have a Fusion Monster that mentions “Fallen of Albaz” as material on your field or in your GY: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add to your hand, 1 of your “Branded” Spells/Traps that is banished or in your Deck or GY, then place 1 card from your hand on the bottom of the Deck. You can only use each effect of “Springans Kitt” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  May 30th, 2022

Rating: 3.30

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Springans Kitt starts off our week switching archetypes and is in the newish structure deck.

Two levels & 1000ATK higher, Kitt now involves herself in Albaz fusions rather than Link summons. Special Summon ability off having an Albaz fusion on tge field or in your grave is incredibly easy to accomplish in the archetype, making Kitt an extender. 

Off the summon Kitt gets you a “Branded” Spells/Traps that is banished or in your Deck or Graveyard. The reach of the card’s effect ensures you will get the card you want. Swap it with a card in your hand and it going to the bottom of the deck balances the effect out, though if you cycle back a Branded card you’ll be able to search that card. 

When it comes to being an extender annd fusion material, Kitt can be used to make Sprind the Irondash Dragon, Despian Quaeritis, and Lubellion the Searing Dragon, all good choices depending on your situation. 

The new Kitt is just as helpful as the first. You need just about as much setup to utilize Kitt in either version to get the most out of her.

Advanced- 3.5/5     Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Back to the Albaz Structure Deck with a card that does completely nothing for the archetype it’s actually a part of, but is still a good card: Springans Kitt.

Kitt in Springans form is a Level 4 DARK Beast with 1700 ATK and 1000 DEF. Fine stats, and being DARK and Beast is fine, though has zero synergy with Springans being FIRE Machines. Its effects also synergize with Fallen of Albaz and not Springans, but I digress from this point now. First effect lets you Special Summon this card from the hand if you control a Fusion Monster that lists Fallen of Albaz as material, which is nice to get a free body on board with such a simple condition you need to meet. Upon being Normal or Special Summoned, you can add a Branded Spell/Trap that’s either banished, in your Deck, or in your graveyard to your hand, then return a card from your hand to the bottom of the Deck. A good option to get your Branded cards from literally anywhere, all in exchange for another card in hand. It’s good to have another searcher for your Branded stuff, though this one comes with a cost in exchange for a higher range to not completely outclass Aluber. Instead, Aluber is better, but this at least serves a purpose. Hard once per turn on each effect, as is tradition with new cards. Kitt is a pretty good card for Fallen of Albaz and friends at the very least, worth finding a home in the Branded strategy.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 Would love to know where Kitt found all this stuff.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Springans Kitt, much like our Tri-Brigade opener last week, benefits from belonging to another Theme-while still being able to manage supporting Fallen of Albaz.  Dark is great, Beast is fine, 1700 atk is decent for a Level 4 too.  Free Special Summon via the Hand as long as you control or have a Fusion in your Graveyard that mentions Fallen of Albaz (note mentions, not even required strictly as material, another plus) is a great ability here also.  Finally, if this card is Normal of Special Summoned, you net a Branded Magic/Trap from anywhere…Deck, Grave, or your Removed pile.  You do also have to cycle after this a card from your Hand back to your Deck, so that ends up a breakeven, even though you are gaining any Magic/Trap in the Theme off this, so I think that’s more than fair.  Each Effect here is Once per Turn.  I suppose not dropping multiples of this a Turn is fair, but I don’t think being able to do so even if you net 3 Magic/Trap (Once per Turn) even, it doesn’t seem THAT broken to me.

Rating:  3.75/5

Art:  4/5  Nothing wrong with this, I’d like a little more in the background, but fine overall.

Mighty Vee

Memorial Day week finishes off the rest of the important cards from the Albaz Strike structure deck, starting with the seemingly off-brand Springans Kitt, a level 4 DARK beast monster. Despite the name and character, this card isn’t meant to be used with Tri-Brigade decks or even Springans, instead being designed for, you guessed it, Branded Albaz decks. DARK level 4 monsters are always welcome due to the wide pool, though being a DARK monster is what’s most important in Branded Despia decks. Having 1700 attack and 1000 defense isn’t much to write home about, but at least it’s a decent amount of attack for a combo piece.

Kitt has two hard once per turn effects, the first allowing it to special summon itself from your hand if there is an Albaz fusion on your side of the field or in your graveyard. Fielding an additional body for Guardian Chimera is nice, though it’s a bit of a letdown that you basically need to already have your combos up and running to special summon Kitt. Kitt’s other effect allows to to search a Branded spell or trap from your deck, or recycle a banished one or one in your graveyard, at the price of placing one card from your hand on the bottom of the deck (a cute nod to Tri-Brigade Bearbrumm the Rampant Rampager). Having to bottom stack a card is a bit of a letdown, since Branded Despia is one of those decks that actually don’t mind discarding their resources due to being able to easily recycle or even profit off of discards (plus the deck is fortunate enough to not run garnets for their key plays, which is where bottom stacking is most useful). That said, being able to search a Branded spell or trap is great, making Kitt essentially another 3 copies of Aluber the Jester of Despia. Topping decks don’t seem to be running Kitt, but it’s definitely a fine option if you need more consistency in accessing tomorrow’s card or if you’re on a budget and need filler for your Branded Despia deck.

