Rite of Aramesir
Rite of Aramesir

Rite of Aramesir – #GRCR-EN025

If you control no “Adventurer Token”: Special Summon 1 “Adventurer Token” (Fairy/EARTH/Level 4/ATK 2000/DEF 2000), then if you do not control “Fateful Adventure”, you can place 1 “Fateful Adventure” from your Deck face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone. You cannot activate the effects of monsters on the field the turn you activate this card, except Special Summoned monsters’. You can only activate 1 “Rite of Aramesir” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  March 14th, 2022

Rating: 4.25

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Crunch$G Avatar

We’re going on an Adventure this week and looking at the engine that’s taking the meta by storm by starting with the main card: Rite of Aramesir.

Rite is a Normal Spell that lets you summon an Adventurer Token (Fairy/EARTH/Level 4/ATK 2000/DEF 2000) if you don’t already control one, then you can activate a Fateful Adventure directly from the Deck if you don’t have one already. So basically, it sets up everything you need for the full engine to do it’s job. Gets you the Token to use your cards and the searcher for the main reason you’re likely using the engine to begin with. You only get 1 of these a turn, which is fine, also you can’t use the effects of monsters you Normal Summoned the turn you use this, which is easy to get around with Decks that either Special Summon their monsters or use their effects in grave and not on field. This card alongside its searcher are already at 1 in the OCG after only being there two formats due to how potent and popular it is and we can expect the same in the TCG, albeit after a much longer period of time. If you don’t need monster effects on field  from those you Normal Summon, this engine is 100% for you to get your plays off safely.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 Time to begin our journey.

Mighty Vee

We’d have to cover it eventually– this week focuses on the infamous Adventurer Token series, the last of the (technically not) archetypes introduced in Grand Creators. Today’s card is their cornerstone card, the normal spell Rite of Aramesir. You can only activate it once per turn, which is mildly redundant since successfully activating one will make activating a second one the same turn almost impossible. Rite special summons an Adventurer Token to your side of the field (a level 4 EARTH fairy with 2000 attack and defense) as long as you don’t already control said token, then you can place a Fateful Adventure straight from your deck to your Spell and Trap zone (again, as long as you don’t already have a Fateful Adventure). As a consequence, you can’t activate the effects of monsters on the field the same turn you activate Rite unless they’re special summoned, which in practice means you can’t activate the effects of normal summoned monsters on the field. In the archetype itself, you use this to get to your token, which you’ll beef up with equips for the deck’s primary win condition…though we all know how this card is really used.

Most people who are familiar with the current meta and the recent OCG meta already know that this card is main playmaker of the Adventurer engine; at the cost of your normal summon effect, this card (and an additional 4 copies of it thanks to Water Enchantress of the Sanctuary and Foolish Burial) can spit out an omni negate and a follow-up bounce with a 1.5 card combo (which can be truncated to just 1 with proper planning). Phantom Knights and Prank Kids are the most notable users of this engine since they do not need their normal summon effects, though Tenyi, Salamangreat, and Sunavalon can also take advantage of this engine. Overall, expect to see this card a lot if you’re participating in the Yugioh meta right now.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 POV: you just got hit by a truck in Japan

KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Rite of Aramesir is what makes the “Adventurer Token” idea/archetype go.

Don’t control an “Adventurer Token”, with Rite of Aramesir you Special Summon one. Good token in general and doesn’t have too many drawbacks the turn you play Rite of Aramesir. 2000ATK/DEF for a token is beefy, and Level 4 gives a lot of flexibility for Synchro Summoning. Locking out non-Special Summoned monster effects the turn you play Rite isn’t going to hold most players back from playing this card.

If you don’t have “Fateful Adventure” when you play Rite, you get a free search-and-play from your deck: now two important pieces to the strategy have been played using one card. This is a great first turn move and can set you up for success. Outside of its own archetype, I can see almost any deck playing Rite of Aramesir. A token-producing card that doesn’t lock you out of nearly any play you could make? Yes, I think any archetype would like that.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

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