Pojo.com is focused on card and board games, but as we’ve shifted to the new website and I’ve taken a break from Yugioh, I’ve written articles on technology, PC building, gaming and other subjects.  I understand that these are niches and most people are probably not going to read 20 articles about how to build a computer.  So, we are looking for new areas to explore.

We will continue the Card of the Day’s with every bit as much consistency, because they are the foundation of this site the reason why most of our viewers come here.  However, we are also interested in gaining new kinds of viewers, as well as viewers who have other different hobbies in addition to card games.

We’re avoiding politics/religion and shilling products.  Other than that I’m open to anything.  If there are any topics we haven’t covered on this site, that you are interested in reading about, definitely send me an email at banefulscolumn@gmail.com.  Or send to Bill at pojocrew@pojo.com.  Him and I talk to each other about ways to improve the site periodically, so if you have any suggestions, let either of us know.