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 This is what, her third form now? Now she fits in even more with her robot buddies.


A great week to all of you and welcome to our second batch of COTD reviews from the structure deck Albaz Strike! Today we are looking at Springans Kitt, a neat little utility monster from the precon that can help you filter cards and add some consistency to your Branded Fusion strategy.

Springans Kitt is a level 4 DARK Beast-Type monster with 1700 attack and 1000 defense, altogether okay stats for a normal summon that doesn’t require tributes. Its beast-typing is less interesting for the Branded Fusion strategies, but being a DARK monster is of course very cool, since that enables a number of possible Fusion summons within the archetype.

First off, Springans Kitt has an alternate inherent special summoning condition: If you have a Fusion Monster that mentions “Fallen of Albaz” as material in your field or graveyard, you can just call this from your hand onto the field. Neat, a free monster! If this is summoned, you can go get a “Branded” spell or trap from anywhere (deck, graveyard or banishment) to your hand, but if you do, you have to place one card from your hand on the bottom of the deck. There is a hard once-per-turn on both of these effects.

This is obviously the “poor person’s” Aluber, since this card does the same things, but in different and mostly worse ways. You can special summon this from your hand only, while Aluber can only come back from the grave, but repeatedly. Then again, Aluber also negates effect monsters at spell speed 1, which is amazing. Aluber has an attack stat of 1800, which also makes it superior to Springans Kitt in that regard. The biggest strike against our little steam-powered beast, though, is that unlike Aluber, after searching a card, Springans Kitt makes you put away another card, while the Jester just straight-up goes full E-Hero Stratos and gets you your Branded card, no questions asked.

So this is pretty much “Aluber at home”, but if you cannot afford the pretty-much-superior-in-every-regard Jester of Despia, this will fill in the same slot and still help you out. But I don’t think I really have to explain the difference between having an extra card and NOT having it. This is still Yugioh, and Pot of Greed is better than Jar of Greed, of course :-).

I hate being so tough on absolutely serviceable utility monsters, but this is clearly overshadowed by another amazing monster for its archetype (which will probably be limited or at least semi-limited at some point in the future) and this is exactly such a case. While Aluber the Jester of Despia is at three, Springans Kitt’s chances of seeing much play competitively are very slim. It is a great budget option for players who buy the structure deck and just want to have fun, though!

Rating: 2/5


easy to special summon, great attribute for its archetype, nice as a starter to add consistency to your deck


looks pretty awful when put next to Aluber the Jester of Despia, who does almost everything this wants to do, but better and at a lower cost

Art: 3,5/5

Very cute, this cheeky manga girl has a steam-powered mech suit with which it cruises over the battlefield. I love the ridiculous oversized robot gloves and the colors on this very straight-forward and cool-looking artwork.


This week is Albaz Strike Part 2, so let’s get down to business by covering a few more of the new cards from this superb Structure Deck!
Despite having Springans in her name, Kitt is neither a Machine, nor FIRE. In fact, she doesn’t really do anything to support the Springans themselves, rather she helps out her good buddy, Albaz.
Upon Summon, she can fetch any Branded Spell / Trap from literally anywhere. You do have to give up a card in exchange, but that’s fair. Not only that, but she serves as an extender by simply Special Summoning herself (so long as you control an “Albaz” Fusion or have one already in your Grave.

Kitt is an awkward card because the problem with TCGs is that no card exists in a vacuum. Cards are only “good” or “bad” when compared to other cards. Springans Kitt looks great on paper: She has a great search effect, can help swarm the board, and has decent stats for a Level 4. The problem is that she’s “fair”. In comptetive Yu-Gi-Oh! there is no room for “fair” cards. Only the best and most broken cards see play consistently.
The obvious comparison to Kitt is Aluber, a fellow “Branded” searcher. Although Aluber’s range on searching is limited (when compared to Kitt) since he can only fetch cards from the Deck, his effect is a solid +1 in card advantage (as there’s no Cost for his search). Not only that, but Aluber can also revive himself and negate a monster.

From what I can gather, Kitt is a poor man’s Aluber. She came in the Structure Deck so that Konami can sell you the reprint of Aluber in Ghosts of the Past. But that’s not to say that Kitt is a bad card. I actually like her a LOT from a design standpoint. She IS a good card…she’s just not great.

Advanced Rating – 2/5
Art – 2/5 (I like the robot suit, but that’s about it)

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